‘Bom dia, Rio’, ‘RJ1’ and ‘RJ2’ turn 40 and the presenters celebrate the reports and deliver the backstage

With an eye to Rio de Janeiro’s demands, providing a service and demanding from the government, TV Globo’s local journalism turns 40 today. Between outstanding coverages, everyone has a lot to celebrate.

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“That’s a lot of shocking news. Among the recent ones, I point out the rain cover in Petrópolis (January 2022). I anchored the Morro da Oficina newspaper. At one point the sirens started playing, there was tension, we went downstairs and we were still able to talk to a lot of people, giving a voice to the residents where the government doesn’t reach. This is the DNA of our newspaper – says Ana Luiza Guimarães, host of “RJ 2”.

And, even with a common goal, each local newscast has found its peculiarity.

Photo: Estevam Avellar/TV Globo/Disclosure

— Audiences vary, as do target audiences. The “Bom dia, Rio” is that window that shows what the world is like out there for those who have just woken up, if the transport works … The “RJ 1” talks to the housewife, with whom it is time to have lunch , or at the gym. With the wide audience, we also stand out on community agendas — says Mariana Gross, who still likes to be able to deal with carnival: — I also like to highlight the coverage of happy topics, such as carnival. It’s a time when I can present the Cidade do Samba newspaper and do something different.

Accustomed to waking up in Cariocas with “Bom dia, Rio”, Flávio Fachel and Silvana Ramiro underline the informality of the format to raise awareness of what is important.

— We managed to give lightness even in the midst of heavy news. Only in our newspaper will you see anchors speaking slang. And it’s natural. It’s as if we were talking in people’s living rooms,” says Silvana.

And the duo dreams of one day seeing the city and the entire state improve to have a newspaper full of good news.

— I wanted to announce an end to violence, an end to corruption, an end to hospital queues and the possibility for everyone to exercise full citizenship. Unfortunately, there are no indications that we are anywhere near that realization. The citizen of Rio de Janeiro needs to be seen with more affection – says Fachel.

Hot foot or cold foot?

Ana Luiza Guimaraes
Ana Luiza Guimarães Photo: Fabio Rocha

Ana Luiza Guimarães had an extraordinary moment at “RJ2” right after her presentation debut, in 2013. “I remember the demonstrations in June (‘it’s not just R$ 0.20’). I debuted as a presenter on Monday and it happened on Wednesday. We took out the mirror (the programmed articles) and broadcast the entire newspaper live. She gave a lot of adrenaline and the moment was marked in history ”.

The journalist, who is also on duty to present “Jornal Nacional” and “Bom dia, Brasil” enjoys the jokes of her colleagues due to her (unfortunate?) ability to attract tragic news. “Michael Jackson’s death occurred on my shift, the Air France flight crashing… It’s always nice to be in on great coverage, but they joke that I have cold feet. Outside of work, I don’t have that reputation. In football, my feet are warm ”, she guarantees.

honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro

Flavio Falche
Flavio Fachel Photo: JOAO COTTA

Born in Porto Alegre, but resident in Rio for 22 years, Flávio Fachel has already learned a lot from the locals. “The Gauchos love Rio de Janeiro. The spectator knows that in ‘Bom dia’ there is also one he likes, he is grateful to this land and tries to reciprocate that affection with the utmost dedication. So much so that I’m carioca even with the membership card. The House of Councilors has already awarded me the title of honorary citizen. Now I can be late for seats”, jokes the presenter, laughing.

Which does not mean that he has abandoned certain gaucho traditions. “I have a Rio Grande do Sul flag in my house. And I continue to root only for Grêmio. On the day of the Libertadores, I ended up asleep almost midnight, even with a newspaper the next day.”

Without revealing the crowd

Mariana Grosso
Mariana Gross Photo: JOAO COTTA

Mariana Gross is a fan of Flamengo. Or rather, red-black. All you need to win is your favorite team, and even the look of the day to present the newspaper is the Rossoneri. But, if the result is bad… “If you lose, everyone stops me on the street to ask me if I’m sad (laughs). If someone is wearing the rival team’s jersey, he wants them to take a picture. The crowd is affectionate. I unveiled my team because I don’t do sports and it became a joke on the news.”

But ask the carioca which samba school she loves! This secret is kept under lock and key. “As I present the calculation, I prefer not to say it, because they always think I prioritize it. And actually, I like them all. I love carnival, I listen to samba-enredo all year round and I feel part of everything when I work during that time”.

Smart life at dawn

Silvana Ramiro
Silvana Ramiro Photo: JOAO COTTA

Silvana Ramiro’s alarm goes off at 3:30 in the morning and 40 minutes later she’s already on Globo getting ready for “Good morning, Rio”. “I joke that my schedule is similar to that of a child. I wake up at dawn, have lunch at 11:30, take a nap at 3pm just like them, and sleep at 8pm,” she laughs.

Disciplined, the journalist does everything to stay in her daily routine, even more so by sharing her work and personal interests with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. “On Fridays I make an effort to go out at night, to have a moment to enjoy my husband more. And whenever I can I put Júlia (the daughter) to sleep. During the week, she herself says: ‘Mom, it’s time for you to go to sleep’. When she wants to play with me late, she negotiates: ‘Just a little more’”.

Anchors elect striking shell:

Silvana Ramiro

“Henry do Borel’s death (March 2021) was very hard because he was my daughter’s age. And if I also want to underline my period as a journalist, I mention the massacre at the Realengo school (April 2011). I had been going there every day for four or five days. We were the first to arrive and it was really exciting to be there.”

Flavio Falche

“I always say that the best coverage hasn’t arrived yet. I think this is the attitude that we journalists must have, always looking for the best investigation, the best reporting. But if I have to name one, I’ll take a recent, simple piece of news, given in the pandemic, which moved me a lot. It was about the elderly who finally had access to the vaccine against Covid-19 ”.

Mariana Grosso

“The occupation of Rocinha (in 2017), in which we started ‘RJ1’ first and continued until the six o’clock soap opera. We follow everything non-stop, live, with journalists and a helicopter. And I also like to highlight coverage of happy topics, like Carnival. It’s a time when I can present the Cidade do Samba newspaper, we can do something different. There are also interviews with candidates at election time. They are always outstanding.”

Ana Luiza Guimaraes

“I remember the demonstrations in June 2013. I debuted the presentation of ‘RJ2’ on Monday and it happened on Wednesday. We took out the mirror (the programmed articles) and broadcast the entire newspaper live. It gave a lot of adrenaline and it is a moment marked in history”.

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