The Corinthians sectorist draws the profiles of Robson Bambu, Lucas Piton and Ivan

Vasco continues to move a lot in the transfer market. So far, he has announced four reinforcements for 2023: Pedro Raul, Patrick de Luca, Léo Pelé and Lucas Piton. The trend is for the Hill Giant to close with a few more athletes in the coming weeks.

Left-back Piton came from Corinthians. In addition to him, two other names could arrive from San Paolo: Robson Bambu and Ivan. Faced with these market possibilities, contacted the journalist Victor Godoy (@victor__godoy), of “MeuTimão”, who compiled the complete profiles of the athletes.

To look:


“Ivan is a good goalkeeper and of legal age for the role (25), so besides being a boy for now, he also has a lot of time in his career. He went through the youth selection (he did practically the entire Olympic cycle, only he didn’t go to the Tokyo Olympics because he was no longer under 23 and he got injured in 2020, returning on the eve of the competition) and main (he was called up by Tite in 2020, if I’m not mistaken).

In Corinthians, he had a very dull ride due to Cássio. He arrived in 2022 in a situation where Sylvinho was already under pressure and then Vítor Pereira took over the team already in the final Paulista stretch, so he didn’t have many chances to test the team and consequently give him a chance. Added to that, he failed in his first match, against Portuguesa-RJ, in the team’s Copa do Brasil debut. He wasn’t a chicken, but he failed.

Then he was involved in the negotiation for the arrival of Yuri Alberto and there in Russia he continues to play as reserve, but plays more. In six months he has collected five appearances, especially in the Cup of Russia. In fact, in Zenit’s last match before the winter break, he saved two penalties, fundamental for the team’s standings.

Now he would return to Corinthians, perhaps the fourth option, given that Carlos Miguel has been very good when he was needed and he has Matheus Donelli, who is one of the most promising goalkeepers to ever leave the Corinthians base. So it’s also interesting for him to go to Vasco.

On the pitch, he stands out the most under the posts, which is where a goalkeeper needs to stand out. He has good footwork, but nothing special.

Thinking about the options Vasco has for the position, I think it’s a success.”

Lucas Snape:

“Lucas arrives at Vasco at the best moment of his career. Since Fábio Santos arrived in 2020, he has grown a lot and the improvement is evident. He too is only 22 years old, he has a lot of room for growth. He also has an Italian passport, so in the end an offer from Europe could arrive (he already had it in the middle of the year, even for the same 3 million euros, but since Corinthians had already beaten the sales target for the season and the VP is a big fan of his, he constantly praises in the interviews the club holds).

Created by Terrão, he had been at Corinthians since he was 7 and moved up to the professional ranks in 2019, consolidating as an option in 2020.

From the base he is characterized by offensive actions, because he started from the outside. This ended up generating criticism from the crowd, because defensively it fell short at various points and failed, especially between 2019 and 2020. Here I see it more as crowd impatience, as it was her early years in the pro and those Corinthians teams were awful, which didn’t help – including that those teams were awful has, in a way, to do with the individual criticisms it has endured.

Unfortunately, he’s had this stigma of being a bad defender, but currently I think that’s not the case. So much so that he appeared among the leaders in tackles and interceptions within the Corinthians squad in the 2022 Brasileirão.

I think this evolution has a great participation of Fábio Santos, who ended up becoming his “mentor”. There was a time when VP used the two together, sometimes playing Piton on the right wing and sometimes bringing in Fábio as a defender, as was the case in the Copa do Brasil final.

On the pitch he is characterized by a good 1×1, looking for the bottom line to overcome. Although he is a winger, he doesn’t have good finishing touch, but he does have good touch inside, playing in midfield.

For Vasco, I think he’s a guy who is enough to own the position 100% and seeing that he has a contract until 2026, staying long and only leaving if he’s sold. Of course, I could be wrong, but I think he could make a good marriage.

Robson bamboo:

“Robson got off to a good start at Santos and then Athletico-PR, where he won the 2020 Copa do Brasil. He then went to Nice, France for €8m.

There he started with chances, but he didn’t get noticed and lost space after an ankle injury. That’s how he got to Corinthians.

Here he already started off on the wrong foot, because right away in the press conference he cited this return to Brazil as a step backwards in his career (he didn’t specifically talk about Corinthians, but it didn’t work). Then there were two more off-camera cases: they found him in a nightclub and then there was the rape allegation involving him and a friend. The accusation was made by a young woman and was subsequently dismissed (UOL reached the girl, it is explained well there, but in Meu Timão there is also a text about it).

Even on the pitch, the performance didn’t help. The greatest damage, in my opinion, was the anticipation generated by his arrival, because in theory he was supposed to be the replacement for João Victor, who would have gone to Benfica from Portugal in the middle of the year. Feature by feature they are very similar, that’s why the comparison was generated. However, when he was cast, he didn’t come close to what the JV presented. He entered the field very absentmindedly, it seemed that he wasn’t prepared and, consequently, he failed a lot, both in defensive moments, such as tackles and placements, and in offensive ones, missing passes from behind that practically gave the opponent the goal.

On the court he is 1.85m tall, but he is fast and has a good stride. In theory he also has a good pass.

His case is more complex because looking at his curriculum it is clear that he is a champion, above all for having won a title, having spent time in the youth team, having played in Europe… but, at least at Corinthians, it was just the opposite of that. So much so that he only played 12 games this season.

In the case of Vasco, I think it is good to keep an eye on him, as he has not been convincing for some time and will be joined by Léo Pelé, who had a good season at San Paolo but was not indisputable in the position ”.

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