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In another survey released this week, the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP extension) announced the new average price of some fuels. Despite the publicity of fare reductions, drivers may still be dissatisfied. Learn more below.

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The ANP announces the new fuel prices

As mentioned earlier, the PNA has released the numbers from another mainstream survey and in it we can see that fuels such as diesel s10, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and the Gas had new falls.

Several experts have predicted a soaring increase after the end of the election while President Jair Bolsonaro has tried to keep the increase steady due to a possible re-election. Confirmation also arrived shortly after – not in the way many imagined – and therefore this news surprises a part of the population.

In short, the average price of Gas it is at 4.94 BRL per litrewhich represents a decrease of 1.4% from the last disclosed value of R$ 5.01.

already the diesel s10 and the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) used in trucks and cooking gas are priced at R $ 6.48 per liter and R $ 109.43 for a 13 kg cylinder. While the former recorded a significant drop of 2.2%, the latter suffered a negligible drop of 0.5%

Despite this, the Petrobras managed to reduce by 6% the taxes in its refineries which affected the prices. However, the volatility of oil prices on the international market and the decrease in the price charged for anhydrous ethanol, which makes up 27% of the gasoline blend in Brazil, were key to the data released by the ANP extension.

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The drivers are not satisfied

Despite the announcement, drivers are not happy with the fuel prices. This is because they believe there was the potential for more significant declines after such a difficult year in this consumption sector. In short, the 6.1% reduction in national distributors practiced by Petrobras.

Therefore, the readjustment of this operation was also expected to reach the final consumer in a more incisive way. In states like Rio Grande do Norte, the population continues to pay R$5.45 per litre. The Natal capital reached R$ 5.46. States like Acre, Tocantins, and Sao Paulo also have high rates.

STF ministers rule out tax cap

Recently, the ministers of Federal Court of Justice (stf) ruled out the tax cap on gasoline. Such a decision could leverage prices and the population did not understand why. But according to the magistrates, fuel cannot be considered an indispensable good for people on the assumption that those who have a car have a different situation from those who don’t have one.

True or not, this fact has influenced the charging of Brazilian states in the tax rate Tax on the movement of goods and services (ICMS extension) which raised prices in an attempt to claw back revenue.

However, inputs such as diesel, natural gas and cooking gas have entered the list of staples for Brazilians, as has the hydrous ethanol market.

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Practical tips to save petrol

Considering the new value of fuels and constantly fluctuating prices, many drivers are looking for practical ways to save fuel. However, the vast majority of these tips can end up damaging the vehicle itself.

For this reason, the most practical, safe and functional tips for saving fuel are:

  • Respect the timing of the gear change;
  • Always keep vehicle maintenance up-to-date, especially the engine;
  • Use air conditioning only when necessary;
  • Never force the acceleration of the disengaged car;
  • Don’t weigh down the car too much;
  • Always check the tire calibration;
  • Pay attention to vehicle balance and alignment;
  • Don’t accelerate when stopping, for example, at a traffic light;
  • Avoid sudden moments, such as strong accelerations or use of the brake;
  • Avoid inconstancy of speed;
  • Do not leave the car idling downhill.

After all, how is the value at the pumps in 2023?

The new value of gasoline for the year 2023 is one of the most commented topics at the moment. This is because the year 2022 could count on the exemption of various fuel taxes, considering a MP (Provisional Measure) of Jair Messias Bolsonaro.

It turns out, however, that the term of the measure ends this Saturday, the last day of this year 2022. Thus, the new president, Lula da Silva (PT), had informed about the return of taxes. However, after a new decision, Lula decided to prorogue the deputy.

Still considering the extension, unfortunately the news is not good for consumers. This is because the new value of the ICMS (Tax on the Movement of Goods and Services), a state tax, could lead to a new increase for gasoline in early January.

So far, the increase is estimated to be less than R$0.69 per litre. Furthermore, Lula has declared that he intends to study new pricing policies, with a view to reducing the cost of fuel, but without altering the taxes established by the governors.

App to save gas

In addition to the somewhat practical and useful advice for saving petrol, some applications can also be very useful for motorists, they are:

  • Gaseous ( – allows the driver to communicate the model of the vehicle to check whether it is better to fill up with petrol or ethanol;
  • Waze ( – in addition to showing the route and distance to petrol stations, it also compares fuel prices;
  • supplies there ( – is a loyalty program of the Ipiranga network, which provides cashback and other rewards for those who refuel using the app;
  • prize ( – works the same way as the previous application, however, for the Petrobras network;
  • Shell box ( – however, it also works as a loyalty program of the Shell network.

Which fuel is worth more

Considering the price of fuel and year-end trips, many consumers are hesitant about choosing the ideal fuel to fill up.

This is because although ethanol is cheaper than gasoline, it’s not always profitable to make the switch. The reason? Well, productivity.

More specifically, ethanol is only worth more than gasoline when the fuel costs up to 70% of the value of gasoline. This is because petrol is derived from petroleum, so its performance is better when compared to the kilometers traveled per litre.

Therefore, it is currently cheaper to fill up with petrol, with the exception of Mato Grosso, where ethanol has a price advantage.

The cheapest cars in Brazil

When buying a vehicle, one of the most important factors to consider is the fuel efficiency of the car. This is because the high fuel value makes economy cars end up being the best choice for drivers.

In this sense, for a car to be considered economical, it is necessary to consider how many kilometers the vehicle can travel per litre. Thus, the list of the cheapest cars available in Brazil considers the following cars:

  1. Renault Kwid Zen – consumption of 15.3 km/l of petrol and 10.8 km/l of ethanol;
  2. Hyundai HB20S Platinum – consumption of 14.3 km/l of petrol and 10.1 km/l of ethanol;
  3. Peugeot 208 Like – consumption of 14.7 km/l of petrol and 10.4 km/l of ethanol;
  4. Chevrolet Onix Plus LT – consumption of 13.8 km/l of petrol and 09.6 km/l of ethanol;
  5. Volkswagen Polo TSI – consumption of 14.0 km/l of petrol and 09.6 km/l of ethanol;
  6. Fiat Argo Drive 1.0 – consumption of 14.1 km/l of petrol and 09.8 km/l of ethanol;
  7. Fiat Mobi Like – consumption of 14.2 km/l of petrol and 09.8 km/l of ethanol;
  8. Hyundai HB20S Vision – consumption of 13.7 km/l of petrol and 10.0 km/l of ethanol;
  9. Volkswagen Polo 1.0 naturally aspirated – consumption of 13.8 km/l of petrol and 09.5 km/l of ethanol;
  10. Volkswagen Voyage 1.0 – consumption of 13.8 km/l of petrol and 09.5 km/l of ethanol.

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