8 Nostalgic PlayStation 1 Horror Games That Were Missing

Horror games were particularly popular with the PlayStation 1, the console that starred in one of the best phases of the genre, in the 90s. Sony’s video game brought several technical advances that contributed to the growth of horror, such as 3D graphics, the scenes in computer graphics and with real actors, as well as having the audio dubbed for the characters. All this has contributed to the birth of great horror series which, although becoming franchises, are still missing today. This is the case with titles such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis.

Also, one of the benefits of PlayStation One horror games is that they take advantage of the console’s technical limitations. Incredible as it may seem, in many cases the limitation of hardware has helped create franchise identities and make even better games. Come to think of it, the TechAll made a list of PS1 horror games that have been lost. To look:

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The PlayStation One was a cornerstone for horror games in the gaming industry — Photo: Disclosure/Capcom

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The classic Alone in the Dark series, which preceded the 3D horror Resident Evil titles, has tried to reinvent itself with a closer approach to the Capcom series in its fourth installment. In the game, supernatural detective Edward Carnby returns from the original trilogy to investigate the murder of his friend Charles Fiske on a mysterious island.

New is that players can choose between playing with more action, with Carnby, or with a greater focus on puzzles, using a character called Aline Cedric. Both are forced to face creatures made of shadows that can be destroyed with light and magnesium-phosphorus ammunition. The game won subsequent releases for the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and PC.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare has updated several elements of the classic franchise for a new audience on PSOne – Photo: Disclosure / Atari

Without a doubt, the most successful horror series on PlayStation has been Resident Evil, pioneer of the genre called survival horror. The game tells the story of playable characters Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, members of Raccoon City’s elite STARS team who go to investigate a mysterious mansion and find zombies and other creatures inside it.

The game brought a level of horror inspired by movies garbage hitherto unheard of in the gaming world, plus the introduction of concepts like saving ammo instead of dealing with all enemies, which created great tension. The original game got an acclaimed remake on the GameCube, which is currently available on multiple platforms. Also on PSOne, it got sequels with Resident Evil 2 and 3, titles that also received modern remakes for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC.

Resident Evil has been one of the most successful horror series on PlayStation with acclaimed sequels.

Like Capcom in Resident Evil, Square Enix also used the techniques of pre-rendered scenarios in their role-playing games such as Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 and took advantage of it to create a hybrid between horror and RPG, a title that was called Parasite Eve. Behind the horror style, the game has a turn-based combat system with weapons, armor, attacks with special powers and experience points to level up.

The story follows Aya Brea, a police officer with mysterious powers who tries to stop a woman named Eve. The antagonist wishes to destroy the human race to create forced evolution from mitochondria, causing spontaneous combustion in all who do not fit her plans.

Parasite Eve brought a mix of RPG and horror with an intriguing story and charismatic characters — Photo: Divulgation/Square Enix

One of the companies that decided to take more risks on PlayStation One was Konami, which will always be remembered for bringing titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill to consoles. This original horror franchise introduced players to the cursed city of Silent Hill, forever gripped by a bewildering fog and nightmarish creatures.

Players control Harry Mason, a father who is unable to find his daughter Cheryl after a car accident. The more he searches for her, the deeper he finds himself in the dark world of Silent Hill as he fends off monsters and solves puzzles to progress.

The Silent Hill series was a big bet by Konami on PlayStation One and has become one of the most acclaimed by the public — Photo: Disclosure / Konami

Known as Clock Tower 2 in Japan, this horror series started in 1995 on Super Nintendo, before getting this sequel a year later. The title was known only as Clock Tower in the US and follows the events of the original Super Nintendo. In the previous game, an immortal killer with giant scissors called Scissorman pursues a young girl named Jennifer Simpson.

In the sequence, the killer has returned and Jennifer will have to discover the source of her immortality to stop him. The gameplay of the game uses a classic point-and-click style, with multiple endings and multiple characters throughout the story.

Clock Tower features an intense horror game where users are chased by an immortal killer with giant scissors — Photo: Handout/ASCII Entertainment

Developed by Kalisto Entertainment, Nightmare Creatures was an original franchise that flourished on the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast, but fell by the wayside over the years. The action game takes place in London in 1834, when a sect called the Brotherhood of Hecate raises an army of creatures to dominate the world.

Players can choose between playing as Ignatius, an expert in the occult, or Nadia, who killed her father and wants revenge, in stages filled with action and puzzles. The game uses dense darkness to hide technical limitations, a feature that works well combined with the dark and supernatural theme. The atmosphere of the game refers to the classic games of the Castlevania series, which would later also become 3D in a similar format.

Nightmare Creatures is an action game with horror elements whose dark atmosphere is reminiscent of the Castlevania titles — Photo: Disclosure/Sony Computer Entertainment

Unlike most of the games on the list, Echo Night wasn’t as successful when it was released, but it has become a cult favorite over time because it was produced by From Software, the creators of the Dark Souls series. Echo Night is a first-person exploration game where users solve puzzles and try to find items to progress their journey.

The story follows in the footsteps of Richard Osmond, who receives a letter from his father with a mysterious key. While investigating a burnt-out house left behind, Richard finds himself transported to a mysterious haunted vessel, Orpheus, where he must appease his ghosts by granting his wishes.

Echo Night was a first-person adventure game from From Software that gained more attention after the success of the Souls series.

After the success of Resident Evil, Capcom has created a new series with similar mechanics, but more action-oriented, with the same director, Shinji Mikami. Dino Crisis accompanies the protagonist Regina and a team of three other agents on a mission to investigate an island where a secret project is being developed. They soon discover that dinosaurs are being created to be used as weapons.

Unlike zombies, dinosaurs are fast and there is still the dread of being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex throughout the game. Dino Crisis also surprised at the time by using fully 3D graphics, instead of Resident Evil’s pre-rendered scenarios. The game has also been ported to the Dreamcast and PC. To this day, fans of the saga are eagerly awaiting a remake.

Dino Crisis replaced Resident Evil zombies with dinosaurs and brought more action to the Capcom game — Photo: Disclosure/Capcom

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