Bully, gossip – know the dark side of each sign

To feel joy, you must also feel sadness. To have the light, you have to face the darkness. This duality of human nature is ultimately what makes us human. Our shadows aren’t a bad or bad thing, they’re just part of that balance.

According to astrology, every zodiac sign has its good and bad side. Find out what the dark side of your personality is based on your zodiac sign! –

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Most of the time, when people turn to astrology, they want to find a sense of self-identity, some positive quality or explanation that makes them feel understood and seen. There are many “good” qualities of the 12 Sun Signs, but what about the dark sides and “bad” traits of each sign?

Let’s take a look at each of the zodiac signs to get to know a little bit about the dark side of each one and discover the parts that are usually hidden. Remember that while these things can often be labeled weaknesses or “bad” traits, they are simply things you need to be aware of and utilize in order to grow as an individual. Also remember that your sun sign is only a small part of your complete astrological profile, also known as your birth chart. So just because a specific trait is mentioned here doesn’t necessarily mean that you have it, that it’s a permanent part of your personality, or that you need to change it.

But if you’re curious to find out what the dark side of your zodiac sign’s personality is, check it out now!

dark side of signs

Aries – the bully

Aries people are bold, courageous, and tend to take risks. This sign tends to embark on all sorts of adventures. People belonging to this zodiac sign are independent, passionate and assertive, they like to do things alone and avoid asking others for help. However, Aries has a dark side, which refers to an aggressive drive, their impulsive character and domineering personality. The most common trait of Aries is that they tend to act solely on their own decisions.

Taurus: the possessive

People born under this zodiac sign are down-to-earth, dependable, and stable. They can commit to long-term projects and relationships and work hard to achieve their life goals. However, Taurus natives also have some dark personalities. Tauruses are inflexible, they get very stubborn when things don’t go their way. Also, having a materialistic nature, he can be very possessive, and this often leads to problems in his relationships.

Gemini: the gossip

The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini, and it has a certain kind of “split personality”, which makes it so different from other signs. On the one hand, Geminis are fun, friendly, adventurous, love to embark on new experiences and go to parties. On the other hand, they can also be glib, superficial, and treacherous when it comes to personal gain. They can be gossipy and are capable of leaving relationships without giving any satisfaction to their partner and even without regretting what they have done.

Cancer: the unstable

Cancers are sensitive and loyal people and have a very loving heart which makes them want to take care of all their loved ones. While it’s hard for a Cancer to open up to strangers, they are a good listener and will always offer support to those in need. However, he also has some dark side personality traits, which include excessive melancholy and sudden mood swings that cause him to experience some types of anxiety disorders. Cancer patients also become aggressive when they feel their privacy is threatened.

Leo: the egocentric

Leos are exceptional leaders, have huge hearts, are outgoing and love to get attention, which makes them excellent performers. On the other hand, they are considered to be extremely self-centered and are often seen as those who spend all their time seeking attention, making them seem superficial and very demanding, especially with their romantic partners and friends.

Virgo: the pessimist

Those born under this sign have a brilliant and highly organized mentality, which makes them excel in any job that requires logic and precision. Virgos are detail-oriented and thoughtful, and always carry out responsibilities perfectly, paying close attention not to make mistakes. They are also humble and approachable and make sure your home is always in top shape. On the other hand, her dark personality makes Virgo a pessimistic person, that she always sees flaws in everything. Virgos are also prone to low self-esteem and are rarely able to relax, have fun, and experience pleasure.

Libra: the undecided

Librans are incredibly charming, personable, and creative people. They have excellent taste, especially in fashion and decoration. Furthermore, they also know how to mediate conflicts due to their objective and fair nature. On the other hand, they are afraid to show their true emotions for fear of appearing rude, which is why they can be hypocritical and false for fear of displeasing others – their dark side. Libras are also indecisive and find it difficult to follow their heart’s desires without first asking the opinion of others and making sure that others approve.

Scorpio: the jealous

People born under this sign are loyal, passionate and dedicated to people and their tasks. There is no challenge that Scorpio cannot overcome, as he has great willpower and resilience which makes him conquer all goals. However, he has a dark side full of hatred, thirst for revenge, jealousy and melancholy. The Scorpio sign is sensitive and very connected to the deepest emotions of the human state such as hatred, pain and fear. Therefore, Scorpios are recommended to maintain a positive attitude towards life in order to avoid distrust and take advantage of other, more positive aspects of their personality.

Sagittarius: the sincere

Sagittarius people are known for their cheerful and optimistic personalities that don’t seem to have a dark side. Sagittarius natives always find motivation in all their challenges and have a super adventurous spirit. However, they also have some dark side traits, which relate to their inability to deal with really complicated situations. People under this sign tend to deny reality and sometimes promise more than they can deliver. Also, he is very direct when expressing his opinions of him, without thinking that others might be hurt by his words.

Capricorn: the detached

Capricorn individuals possess numerous qualities such as ambition, devotion, kindness, and a responsible and committed personality. On the other hand, they are seen as a person who is very focused on their professional field and completely forgets to deal with their emotions. Therefore, this makes Capricorns cold and distant, which spills over into their personal lives. They tend to ignore other things by only looking at their ambitions and neglect leisure time, which can harm their health later in life.

Aquarius: the insensitive

People born under this sign are innovative, intelligent and have a very humanitarian heart who strongly believe that all people have equal rights. But although Aquarians are quite friendly, they tend to be detached from their emotions and therefore from their relationships. They ignore the feelings and emotions that threaten their freedom and therefore prefer to face everything through the intellect, closing the doors of the heart.

Pisces: the manipulator

The Dark Side of Pisces natives are highly sensitive, compassionate, and spiritual people. These individuals have a highly developed intuition that leads them to help the people around them, even if they don’t know them personally. However, they also have a dark side. Pisces natives tend to sacrifice themselves for others and then play the victim to get what they want. They are great manipulators and know how to make others feel sorry for them. Furthermore, they also tend to avoid their own problems and are prone to developing depression, which can lead to addiction to certain substances.

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