PIS CALENDAR 2023: WILL THE FIRST INSTALLMENT BE EARLIED this MONDAY (02/01) to those born in JANUARY? Find out how to withdraw PIS; PIS CONSULTATION and see PIS TABLE 2022

Private sector workers await the release of the PIS PASEP 2023. Every day, workers look for information about the possible calendar Of 2023 wage bonus issued by the federal government.

Only workers enrolled in the Social Integration Program receive the PIS through Savings Bank.

the payment of PIS it is made only to workers with a regular contract, who have performed their duties in that period and who have not yet withdrawn the money.

But if you are looking for information on a possible preview, the news is not the best. This because there are no advance forecasts. Below, check if you receive an allowance.


Certain rules must be followed in order for the worker to receive the PIS.

Citizens are entitled to the PIS 2022 who:

  • Has carried out remunerated activities for a legal entity for at least 30 days in 2020;
  • be enrolled in the PIS/Pasep for at least five years;
  • Have updated data in the registry;
  • They received up to two minimum wages in 2020.

PSI 2022

The salary allowance 2022, the PSI 2022was paid this year for those who worked in 2020.

Although the payment of the PIS was released in the year following the works, the allowance in question was only paid in 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which delayed payments.

The good news is that the 2022 salary bonus can still be paid to more than 480,000 workers, according to data released at the end of May by the Ministry of Labour.


To find out the availability of the money, the beneficiary must access the following Caixa Econômica Federal channels:

  • Caixa website
  • Caixa telephone number: 0800 726 0207
  • Worker’s cash application

Through the Digital Employment Card application or Alô Trabalhador number 158, you can also access information about the program.


According to the table PSI 2022the benefit in question will be released as follows:

  • 1 month worked – BRL 101;
  • 2 months worked – BRL 202;
  • 3 months worked – BRL 303;
  • 4 months worked – BRL 404;
  • 5 months worked – BRL 505;
  • 6 months worked – BRL 606;
  • 7 months worked – BRL 707;
  • 8 months worked – BRL 808;
  • 9 months worked – BRL 909;
  • 10 months worked – BRL 1,010;
  • 11 months worked – BRL 1,111;
  • 12 months worked – BRL 1,212.

It is worth mentioning that the table of PIS informs the value that the citizen will receive, depending on the number of months that have been worked.


Have the right to PISthe worker needs:

  • Be enrolled in the PIS Pasep for at least five years;
  • Have done paid work for at least 30 days in the base year;
  • have received up to two minimum salaries in the base year;
  • Have updated data in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS)/eSocial.

PSI 2023

PIS is paid based on the minimum wage. The rate change will be confirmed at the end of December by the federal government. The increase is expected to be 7.41% of the present value.

The minimum wage is adjusted annually on the basis of the inflation recorded in the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).


President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) approved an LDO (Budget Guidelines Law) which provides for a minimum wage of R$1,294 for 2023. An increase of R$82 compared to this year.

After the possible minimum wage, cf PIS 2023 table

  • 1 month worked – BRL 108.50;
  • 2 months worked – BRL 217.00;
  • 3 months worked – BRL 325.50;
  • 4 months worked – BRL 434.00;
  • 5 months worked – BRL 542.50;
  • 6 months worked – BRL 651.00;
  • 7 months worked – BRL 759.50;
  • 8 months worked – BRL 868.00;
  • 9 months worked – BRL 976.50;
  • 10 months worked – BRL 1,085.00;
  • 11 months worked – BRL 1,193.50;
  • 12 months worked – BRL 1,302.


the possible The PIS 2023 calendar has been published. Payment takes place between February and March of the following year.

PIS 2023; PIS PASEP 2023; PIS CALENDAR 2023 – Commerce Journal

Have the right to PIS base year 2021you must accept the following requirements:

  1. Have five or more years of registration in the PIS/Pasep;
  2. Have carried out some activity, with a regular contract, for at least 30 days in 2021;
  3. Have received average wages up to two minimum wages in 2021;
  4. Have updated data in the RAIS – Annual Social Information List.


the payment of PIS It is done in a simple way: Caixa automatically opens an account with Caixa Tem for the worker to withdraw the money.

Once the amount is in the account, it will be possible to withdraw the PIS:

  • to Lotteries and Correspondents BOX HERE – using the Social Card and password;
  • in the agency of BOXdisplaying the number of PIS and an official identification document;
  • at ATMs.


Consult the salary allowance payment calendar and check the date of receipt as it varies according to the month of your birthday.

Payment of salary allowance can be made:

  1. by crediting the CAIXA account, when the worker holds a current or savings account or a Digital Account;
  2. by CAIXA Credito Tem, in a digital social savings account, automatically opened by CAIXA;
  3. at ATMs, lotteries and CAIXA Aqui Correspondents using the Social Card and password;
  4. at a CAIXA branch, presenting an official identification document.

On the CAIXA portal you can check which services you are entitled to.

Journal of Commerce/Maria Mota - JC Online

PIS 2023; PIS PASEP 2023; PIS CALENDAR 2023 – PHOTO:Jornal do Commercio/ Maria Mota – JC Online
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The Social Integration Program (PIS) is the one that remunerates workers in the private sector with a salary premium granted by Caixa Econômica Federal – PHOTO: José Cruz/Agência Brasil
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14th INSS salary – PHOTOS: Money Times

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table "SP 2023"

Find out the latest information about the PIS payment. – PHOTO: “pis 2023” table

NE10 – PHOTO: NE10
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The PIS is made available to workers in the private sector – PHOTO: Marcello Casal JrAgência Brasil

Auxílio Brasil’s payroll loan was approved in July – PHOTO: PIXABAY
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Cash – PHOTO: José Cruz/Agência Brasil


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