X – Mark of Death arrives on Prime Video with Jenna Ortega

Once upon a time there was an independent film and series production company called “A24“, which has been acclaimed in several niches, including horror, with The Witch (2016), Hereditary (2018) and many other “young classics”. In this vein, the aforementioned producer has contributed 4 new horror releases among the genre’s wave of acclaim in 2022. Notably, X – The sign of deathwith Jenna Ortega and My Gothwhich will arrive at Amazon Prime videos already in December!

In short, the story of x follows a group of young actors who, in 1979, stay on a farm in rural Texas to shoot a home movie. However, after the elderly couple and the owners discover such practices, they begin to hunt them down one by one, in a long night of nightmares. So expect gallons of blood and T-shirts in this slasher.

Rarely, the A24 brings sequels to his films, however, just a few months after the film’s original (US) release, it arrived pearl. In short, being a prequel, protagonist again My Goth, which follows the youth and aspirations of the titular antagonist (in 1918 show business). But not only that, the director, Ti West, it shouldn’t stop there. For the director has already announced MaXXXine“, the third film to conclude his then-trilogy in this universe.

That said, come with the Brazil streaming know not just when X – The sign of death comes to the catalogue Amazon Prime videos – with Jenna Ortega in the cast and – again in December. Plus tidbits and useful info on the release forecast for the rest of the franchise here in Brazil. So… lights, camera, action!

Which is premiere date in ‘x‘ to the amazon First video?

Yes, the wait has been a long one, but one of the most talked about horror movies of 2022 is finally coming to streaming. From the still recent slasher blockbuster by A24 will join the First video this Saturday 31 December. So, write down the date and get ready to get the kids out of the room, because it’s certain you’ll be drenched in blood!

At the beginning, X – The sign of death had its original premiere in March, only to arrive in Brazil in August. A practice, in fact, already widespread by his production company, which usually does not sign international distribution contracts in advance. As a result, up to PlayArt entered the scene, there was a 5 month wait. Plus, that’s why your movies take so long to stream here (with the service currently varying by deal).

Thus, the second film of this then “surprise trilogy” by Ti Westtitled pearlwhich premiered in September in the US (yeah, we’ll explain that nimbleness), doesn’t even have a forecast to hit theaters here yet, even though it’s slated for 2023!

In any case, it is worth reiterating X – The sign of deathwhich leads My Goth (Maxine and pearl) and Jenna Ortega (lorraine) in the cast, is available from today, December 31, in the catalog of First video. But continue your reading below with us.

One surprise trilogy in Ti West and My Goth to the A24

(play credits: A24 / Amazon Prime Video)

As evidenced, the film at the time was part of a trilogy, which are followed by: Pearl – An “X” Origin Story. (not yet released in Brazil) e MaXXXine (currently filming). In this, although the director, Ti Westwe’re assuming horror audiences are already expecting it “lots of sequels” – often useless – (via Los Angeles Times), the case of his franchise was quite surprising and timely.

In short, the director, who traveled to New Zeland during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to “manage” the project, I was already thinking about making a sequel. But that was when it was considered to reuse all the x who understood two things. First, that it would not be interesting to repeat the story of the massacre on the farm. And that, perhaps, if it weren’t for that moment, the idea would be lost:

“It was weird to destroy all of that and come home when we didn’t know if we were going to make a movie again. […] and Twe were so lucky to be there [um dos lugares mais seguros, no período] I had the idea of ​​making two films in one take. I wasn’t sure how to convince A24 of this, so I thought, ‘If we’re never going to do the same again, how are we going to reuse the sets?’”said to be a director, producer, writer and editor.

– through Digital Trends

“If we went home, the new script would be worthless, as I knew the budget would be huge if we had to recreate the entire set. […] It was truly a film born out of one of the most timely and unique historical settings and time periods of all time.He added (west).

– through Bloody disgusting

In this way, the roadmap pearl written by You west and My Goth in facetimeduring his two weeks of isolation for the recordings of x. Meanwhile, the duo still hadn’t been greenlit A24 for the film described as a “Disney Goofy Project”. So, in 1918 they saw it as a character study that, if rejected, would at least serve as a basis for running the old version of him in 1979.

“We sent them the script for ‘Bubble’ and they were intrigued. Then about a month later (February March), they said, “Okay.” Definitely, which was great, as they approved the origin story of a movie that hadn’t been filmed yet. As a result, we were able to connect both films seamlessly and organically.”attested.

– through Digital Trends

previews of pearl and MaXXXine

Unfortunately, even though it was produced in 2021 with X – The sign of death, the film of the same name and villain prologue has not yet confirmed its release in Brazil. Its UK premiere (March) will also be 6 months late. However, due to Universal images having been the international distribution buyer, it is a matter of time before a national announcement. And for now, fans of A24 assume its arrival in mid-2023.

Now, in terms of closing the trilogy of IT West, MaXXXine will carry the survivor of My Goth (now co-producer of the film) a few years after the events of x. Specifically, inside hollywood since 1985, where Maxine Minx she will continue to pursue her dream of becoming a movie star. Now, among the popular wave of VCR movies (video recorder). Thus, we will have another horror subgenre:

“The fun part of the film is the evolution of this character. After all, just like we met Pearl in X and we met her later in her movie about her, Maxine will accomplish the same thing, as she is now at a very different point in her life.He says west (about exploration new lenses).

“The final part is an ‘X’ sequence, which benefits from the context provided in Pearl. Since now fans can say: “We expect something very different”explained the director (regarding the concept).

– through Bloody disgusting

“The trilogy is made up of films [que funcionam] independent. Sure, they enrich each other, but if you see one that has seen the previous one, that’s no problem. […] Also, if you look at them in a different order from each other, it’s okay, vice versa.”he concluded.

– through Men’s health

In the end, MaXXXine does not yet have a date for the premiere in Brazil. However, bearing in mind that the end of the trilogy is expected to hit US theaters in late 2023, Brazilian fans should adjust their expectations for 2024. My Goth thought about the plot:

“I read Maxxxine’s script after arriving in Venice for the premiere of Pearl, and this is the best script of our entire trilogy. I think it will be the best [dos três filmes] and that her [Maxine Minx] he’s a real badass”he has declared.

– through SiriusXM

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