CAF: Payment dates affected by a shift in 2023

As a rule, the CAF pays its social benefits every 5th of every month. In addition, the payment calendar for the year 2023 is already available. This schedule indicates that some payments will be delayed by a few days.

A few more days to wait

It makes no sense to mention this since the recipients of the family allowance fund you already know. Payment of CAF benefits (family allowances, RSA, home help, etc.) usually takes place on the 5th of each month. Each payment is made for the previous month.

Also, Medina sings it “Let’s go guys”one of the titles of his latest album:

“I know the coffee allowances fall the day after the 4th.”

Having said that, the Le Havre rapper should consult the CAF 2023 calendar. In fact, next year, CAF holders will have to, for a few months, wait a few more days to receive their benefits.

On his website, remember the organization :

“If the 5th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, Caf pays on the nearest working day (excluding weekends and public holidays). »

4 payments deferred by CAF

In 2023, out of 12 subsidy payments, 4 will be subject to this delay. Starting with the January appropriations that will be paid on Monday 6 February 2023. They should then appear on the beneficiary’s account from the following day. The same goes for the February assignments.

Indeed, CAF will pay them from 6 March 2023, because the 5th of this month will fall on a Sunday. For the July allowances, on the other hand, we will have to wait a little less. In fact, they will fall a day earlier, Friday 4 August.

On the other hand, to collect the October payment, we will have to wait for Monday 6 November 2023.

No problem for the other 8 installments

There will be no problems for the other eight installments of 2023. In fact, on January 5, April, May, June, July, September, October and December it will fall in one working day.

CAF reminds recipients that they can access the details of their latest payments. To do this, they will have to go to the website of the family allowance fund or on the mobile application “Caf — my account”.

The complete calendar of the CAF

This is what it looks like full payment schedule CAF allowance:

  • Assignments December 2022: 05-01-2023
  • Assignments January 2023: 06-02-2023
  • Assignment February 2023: 06-03-2023
  • Assignment March 2023: 05-04-2023
  • Assignment April 2023: 05-05-2023
  • Assignment May 2023: 05-06-2023
  • Assignment June 2023: 05-07-2023
  • Assignment July 2023: 04-08-2023
  • Assignment August 2023: 05-09-2023
  • Assignment September 2023: 05-10-2023
  • October 2023 Assignment: 06-11-2023
  • Assignment November 2023: 05-12-2023
  • Assignment December 2023: 05-01-2024

Remember that depending on your bank, your account may be credited 1 to 3 days after the payment of the CAF.

A phenomenon of non-regression

In 2022, CAF social benefits they were lifted twice to offset inflation. We can say that the government is really doing its best to help the French in this difficult moment. That said, CAF notes that the non-use rate of this aid is increasing.

Currently, about 10 billion in social assistance sleep in crates. This phenomenon of non-regression concerns the social benefits of various entities, including the CAFs. Also those of the Pôle Emploi and the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.

We speak of non-recourse when those entitled to one or more social benefits do not receive them. This phenomenon concerns financial aid as well as non-financial ones in the context of personal services, for example.

It may seem surprising, but many French people are still unaware of their rights. And this, despite the financial difficulties and decline in purchasing power. That said, sometimes they lose hundreds of dollars a month, for various reasons.

According to CAF and MSA estimatesevery quarter, the unpaid sums amount to over 750 million euros.

The reasons according to CAF and MSA

Non-recourse is important at CAF and MSA. But also at the Caisse Primaire d’assurance Maladie. For example, 36% of those entitled do not benefit from Active Solidarity Income. 57 and 70% lose complementary health care.

Between 21 and 34% people do not have universal health coverage. Many numbers to show the extent of this phenomenon. The latter also concerns, at 20 and 28%, the personalized autonomy allowance. The latter is paid by the Department Council and not by the CAF.

As for the CAF activity bonus, 27% of the French do not claim it. The problem is that until now the non-complainants have never received a report. Therefore, some devices will see the light in 2024 a “encouraging greater use of available social benefits”.

Indeed, Jean Christophe Combe She said :

“From 2024, the Casse per gli Asceni Familiari (CAF) will therefore send the forms for requests regarding the RSA, the activity bonus or other, as is the case for the pre-compiled tax return”.

In addition to the lack of information, this lack of use is also due to the complexity of the benefits system. But also, to dignity and shame. The our-services website explains it:

“The issue of dignity and the shame felt in asking for help can also come into play.”

What are the proposed solutions

To avoid this non-recourse phenomenon, organizations such as CAF and MAS offer a solution. It concerns the simplification of the formalities for receiving certain benefits. Currently, in fact, almost all applications for social benefits are made online.

The recipients then no longer have to travel. Also, these service providers can be accompanied in their procedures if they encounter difficulties. There are consultants available for this as well can be reached by telephonein the agency or by videoconference.

However, the importance of non-recourse continues despite the introduction of this new system by CAF and MSA. Indeed they report it million euros still to be paid to people in precarious situations. Those entitled to certain social benefits who do not apply for them will soon receive pre-completed applications.

This is to provide further assistance. The process will then be simplified, because theywill have more than two tasks to complete. One, they will have to complete the document. Two, they will have to return the completed document to the agency in charge of their file to start enjoying their rights.

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