“Those who are being treated manage to have a better quality of life,” stresses a psychologist on suicide prevention in Brusque

As of November 2022, Brusque had recorded 19 suicides for the year, the highest annual number since 2000, according to data from the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) and Health Surveillance. To act in prevention, the public network carries out services aimed at mental health, as well as offering specialist services.

“Suicide is a very complex subject. It is among the symptoms of depression. As part of a risk assessment, when the patient comes to us, we try to understand the life dynamics of him ”, says psychologist Jones Trajano Ceci Emann.

Jones works in the Multiprofessional Team of Specialized Mental Health Assistance (Ament), in Brusque. It is a project of the Ministry of Health which aims to facilitate people’s access to the highest level of mental health care. “It is a team made up of doctors, a social worker and psychologists, and also other professionals included in the fit multidisciplinary team,” she explains.

The professional points out that many patients hide these symptoms. Among these are lack of pleasure, loss of sleep, aggression, and changes in behavior. By asking questions and encouraging conversation, the psychologist knows more and more about the user’s contexts and is able to identify some risk signals.

However, Jones comments that treatment can take time and family is essential in this assessment. “When we discover stories of attempts, we know that the likelihood of new events increases. So, knowing about it, we forwarded it to specialized services, ”she continues.

The psychologist explains that Ament provides outpatient support for moderate treatment. In the public network, Caps II and Caps AD provide specialist care. The first is intended for psychological disorders, while the second is aimed at those suffering from chemical dependence.

According to the professional, many patients and family members are screened for Ament, however many already seek specialist care directly.

The treatments provided by the SUS can be requested either from the Health Authorities, from the Integrated Psychosocial Support Center (Ciaps) or directly from the specialized services.

underestimated problem

According to the psychologist, there are many social myths about suicide. “Many say that it is nonsense, nonsense and that whoever talks about suicide will not commit it. Suicide is not stupid, there are several factors involved, such as depression, biological, behavioral and social changes. So, we must always be aware, if people are suffering from mental health or depression, even with histories. With every sign the person presents,” he points out.

According to him, signs can be identified by the family itself, even in children, such as academic performance. “Sometimes the person undergoing the treatment shows a change in mood for the better. I mean, he’s suddenly better, doing things out of the ordinary. We have to be smart because the person might say goodbye,” he warns.

“It is very important to know that untreated depression leads to suicide. Those who undergo treatment manage to have a better quality of life, resume their projects and live much better. It is important to clarify the matter, if the person is in pain, perceives a sign, he can ask for help ”, she adds.

after the pandemic

According to Jones, the greatest number of suicides are committed by men, but the greatest number of attempts are by women. He explains that men tend to use more lethal means. Another issue commented on by the psychologist is the worsening of cases of depression and anxiety after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We see that we already had a mental health problem, but it has come up more since the pandemic. Mainly among young people, between 15 and 25 years old. Many of them with depression, anxieties and phobias, like panic attacks,” she says.

Jones stresses that society needs to look more closely at mental health. He points out that depression has surpassed the number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, in Brazil, for example.

“It is as important as the treatment of other pathologies. It is necessary to think about public policies to improve services, implement preventive actions, so that the problem does not get worse. Not just putting out fires, but strategic thinking. Avoid a suicidal future,” she points out.

substance use

Psychologist Roselaine Favaro, who works at Caps AD, points out that the abuse of psychoactive substances can affect a critical situation. “It’s bad enough, people end up encouraging themselves when faced with substance use. This brings neurological changes, which can give the act a boost,” she says.

Furthermore, using it more and more often can also lead to an overdose. “He ends up losing control due to addiction. At first the substance is used for pleasure, with continued use it becomes addictive. You look for the first pleasure, which was good, and you increase the dose, until you lose control of the use,” he explains.

In this sense, the work takes place together with the family, so that there is a sympathetic look at the cure.

Roselaine also points out that the sector receives many patients with mental disorders associated with chemical dependence. “The person wants different ways to end the pain. Sometimes he doesn’t want to kill himself, but he wants to end an excruciating pain,” she points out.

White January

The January White campaign aims to draw humanity’s attention to issues and needs related to the Mental and Emotional Health of people and human institutions.

In 2022, the theme tackled mental health as a global issue. This year the theme is “Talk to someone”, with the aim of seeking specialized services. The intention is to show that there are ways to treat mental health, prevent suicide and promote quality of life.

“This conversation can also be with someone with an affinity, because it’s already a step for the person to be aware, listen and, who knows, seek help. Sufferers can apply for the service. Seek guidance, because sometimes people think the situation is in one perspective, but it’s actually another,” concludes Roselaine.

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