Outbursts, concerts and sensuality: IZA’s life after the separation

According to The Fox reported, IZA break up with Sergius Santo in mid-October 2022, after four years of marriage and six years of romance, leaving fans extremely shaken, after all, the couple was very dear to the singer’s audience. However, those who thought that the artist’s life would stop before the end of the relationship were wrong, because on the contrary, IZA he had several extraordinary events in his life, and we a The Fox let’s remember a few for you. To look!


Shortly after the split announcement, a leaked audio to Leo Dias even revealed a rant from IZA on the matter: “Well, I’m not. It’s the first time I’ve been in a marriage and to finish this in front of everyone is truly something I’ve never experienced. We are very discreet about our lives, so we only announced the separation precisely because it is a very important story for us,” he said.

Then the artist said that she has always been very discreet about her personal life, so it is difficult to address everything in the public eye. “And also to set up the narrative so that people don’t walk around talking about something that was so sacred and important to us. But easy, it is not to be ”, she concluded.


Subsequently, she was interviewed by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme in “Quem Pode, Pod”, where she opened her heart about the separation with Sérgio Santos. Asked if her latest EP “Três” would be a bridge to her personal life, she said no and explained that her work was already in production and planned.

The singer also said that everything happened because of life, which has just ended and that she lived the happiest years of her life, showing her gratitude: “Unfortunately, people can think that a message has to do with the ‘other. But what happens is that it was really just the discrepancies of life. I have had, during my marriage, the happiest years of my life and I am very grateful for that.”

Also towards the end, he said he didn’t have much to say. He said that Sérgio is an incredible man and that, as it involves other people, he prefers not to comment on the subject: “I don’t have much to talk about mainly compared to Sérgio, who is an incredible man, whom I admire a lot and that’s why I try not to talk about it too much, because it’s not only about my life, but also about the lives of others”.

In the same podcast, IZA came out as demisexual: “Masturbation is a very liberating thing, the more you get to know yourself. I have had sex with very few people. I think I’m demisexual, because it takes me a long time to want to have sex with the person, if I’m not in any relationship. I had sex once and it was fine, it was fine, but I kept questioning myself. It took me a while to figure out what that had to do with it. I need to admire a lot to say: ‘I want to give it to you’”.


IZA is no longer the Drum Queen of Imperatriz Leopoldinense. The information was confirmed by the school on October 18, after the singer missed the final of the association’s samba plot contest. Therefore, the main reason to justify the departure is the absence of the artist from the commitments at the Ramos office.

In a statement, the school said the departure was by mutual agreement and IZA understood that there was no way to reconcile the Empress’s affairs with her commitments as a singer. Thus, he decided to leave the position available. “GRES Imperatriz Leopoldinense and Iza inform that the singer will not continue as Drum Queen of the school for Carnival 2023. The decision was made due to the incompatibility of Iza’s program with school commitments”

The statement goes on to address the importance of the position of Queen of Drums to the Ramos association. Thus, it clarifies the need for someone who is actually there. The text is signed by both the school and the singer.

“They both understand that the relationship of one of the main female representatives of the association lacks an even stronger bond with the institution, the drummers and, above all, the community, the most important engine of a samba school and, sadly, the The singer’s other commitments at the time don’t allow that to happen now. The Empress and Iza are grateful for the partnership established since 2020 and wish each other success,” she concludes.


Owner of unparalleled beauty, IZA stole the spotlight on Instagram by posting a sequence of sensual photos in the middle of nature. In one of the captions, the singer joked: “Juma is different.” There was no lack of praise from followers in the comments on the images.

At the end of October, the singer was invited to Gloria Groove, together with Péricles and Liniker, for “Música Boa ao vivo”, a show broadcast by Multishow that brings together artists of different styles to share the stage.

Backstage, the Rio de Janeiro singer posed for stunning pictures. With a completely glued look, the interpreter of “Ghetto” did not skimp on the face and served the photographers on duty a lot of luxury. On stage he sang “O Que é o Amor”, a song by Arlindo Cruz, with Péricles. Going to a completely different beat, she sang Sean Paul’s “I’m still in love with you” alongside Gloria Groove. A great show!

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