15 best eBook reading apps for Android

Finding the right e-book reading apps (also called eReaders) can be difficult. There are a variety of e-book types, many file formats to deal with, and also different types of books (novels, comics, etc.) which make the whole experience a bit complicated. However, with the right app, you can easily turn any phone or tablet into an ebook reader.

Also, the technology has stalled a bit. So ebook reading apps are as good as ever, and we don’t see them getting much better without some serious innovation in the future. The good news is that whatever you choose should last a long time, as long as the developer stays active. Here are the best ebook reading apps for Android.

The best ebook reading apps for android

periodical book reader

Price: Free / $4.99

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the oldest e-book reading apps. It’s also a great simple option for those in need. It supports EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks, as well as ebook support for rental library books. The app also comes with a clean if somewhat antiquated interface, customization options, phone and tablet support, and global text searches within books. The free version comes with ads. The paid version doesn’t. Otherwise they are basically the same thing.


Price: Free / Up to $9.72

AIReader 2022 screenshot

AIReader is one of the latest e-book reading apps relatively speaking. It also supports much older Android versions. This is getting a little rarer these days. The app also supports the most common ebook formats, including EPUB (DRM-free), RTF, MOBI, PRC, and many more. The interface comes with customization options, automatic scrolling, page-turning animations, and multiple view modes for your comfort. The app is free to use, but you can purchase one of several donation versions if you wish. They range from $0.99 to $9.72.

Amazon Kindles

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Amazon Kindle is one of the best children's book reading apps

Amazon Kindle is one of the obvious ebook reading apps. It has one of the largest and most consistent e-book stores on the internet. Plus, the app has tons of reading features, syncing between devices, and even a huge collection of free books. The user interface is filled with ads. However, the actual reading portion of the book is devoid of such nonsense. There are also a variety of customization settings while reading. It’s a solid option just because of the book’s availability. You can also download books for offline use if needed.

Barnes & Noble Corner

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Screenshot of Barnes and Noble Nook 2022

Nook is another competitor to Amazon, Kobo and Google Play Books. Unlike most, this one actually has physical book locations. You can visit Barnes & Noble, Nook’s parent company. The eReader is standard enough. It comes with custom reading options, as well as support for books, comics, manga, and more. Like most, it also offers cross-device syncing. It also supports magazines and newspapers. It’s a solid experience, really.


Price: Free / $5.99

FBReader screenshot for best ebook reader apps list

FBReader is another old eReader app. Like Aldiko, it’s a great choice for most basic use cases. This includes support for AZW3, EPUB (up to EPUB3), fb2, RTF, HTML and even plain text documents. Use Google Drive’s proprietary cloud service to sync books between your devices. We also really like the user interface. It’s a little dated, but it’s effective and pleasing to the eye. It also has gesture support. For now however, the app is completely free.

Foxit PDF Reader

Price: Free / $0.99

Screenshot of Foxit PDF Editor 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Foxit is one of the most popular PDF reader applications. It’s a good mix of productivity and reading. The app basically supports all types of PDF files. It also offers annotation, form filling and ConnectedPDF features for privacy. For reading, it can read PDFs aloud and also supports audio and video. It has probably the best cross-platform support of any eReader or PDF application. You can find Foxit on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. Those are the big five!


Price: Free/optional donations

Screenshot of FullReader 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

FullReader (formerly FReader) is a popular and modern e-book reading application. It supports a wide range of ebook file types, as well as less popular ones like CBR and CBZ (comic books), as well as MP3s for audiobooks. The UI is classic material design, and the layout of the app is simple enough for almost anyone. Some advanced user features include support for cloud backup with Google Drive and Dropbox, an AMOLED dark mode, and a translator that works with 95 languages. The app is completely free as far as we know. There are optional donations if you want to support development.

Google Play Books

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Screenshot of the Google Play Books 2019 final

Google Play Books is a competitor to ebook reading apps like Amazon Kindle and Barnes&Noble Nook. It’s a virtual library. Selections include books, magazines, and all sorts of other things. It supports multiple e-book formats, comic formats and other types of e-book formats. You can even upload your books to the cloud and read them on the go. This gives you a great storage option that you can access from any device with an internet connection. Some other features include book rentals, a Rapid Skim mode, and a quick bookmarks feature. The app is free, but many of the books cost money.

Kobo Books 2020 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Kobo Books is another online bookstore like Amazon, Nook and Google Play Books. The app is extremely simple. It seems that all you can do is read books purchased on the service. However, the service supports regular audiobooks and e-books. Other features include syncing between devices, downloading for offline use, and a night mode for reading at night. The discovery features are pretty decent too. The app is free to download. Books cost money, of course.


Price: Free / $4.99

Moon Reader - The best e-book reading apps for Android

Moon+ Reader is definitely one of the best e-book reading apps out there. It supports a wide range of ebook formats, including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, most comic book formats and more. It also has OPDS support. The app also comes with over ten themes, gesture controls, auto scrolling, EPUB3 support, and cross-device syncing via Dropbox. It’s one of those eReader apps that has all the right bells and whistles. You can remove the ads for $4.99.

Screenshot of OverDrive 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

OverDrive is an excellent e-book reader, and it’s not because it supports your current library. OverDrive connects you to your local library, and you can borrow ebooks you don’t own for free, just like at your local library. It includes some cool features like no late fees and will remember where you left off next time you read. It lacks many of the power-user features of other ebook readers. However, it is one of the really excellent and legal sources of free ebooks. You can try the official app (link in button below) or Libby (link from Google Play), which does the same thing in a slightly different way.

Plotter screen 2022

Ploter is a promising ebook reading app. It’s a cloud library that holds your ebooks. It works similar to YouTube Music or Apple Music. You upload your e-books to the service and access them through the app wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Works with most ebook and audiobook formats. It also works cross-platform with Windows and Kobo branded e-book readers.

You get 500MB of free storage, which the developer estimates is about 200 ebooks. They plan to add premium tiers with more storage later, but it hasn’t been released as of this writing. It’s new, so there are bugs, but we like the idea and hope the app works well in the future.

pocket reader

Price: Free

PocketBook is another of the oldest e-book reading apps. Don’t be fooled, however. This app has enough features to justify its existence here. This includes support for the most common ebook file types, comics, and even Adobe DRM and PDFs. You can highlight text, export notes, lock screen orientation, and more. There is also OPDS support for those who need it. The highlight of this one is its price. There aren’t many completely free e-book readers these days, and this app easily ranks among the best in its category.

Prestige book reader

Price: Free / $2.99 ​​/ Up to $100.99

Prestigio changes its name almost every year. However, it is still one of the best ebook reading apps out there. The app supports over 25 languages, text-to-speech capabilities, and 50,000 books available for download. Also, the app can sync across devices (account required). Some other features include a night mode, loads of customization options, and a decently modern user interface. The application is free. You can remove the ads for a single $2.99 ​​in-app purchase. There is also an optional $1, $5, $10, $50, and $100 donate button in case you want to support the development.

Screenshot of ReadEra

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

ReadEra is a surprisingly popular ebook reader app. It has all the basic features including multiple reading modes along with support for PDF, EPUB, WORD, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, TXT and the very rare CHM formats. It doesn’t require any services or anything like that. There is also a split screen mode where you can read multiple books or documents at the same time. However, we only recommend it on phones or tablets with larger screens. This is surprisingly good, easy to use and the UI is beautiful. We’re also relatively certain that this is completely free.

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