Pope, King, Queen: See the celebrities who have died in 2022

The year 2022 is not over yet, but Brazilians regretted the loss of many important celebrities from music, television, cinema and many other fields. This year, prominent media personalities greeted family, friends and admirers. The list of celebrities whose deaths were most searched on Google was released in early December and includes names such as Paulinha Abelha, Rainha Elizabeth II, Jô Soares, Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos.

The queen of MPB, from Salvador, Bahia, Gal Costa passed away in early November and was among the most searched on the search engine, in addition to her songs that after her death were widely listened to on Spotify. CORREIO rounded up the most wanted names and other artists who disappeared in mid-December.


Elza Soares

The singer Elza Gomes da Conceição, the eternal Elza Soares, died on January 20, at the age of 91. She was at her home in Rio de Janeiro when she died of natural causes, according to the artist.

“Icon of Brazilian music, considered one of the greatest artists in the world, the singer elected Voice of the Millennium had an apotheotic, intense life that moved the world with her voice, her strength and her determination”, reads in the press release. .

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Francoise Forton

The famous actress died on January 16, the victim of a tumor that she had been treating for a few months. She was hospitalized at the Clínica São Vicente, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, and died at the age of 64.

She is survived by her husband, theater producer Eduardo Barata, and her son, Guilherme Viotti Forton.

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Paulinha Abelha
One of the most searched names on Google was that of the singer Paulinha Abelha, of the band Calcinha Preta, who died on February 23, a victim of meningoencephalitis, cranial hypertension, acute renal failure and hepatitis.

She was hospitalized on February 11, after falling ill during a meeting with friends of the band. On the 17th the clinical conditions worsened and the artist fell into a deep coma, dying six days later.

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Arnaldo Giabor

Known for several important awards and films such as “I know I will love you”, from 1986, the director, reporter and journalist Arnaldo Jabor, died on February 15, at the age of 81, in São Paulo. He had been hospitalized since December 2021 to treat a stroke.

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Milton Goncalves

One of Globo’s greatest actors, Milton Gonçalves, died on May 30, aged 88, in Rio de Janeiro. Known for iconic roles on Brazilian television, the artist was at home when he fell ill following a stroke he suffered in 2020. At the time, the artist was hospitalized for three months and needed of a respirator. Milton is survived by three children and two grandchildren.

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Aleksandro, from the duo sertaneja with Conrado

On May 7, at the age of 34, at the peak of his career, singer Luiz Aleksandro Talhari Correia, known by his stage name Aleksandro, died after being the victim of a bus accident involving the ‘band crew. He was a duo with singer Conrado, who managed to survive after days in the hospital.

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danuza lion

Former model, journalist and writer. Danuza Leão, died at the age of 88 on June 22. She suffered from pulmonary emphysema and died of complications from respiratory failure.

Famous in the fashion world of Rio de Janeiro, she has become one of the best-known reporters of recent years. The journalist is left with seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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Claudia Jimenez

Actress Claudia Jimenez, known throughout Brazil as the great interpreter of Dona Cacilda of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” and Edileuza of “Sai de Baixo”, died at the age of 63, a victim of heart failure.

He had already undergone several surgeries in his life to treat diseases, such as a malignant tumor in the mediastinum, behind the heart; five saphenous vein bypasses; replacement of the aortic valve with another and pacemaker.

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Jo Soares

One of the great names of Brazilian television, the presenter Jô Soares, has died at the age of 84. The cause of death was not disclosed by the family, but he was admitted to the Sírio-Libânes hospital in São Paulo. The comedian was among the most searched names on Google in August.

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Queen Elizabeth

The death of the British monarch, Elizabeth II, took many by surprise. He died on 9 September, aged 96, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. According to the announcement made by the royal family, she said goodbye peacefully at home.

According to documents published days later, the Queen’s cause of death was listed as “old age”, due to her advanced age. Elizabeth II had no health problems.

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Susanna Naspolini
Cheerful, idolized by the locals and loved by the public, as well as by Globo colleagues. Journalist Susana Naspolini died on October 25, at the age of 49, the victim of cancer that had spread throughout her body.

The journalist battled cancer for years, but could not resist metastases. During the hospitalization, the daughter of the communicator, Giulia Naspolini, implored the followers to make a prayer chain. She had already lost her father, the journalist Maurício Torres, who died in May 2014, victim of a lung infection.

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Roland Boldrin

Great host of Tv Cultura, the singer Rolando Boldrin died on November 9, at the age of 86. According to the broadcaster, the artist died of respiratory and renal failure. He had been hospitalized at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo since September.

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Gal Costa
On the same day as Rolando Boldrin, Brazil stopped mourning the death of singer Gal Costa, who passed away at the age of 77. Despite worldwide acclaim, the family has preferred not to reveal the cause of death. She had taken a break from performing after undergoing surgery to remove a lump in her right nasal passage.

The Bahian singer from Salvador has left a legacy in Brazilian music with songs that have left their mark on fans, such as “Baby”, “Meu nome é Gal”, “Chuva de Prata”, “Meu bem, meu mal”, ” Pérola Negra” and “Total Barato”. The artist leaves behind a son, Gabriel, 17, who inspired the latest album of new material.

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Isabel Salgado

On December 16, one of the biggest names in Brazilian volleyball, Isabel Salgado, died after suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). She was admitted to the Sírio-Libanês hospital when she died at the age of 62.

The former athlete had just been announced as one of the names to compose the sports group of the Lula government’s transition team. Isabel left behind five children, Maria Clara (former beach volleyball player), Carol Solberg and Pedro Solberg (beach volleyball players), Pilar Salgado and Alisson.

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The greatest player of all time, Pele died this Thursday (29), at the age of 82, due to multiple organ failure. The soccer king had been hospitalized in the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo for a month, starting on November 29th. The hospitalization occurred due to a respiratory infection, after the former player contracted covid-19, and for the re-evaluation of treatment for colon cancer.

Pope Bento XVI

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died this Saturday (31), at the age of 95, after a sudden deterioration in his health conditions in recent days. The information was published by the Vatican’s Twitter profile:

“With regret, I inform you that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI passed away today, at 9:34, in the Monastery of Marer Ecclesiae, in the Vatican. New information will be sent as soon as possible”, reads a note from the director of the Press Office of the Holy See.

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