BBB 23 breaks record and secures 30 marks before debut

Barbara Sacchitiello
January 3, 2023 – 6:00 in the morning

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The 2023 edition of Big Brother Brasil debuts on the 16th, but has already secured commercial records for Globo. Until now, the BB 23 already guaranteed the presence of 30 brands in its episodes, between sponsors and shareholders of individual shares.

OR BBB it has been one of the most important commercial products in the Globo schedule for some years now and it is frequent that dozens of brands want to participate in the attraction, taking advantage of the program’s strong engagement with the public. It is the first time, however, that this number of advertisers confirm their presence in the reality show well before the attraction airs, as many brands are acquiring spaces and promoting activations in the attraction in the three months in which the BBB it stays in the air.


BBB 22 concludes with a record number of sponsors

the report of medium and message had initially anticipated the 12 main sponsors of the next edition of the reality show, which guaranteed the largest shares of the attraction, guaranteeing greater visibility in the broadcasts.

The first version of this text even saw Above among the sponsors of the reality show, in the Brother category, with 13 main shareholders. However, the brand’s negotiations with Globo ended up not taking place and the brand will not participate in the attraction.

Who are the sponsor brands of BBB 23?

This season, the reality show hosted by Tadeu Schmidt has opened 12 sponsorship fees for interested advertisers.

Initially there were 11 spaces reserved for sponsors of BB 23but Globo opened an extra quota due to the high interest of the advertising market.

As for some seasons, Globo offers different levels of BBB sponsorship quotas, which guarantee greater or lesser visibility to advertisers on open TV, pay TV and on its digital platforms.


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And the more exposure, of course, the more value invested by the brand.

See, below, what are the three different categories of sponsors of BB 23 and which brands bought the shares.

Great Sponsors

The most valuable ad space actually, the Big share made room for three sponsors in 2023.

Americans, collected and Stone will be present throughout the BBBwith emphasis on contests, parties and other action in the attraction.

For each sponsorship fee of Big, Globo asked advertisers to pay BRL 105.1 million.

Of the three brands, Americanas and Seara have already sponsored other editions of the BBB. Stone debuts the attraction in place of PicPay, which was one of the Big Sponsors of the 2022 edition.

Camarote sponsors

The Camarote category made four sponsorship shares available to the advertising market, which were acquired by three companies.

Amstel and Tick ​​tock acquired one share each while P&G acquired two, to be included in the BBB two of their products: pantene and fluffy. P&G, including, should place other brands in its portfolio in other spaces of reality.


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For each of the sponsorship fees in the Camarote category, Globo requested, in the commercial table, the value of R$ 80.2 million.

The four sponsors have already appeared in the BBB in previous editions. Amstel was a sponsor, while P&G was already a shareholder in the attraction. And the social network TikTok has even carried out actions with the participants of the house in the editions of BBB 21 and 22.

Sponsor brothers

The “cheapest” of the BBB 23 commercial shares had a list value of R$15.6 million and initially attracted four companies.

ademic, Hyper Pharma, McDonald’s and Fifth floor guaranteed category shares. Above, which carried out merchandising actions at BBB 22, had negotiated participation in the 2023 season, but did not materialize the agreement. The others had already sponsored or done action in previous BBB seasons.

Due to the high demand, Globo opened another share in the Brother category, which was acquired by the pharmacy chain Pay less. It is the first time that the brand participates in reality.

Other BBB shareholders 23

In addition to the record number of main sponsors, Globo has also opened up more possibilities for commercial advertisements and merchandising actions in the BB 23.

That said, two weeks before the premiere, the BB 23 already breaks the record of the edition with the highest number of brands present.

In your column published on the F5 portal at the end of 2022, the journalist Cristina Padiglione had already counted 30 brands on the reality show.

In all there are already 31 different brands already guaranteed in the program, as confirmed by the report of medium and message.

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Of this total, some had already been reported, such as the unpublished duo of the first 5 seconds which, for the first time, will open space for two advertisers. This year, Chevrolet and Ze Delivery they will take turns in the daily calls preceding the attraction.

The automaker also acquired the automotive share of the programme, which historically has always remained with Fiat. The tests in which the participants will compete between the cars will therefore involve Chevrolet models.

Other brand in which it has invested BB 23 it’s Carrefour. The supermarket chain had already appeared in BBB from 2011 to 2014 and returns to the program after this long break. The brand will be the official supermarket of the reality show and will exploit its visibility to advertise its delivery service.

Another company that will be present at BB 23 is Riachuelo, who will take advantage of the program to strengthen their entertainment-related communication. The brand takes the place of C&A, the fashion retail chain that sponsored the BBB in the last edition.

THE Nestlé has also announced that it will be present in reality this year, stocking the leader’s room with their chocolates and promoting other actions with attendees. In the edition of BB 22the house chocolate brand was Lacta, by Mondelez.

dove and rexonatwo Unilever brands for personal care are also present in the 2023 season BBB.

Other companies that will be present at the attraction, with actions and other types of activations with the participants, are ajinomoto, braskem, chili beans (who promoted a house party with DJ Alok in 2022), clear, Coca Cola (usually sponsor of the Cinema do Líder), dorian, Estacio, Carol optics, pirate, SAMSUNG and Spotify. Virtually all have promoted some action scheduled in previous editions.

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