Come on, Bahea! Squadron turns 92, starting a new era


This January 1, 2023, Bahia turns 92, with a story full of many joys, emotions, goals and experiencing the beginning of a new era!

Founded on the first day of 1931, Esporte Clube Bahia collects regional and national titles that make the people of Bahia proud. The only club in the state to lift Brazilian trophies, Tricolor brings with it a crowd of supporters that grows every year.

The year 2022 for Bahia has been marked by absolutely different moments. It begins after the fall in Serie A, has had vexatious eliminations in regional tournaments, but ends with access to Serie A and the arrival of the Girone Città.

In Serie B, Bahia walked within the G-4 throughout the competition and confirmed access. In addition to returning to the top step of the Brazilian championship, with access to the first division, Esquadrão also rises in the administrative field.

For the new year that begins, we wish results of the size of Esporte Clube Bahia.

We will demand that the new football management respect the history of Esporte Clube Bahia’s triumphs and we will all cheer together for the new achievements for our trophy room.

“Bahia is not a team, it’s a religion”

Throughout its history, tradition and respect on the national scene have been earned with much sweat and vivacity, giving Bahia a passionate crowd, the largest in the northeast and one of the largest in Brazil.

In 2007 we were champions of Brazil for the number of fans: an average of over 40,000 tricolors per game. In 2010, there were several full capacity games. In 19 Brasileirão da Série B games, we had an average of 18,654 fans per game. Between 2014 and 2016 the number of supporters suffered a decline due to poor results.

In the three years leading up to the pandemic, the average audience increased again. In 2019, there were more than 26,000 tricolors in each of the matches of the Brazilian championship.

In 2021, with the return of fans to the stadium, Esquadrão was among the seven highest average spectators of the year: more than 18,000 fanatics for Bahia.

In 2022, also in Série B, Esquadrão had the sixth highest average attendance in Brazil: 31,013 fans per match in Série B.

“Born to win”

Many idols have appeared in these more than nine decades; from Gia, via Marito, Roberto Rebouças, Sanfillipo, Nadinho, Biriba, Douglas, Baiaco, Jésum, Beijoca, Osni, Bobô, Charles, Marcelo Ramos, Uéslei, Nonato and countless other stars…

In its first year, the Tricolore, from the “Man of Steel” mascot, won the state championship and was nicknamed “Born to Win”.

The decades have passed and the titles have only increased. There were many unforgettable matches, such as the 5-0 victory over Santa Cruz (in 1981), the heroic draw in the 1994 Baianão final – 1-1 – against Vitória and the great triumph in stoppage time against Fast Clube de Manaus in 2007 .

Supremacy, that’s what we have against our rival.

To give you an idea, out of the more than 440 BA-Vis played, Bahia has an advantage of about 45 games and 100 goals difference.

Even from 10 to 1 Tricolore has already won.

Incredible, like the seventh championship in Bahia. From 1973 to 1979 it was just Bahia, and the only state title we didn’t win in the ’70s was in 1972.

The only Brazilian bi-champion of the north-east

The club’s first great glory came in 1959. “Bahia, first ever Brazilian champion,” wrote O Globo. To the happiness of the Italian nation, the Brazilian Football Confederation, in a ceremony held this year, officially recognized this title as the Brazilian Championship. With this recognition, we gain credibility and become the first Brazilian champion football club.

A unique, unpublished title of unparalleled importance. A fantastic odyssey by a discredited team at the beginning of the journey; undisputed victory in the temple of football, the Maracanã, against Santos de Pelé, the greatest team in the world of all time, with the King of Football having just left us.

As a result, Esquadrão de Aço was the first to participate in the Copa Libertadores, a competition they would return to on two more occasions.

The other great milestone was in 1988, when we became Brazilian champions for the second time. Under the leadership of Evaristo de Macedo, Bahia drew with the “preferred” Internacional, in the middle of Beira-Rio, and obtained another star for the shirt, in the championship whose finals were held at the beginning of the 1989.

It was also the year of the public record at Fonte Nova, home of Bahia, when it received 110,438 spectators in the semifinal that the Tricolore eliminated Fluminense: 2 to 1.

After the conquest, Carnival in the city. “It wasn’t a party or a party, but that February 22, Salvador stopped. Everyone knows when the party started, but no one remembers when it ended…”

According to Luís Fernando Veríssimo – a Colorado admitted – for Jornal do Brasil: “The national team lost to a better team. Point.”

Meanwhile, Juca Kfouri, then at Revista Placar, wrote: “Bahia is simply not the only club from the northeast to be Brazilian champions. Bahia now have a title that neither Corinthians, Santos, nor the Botafogo, nor Cruzeiro have: to be the greatest in our football, members of Clube dos Treze. Bahia is not just any champion. He is the champion. (…) Champion because in the final stages he did everything that was required to a winning team. And champion because perhaps no other team another legion of followers deserves this title for so long. The tricolor nation has made its passion for Bahia a profession of faith that transforms Fonte Nova into football’s most affectionate temple Brazilian…”

Intervention, democracy and the Bellintani era

After the intervention, Bahia started a democracy, with the popular vote finally the single overriding factor for the choice of club directors.

The resumption of the prestige of the club was initiated under the command of the then president Marcelo Sant’Ana, together with the names Pedro Henriques, Vitor Ferraz, Marcelo Barros, among others. The club “entered the axis” administratively, trying to end the discredit caused by old debts.

Guilherme Bellintani and Vitor Ferraz were elected in 2017 and re-elected in 2020, with a great advantage over the competing lists. It was the first and, until then, only democratic re-election in Italian history.

The goal was to make 2020 a better year. But he was far from achieving that goal. Indeed, the 2021 season was even worse.

Having escaped relegation in the last few games of 2020, Bahia were unable to stay in the first division, being relegated in their first year by re-elected management.

Relegation was suffered through a series of mistakes, which came from previous seasons, but were even bigger in 2021. There have been failures from choosing professionals to work in football management to squad building.

In 2022, the second year of Bellintani and Ferraz’s squad, there were results on the field that nobody liked in the first quarter, but the main objectives of the season were achieved: access to the first division and the approval of the Bahia Proposta SAF extension.

The new era of Bahia with Grupo City begins in 2023

First, a comprehensive review of the thoughts of the club officials has already begun, especially in the 2023 squad assembly, which is very satisfying for those who have gone through years of stumbles and failures in football.

After the approval of the SAF proposal made by the citizen group, the transition was made with the help of the Board of Directors, with Guilherme Bellintani still having the definitive signature – even without expressing opinions on the decisions.

With this, the new level of Bahia has already been seen in the prominence obtained in the market, gaining competition with the clubs of the southern and southeast regions, unlike in other times.

Of course, the administration does not enter the field, but it already makes a big difference by establishing a strong work structure in all departments of Italian football, always focusing on raising the level of athletes on the field, as well as exercising greater shielding. the technical committee can carry out its work.

The year 2023 will mark the beginning of a new era. And that the results on the field meet the great expectations and hopes of the Italian nation.

That in 2023 we will make our anthem count:

“Another! Another, Bahia! Another, another title of glory! Another! Another, Bahia! That’s how your story sums up!”

Congratulations, Esporte Clube Bahia, on your 92nd birthday! BMP!

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