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Eight days passed from the birth of Aurora, daughter of Peter Scoby and Cíntia Dicker, and the child remains hospitalized after undergoing two surgeries. Completely ignoring the provocations of the ex, Luana Piovani, with whom he has three other children, the surfer decided to show her baby in the maternity ward. In her story, she posted a photo of the newborn:

“Another day with my princess!. Can’t wait for you to get home,” Pedro Scooby wrote in the caption, accompanied by a passionate face emoji. In recent days, in addition to having to deal with Aurora’s health concerns, the surfer has been stressed by Luana Piovani’s publications on his social networks, causing him to explode.

The day after Aurora was born, Pedro Scooby used his Instagram story to tell that the baby had two surgeries after your birth. “Hey guys. I’m here in the maternity ward, for worried people, who are sending positive messages. Well, Aurora had surgery yesterday (Monday 26th) when she was born and today (Tuesday 27th) she had another one. It’s a moment delicate part of my life”, he began.

He continued, “As much as I am this positive guy, I remain very positive. But it is a more delicate moment of my life. The people closest to me already knew it was coming, my children knew it, even their mother. Leave it alone, but that’s okay. He’ll be fine,” he said.

Then Pedro Scooby commented, once again, on the bullshit created by Luana Piovani: “And, regarding the discussion on the Internet, I won’t comment, because I think the Internet is not the place to solve family problems. That’s all, okay. A kiss, stay with God all there. Thanks for all the messages. We accept prayers, positive messages. We are together ”, she concluded, without revealing the reason why the child underwent surgery.


On the 26th little Aurora was born, daughter of Cíntia Dicker and Pedro Scooby. The news was shared by the couple through a post on social media. “Aurora is already among us! Thank you for all the messages of affection and love!” read the publication which showed the model and the surfer in the delivery room of a maternity hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Cíntia had already shared that she was on her way to the maternity ward. The model even posted a story featuring her driving. “Met Aurora,” she wrote. The little girl is Dicker’s first daughter and Pedro Scooby’s fourth, who is already the father of ten-year-old Dom and seven-year-old twins Bem and Liz, the fruit of his marriage to his ex-wife, Luana Piovani.

After the announcement of the baby’s arrival, friends and fans of the couple left messages of affection. Cíntia Dicker herself left a comment about her praising her husband. “How lucky Aurora is to have this great dad! I love you more every day, ”she said.“ Viva Aurora! Lots of happiness for this wonderful family, ”wrote the presenter Tadeu Schmidt. Aunt already loves a lot, ”said figure skater Letícia Bufoni.

Pedro Scooby and Cíntia Dicker announced their pregnancy on July 12. On social media, the couple published a video of an advertisement to tell the news to their followers. “Yes, that’s exactly what you got (and I hope you got it right before Pedro Scooby). May this stage come filled with love and health. Thank you for being more present with us,” Cíntia Dicker wrote in her Instagram feed, tagging a retail store.

Pedro Scooby also made the same post. The video posted by the pair plays with Scooby’s distraction, which has been a constant feature during the surfer’s confinement at ‘BBB 22’. In the images, the athlete says he’s shopping through the store’s app and asks if his wife needs any items. In the bathroom, appreciating her tummy in the mirror, Cíntia makes a series of shopping requests related to a child, but the husband does not get the message.

“Honey, do you need anything?” Scooby asks. “Exactly. Indeed, we do. See if they have a baby diaper”, replies Cíntia. pacifier”, says the model. “Of course they have it, they also have a surfboard, won’t they have a pacifier?”, replies the athlete. “Ask for a bottle too, we will need it”, continues Dicker.

Bullshit with Luana Piovani successfully updated

The latest provocation of the actress, who is the mother of three children of Pedro Scooby, Dom, Bem and Liz, was to exhibit printouts of conversations she had with her ex. After blasting Scooby in a ten minute video last Monday (02), the public washing of dirty laundry has gained another chapter. This is because, this Tuesday (03), the actress published the printouts of a conversation with the surfer, where she charges the rest of the amount of the children’s pension.

In the first press, Luana said in a sequence of messages: “I answered you and the lawyer has not contacted me. What is civil conversation? Will you pay me the remaining 50% of the children’s expenses or will you remain naked in the square? Today I want to talk to the boys. Tell me what time I’ll call.” Peter then replied: “Did you answer when? I come back from the maternity ward at 13”.

At another point, Scooby asked, “Are you going to talk to me or not?”. Incisive, Luana replied: “This is what I am doing now. I want to know when the rest of the money from the children’s account arrives. I just want to talk to my kids.” “Can I call you?” asks the surfer. “No, I want it to be written. I have no more sweet talks with you. Your poster, your little party is over, now it’s all written down and everyone will know who you are, what you do and what you allow. And how miserable you are.” and ungrateful,” Piovani fired.

Afterwards, Pedro Scooby said that was exactly what he wanted, to make things formal. Meanwhile Luana Piovani continues to shoot: “Give sponsor sweatshirts to beggars, make videos by paying beggars for food and refuse to pay for your child’s skateboard. So, he pays what is missing and I get in the shower to work ”.

In another printout, Scooby scored, “To make it formal, I need this to be signed. All right,” he said. Luana then says she will continue to denounce: “It happens that I can even speak, which is not right before I find a lawyer. But until you pay, I won’t stop charging you and will even talk to the Pope if necessary. Pay, then talk. Stop being smart, you know I don’t need your pig money. I paid your bills until yesterday, ungrateful. Pay this shit* not to reap darkness. Think about your children at least once. I call at 2pm to talk to the kids, then at 5pm. Be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot again,” she said.

Pedro Scooby corrects his ex-wife: “On the contrary, 14 from here and 17 from there.” Luana agrees and insists: “Yes. Pay what you owe, irresponsible! Or go to the bunker ”, she shot who, in the sequence, continued to share some messages of support that she received from internet users after starting the public bullshit with the father of her children.

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