7 movies that just premiered on Netflix that will take your breath away

The lights and the shadows, the recesses and the protrusions, the ascents and descents, all the ambivalence that can exist in each one’s spirit, frees us from the perdition that never ceases to lurk in human nature, but also plunges us into a plethora of situations in which the siege closes to the point of attacking us with the clear impression, wrapped in varying degrees of certainty, that we live in a parallel universe, a magical place, holy and diabolical, where crimes of all kinds take place, good and bad changes dress and place without any ceremony and life takes on a wildly imaginative aura, making it impossible to separate that which has value and, therefore, must be preserved, from that which only borrows the vigor of that which it sustains and emulates the force which will never have. In these moments, we are then forced to create new ways of relating to the world – or, in other words, to what we understand the world to be – which, in turn, transforms a thousand times a second, progresses and declines without our being able to do anything about it, except trying to adapt, or to have less unbridled expectations about life and its mysteries, a process that often leads to obsession, paranoia, frustrations, melancholy, sadness, death.

The fundamental maladaptation of man with the environment that surrounds him, existing, other men come to remind us that the mechanisms of repression can never disregard the routine of ordinary citizens, who believe themselves capable of freeing themselves from the obstacles to their happiness. hardness of reality as possible, which, of course, it cannot do. If the common man realizes that it is not up to him to undertake such profound changes, individuals who are psychically decompensated and prone, due to their crooked constitution, to extralegal adventures that lead to danger, prison or tragedy are sure that life is what it is. they want, and this is the line between chaos and hell. All seven of the titles we’ve rounded up in the list below reference, in one way or another, this fundamental dichotomy of the human spirit, and still manage to be among the big news on Netflix that deservedly claim a moment. of their time. Beloved by ten out of ten viewers around the world, the Mexican Alejandro González Iñarritu is one of the names that emerge in the mad race for the Oscars 2023 with “Bardo, False Chronicle of Some Truths”. If El Negro shines with the story of a journalist exiled in his own life, Rian Johnson reissues the sensational success of “Entre Facas e Segredos” with “Glass Onion: Um Mistério Knives Out”, in which he delves into the, shall we say, eccentric games of rich people as bored as they are crazy. Added to the other four, the three features are cited by Bula readers as the great cinematic moments on Netflix in 2022 and are all releases, with the exception of “Entre Facas e Segredos”, from 2019. We have maintained the usual criteria, in order alphabetically and from newest to newest debut, and we look forward to your return. Tell us which one is your favorite and a 2023 is already full of good surprises and more excellent movies.

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