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Stock exchanges, oil and bitcoin (7h56)

Germany (DAX): +1.36%

London (FTSE 100): +2.06%

China (Shanghai Comp.): +0.88% (trading session closed)

Japan (Nikkei 225): vacation

Hong Kong (Hang Seng): +1.84% (trading session closed)

Brent Oil: -1.18% ($84.8). Brent is a point of reference for Petrobras.

WTI Crude Oil: -1.15% ($79.3)

Bitcoin Future: +1.15% ($16,710)

Iron ore

The most liquid iron ore futures contract traded on China’s Dalian Stock Exchange closed 0.4% lower at 852 yuan ($123.5). The listing could impact the shares of Brazilian Vale (VALE3), CSN (CSNA3) and CSN Mineração (CMIN3). This data was obtained from the link:

New York stock futures

As of 7:55 am on Wall Street, Dow Jones futures were up 0.88% and the S&P 500 futures were up 0.96%. Nasdaq futures rose 1.10%.

Company news:

Eneva receives a letter from shareholders requesting amendments to the Articles of Association

Eneva (ENEV3) announced on the night of Monday 2 that it had received a letter from the shareholders, who jointly hold 17.21% of the share capital, asking the board of directors to evaluate and subsequently submit to the shareholders proposals to amend the Bylaws.

The assembly proposes to extend the mandate of the board of directors to 2 years, currently 1 year.

They also propose to amend the Statute to incorporate in its formulation some rules, with small improvements, which are currently only foreseen in the internal regulation of the board of directors.

They also propose that certain particularly delicate and complex matters respect the qualified quorum formed by the favorable vote of at least 2/3 of the members of the board.

Currently the approval of all matters subject to resolution by the board is subject to the favorable vote of the majority of those present.

Eneva has informed that its management “will adopt the necessary measures and will keep the shareholders and the market informed on the progress of the matter”.

Rede D’or announces the hiring of professional management for 19.85% of its position in Qualicorp

Rede D’Or São Luiz – RDSL (RDOR3) has entered into an agreement through which it will transfer to Capital Prism the management of the shares representing 19.85% of the voting rights and of the total capital of Qualicorp Consultoria e Corretora de Seguros (QUAL3) .

The hospital network will transfer shares representing 19.85% of Qualicorp to a new company wholly owned by RDSL called PrismaQuali Gestão Ativa de Participações.

RDSL’s remaining long-term stake in Qualicorp, equal to approximately 6% of its share capital, will remain directly held by RDSL.

Through the execution of portfolio management, governance and other agreements, Prisma will assume the management of the investments held by PrismaQuali Gestão Ativa on a discretionary basis from 1 January 2023 for a period of six years.

“As manager, Prisma will have discretionary powers to exercise all political and economic rights of the assets in the portfolio, including those relating to RDSL’s long-term reference and minority investment in Qualicorp,” the firm explained.

The purpose of hiring Prisma is to carry out professional and discretionary management, seeking the best interests of Rede D’Or and Qualicorp with the aim of creating long-term value, the hospitals owner said.

Prisma is an independent alternative investment manager and currently has more than 30 investment funds under management, totaling more than R$14 billion in assets under management, spread across several asset classes, including investments in open companies.

On the same date, Qualicorp announced changes to the current management, including the resignation of Heráclito de Brito Gomes Júnior, chairman of the board of directors; Mauro Teixeira Sampaio and Martha Maria Soares Savedra, board members.

Even with the “rebate” in the revenue fine, B3 (B3SA3) promises to appeal

B3 (B3SA3) disclosed after the close of the market the day before the Revenue Agency reduced part of the value of the infraction requested for the alleged non-payment of Irpef on the merger of Cetip shares, in 2017.

In a statement, the owner of the São Paulo Stock Exchange revealed that the Revenue Agency has decided to partially exempt R$ 237.4 million. The value went from R$ 553.2 million to R$ 315.7 million.

The company underlined that this partial exemption is not definitive, as it will be submitted to an official appeal to the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (Carf), at which time the amount removed will be reviewed by said collegial body, and may be reinstated.

“B3 reiterates that it has understood, in line with the opinion of its external tax advisors, that there is no taxable capital gain on share mergers and informs that it will voluntarily appeal to Carf in consideration of the part of the infringement act maintained by the aforementioned decision of the DRJ within the legal deadline,” B3 said in the statement.

Prio’s board of directors approves the capital increase

The board of directors of the oil company Prio (PRIO3) approved a capital increase.

The information was released on Monday 2.

The board approved the ratification of the conversion of n. 4,582,762 ordinary shares and the consequent ratification of the capital increase to R$ 5,576,191,454.35, divided into no. 887,229,147 ordinary shares.

“Considering the capital increase, the dilution rate could reach 0.52%,” the oil company explained.

Localiza modifies the per-share value of interest on principal

Localiza (RENT3) reported on Monday 2 that the gross amount per share of interest on equity capital approved on December 16, 2022 was updated to R$ 0.366169741.

“The update is due to the sale of treasury shares to deal with the exercise of the stock options granted on the basis of the company’s Stock Option Plans,” explained Localiza.

The amount of interest on the approved capital was R $ 358,319,729.05 and the payment will take place on February 13, 2023.

It is known that it had shares on December 21, 2022.

From 22 December 2022 the shares are traded on the stock exchange “ex” this shareholding.

3R Petroleum (RRRP3) receives branch tax breaks

3R Petroleum Oil and Gas (RRRP3) has received the approval from the Superintendency for the Development of the Northeast (Sudene) of the framework for the tax incentive to reduce personal income tax and surcharges in favor of the subsidiaries 3R Candeias, 3R Fazenda Belém and 3R Petroleum Offshore, owners and managers of respectively the Recôncavo Poles, Fazenda Belém and Peroá.

The information was released on Monday 2.

These frameworks allow for a 75% reduction in corporate income tax (IRPJ) for a period of 10 years, starting from 1 January 2023, bringing the combined rate of IRPJ and social security contributions (CSLL) from 34 % to 15.25%. on the oil and natural gas production activities developed in the assets.

“The approval of Sudene’s tax incentive is another important milestone for the company’s business plan, which focuses on redevelopment and revitalization of mature fields supported by a robust investment plan,” the oil company said. , underlining that the framework of the Recôncavo Poles, Fazenda Belém and Peroá adds to the approval of the incentive already granted to the Hubs of Macao, Rio Ventura and Areia Branca, all managed by 3R.

The oil company specified that, as soon as the operational transition processes of the Pescada and Potiguar poles are completed, it will request that the aforementioned projects be included in the Sudene tax incentive.

Multiplan (MULT3) does not complete the DiamondMall purchase

Multiplan Empreendimentos Imobiliários (MULT3) announced the day before that it had not completed the acquisition of the remaining 49.9% stake in the DiamondMall shopping center, located in the city of Belo Horizonte, remaining with a 50.1% stake in the property.

The transaction was disclosed to the market on August 2, 2022. At the time, Multiplan announced that it had exercised its pre-emption right in the acquisition of the remaining 49.9% stake in the DiamondMall shopping center, currently held by Clube Atlético Mineiro , collecting his 100% share.

The price to pay for the acquisition would be R $ 340 million.


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