Horoscope: know what to expect for all signs this Friday 06

Gaspar, balthazar And Melchior: these are the names of those who are honored every January 6th. Known as the “Three Wise Men” or “Three Wise Men”, literally translating to English as “the three wise men”, they used the stars as guides to find the newborn Jesus. And this is how the celebration of Kings Day was born, which, in contemporary times, has also been chosen by the international astrological community as Astrologer’s Day.

With identities rarely described in the Bible, Caspar, Balthazar, and Melchior were flesh-and-blood people. Later stories link their names to their places of origin. Melchior came from Persia, Caspar from India and Belshazzar from Arabia. The fact that they were later called “kings” goes back to the status that astrologers – who were also astronomers and mathematicians at the time – had in the society of that period. Always working as advisors to the chiefs and the mighty, astrologers have always occupied a close position to the leaders of their kingdoms.

Without a clear division between church and state, as was the pattern of management of cultures and nations in antiquity, sages were also prominent social figures. Accumulating priestly and political functions, astrologers at that time counseled kings and those in power, while guiding the religious practices of the common populace. And it was from these people that mathematics and science began to take shape.

Thus astrology, astronomy and science walked together, without any conflict, until the Renaissance. And it was after the Christian Reformation and Counter-Reformation that astrology began to be denied and attacked. Firstly, for religious reasons, given the need to tighten the rules that the Catholic and Protestant faithful should follow in order not to be persecuted. Later, this division became more radical after the Enlightenment, with the development of the scientific method and the demarcation of science. So astrology got the metaphysics of the sky and astronomy got its focus on astrophysics.

But what does all this story have to tell us? Well, it talks a lot about how human beings use the sky as a language to decode the meaning of life Land. Today, more popular than ever, astrology is on people’s lips and in memes circulating on social media. And, even though astrologers aren’t the same as they once were, we still have excellent practitioners who take their social role of interpreting the sky and its symbols very seriously, connecting people to the cosmos through their meaning. After all, if we’re made of stellar material, it’s quite reasonable that we started studying stars to salvage our origin in the history of the universe.

The most incredible thing about all this is that the day of the Epiphany – or Feast of the Astrologer – this year arrives together with the full moon in the sign of Cancer, in which the queen of the night finds her maximum expression, illuminating Sirius, the Alpha star of Constellation Canis Major, the brightest in the night sky. Undoubtedly, this brilliant encounter is a gift from the stars so that we, here on Earth, can bring more light to life on this planet, which is our home in the universe.

to wade: fully illuminated, the Full Moon rises in the East simultaneously with the Sun it is setting in the west. Shining in the sky until dawn on Saturday the 7th, the queen of the night will cross the night sky in between Constellation Gemininext to was atthe star Delta of this star cluster. Throughout the night, our natural satellite will also remain at the same longitude as Siriusthe Alpha star of the constellation Canis Major, and also of canopicthe star Alpha from the south Constellation Carina.

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Aries: Take care of your emotional well-being by investing time and energy into making things more comfortable for you, Aries. Be careful not to load too much.

Bull: Know how to listen more and learn from others, Taurus. The day brightens your mental abilities, favoring intellectual themes.

Twins: focus on getting where you want to go, Gemini. The moment requires concentration and also good management of one’s resources.

Cancer: magic is in the air for you, Cancer. Beware only of possible excesses and sentimental deficiencies.

Lion: take care of your spirituality and pay attention to your surroundings, Leo. Heaven is inspiring and can bring many messages from the unconscious.

Virgin: the day favors your ability to understand the people around you, Virgo. Use intuition to figure out who is who.

Lb: take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to show your worth, Libra. It’s time to get recognized for what you deserve.

Scorpio: take advantage of the day to mature ideas and seek new knowledge, Scorpio. By the way, be sure to learn from older and more experienced people as well.

Sagittarius: the day favors the search for intuition and also the exercise of magic, Sagittarius. Incidentally, it’s a great time to break taboos and transform things around you.

Capricorn: take the time to make good connections with people, Capricorn. It’s time for you to see who your partners are, appreciating mutual understanding.

Acquarium: the day promises to be challenging, Aquarius. It is important to organize yourself to manage everything, keeping faith and good humor.

Fish: enjoy your moment without failing to take things seriously though, Pisces. Use your creativity to discover new solutions to old problems.

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