Moment of Isabel Teixeira in Mais You are cut and the actress sends a message to Ana Maria Braga

Isabel Teixeira had a beautiful participation in “Mais Você”, however a specific scene was not shown. It turns out that the program was going to air on the first working day of the year, but this did not happen, so the recording of a New Year’s toast with Ana Maria Braga was stopped.

On her Instagram profile, the eternal Maria Bruaca spoke of the moment and declared herself to the host of the program that makes the Brazilians happy in the morning.

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“This post is for you, Ana, to teach us to be more like us. It was beautiful our conversation that aired today on your show. With you I made the best year-end toast, which did not appear at our champagne breakfast (because it would have been the farewell day of the great King Pele), but which is here to remind me forever moment in your show, with you and this beautiful team,” wrote the artist.


Elected by the public as best actress of the year, Isabel Teixeira was ignored by reporter Thiago Simpatia in “É de Casa”, Globo, on the morning of Saturday 31 December. During a live broadcast from Avenida Paulista, where she was covering the São Silvestre race, the star appeared in front of the camera as an extra and she even “invaded” the entrance. It did not work

Not realizing that the artist was literally at home, the reporter brought the ‘Pantanal’ star in front of the camera and concluded his speech about the competition, which he has been participating in for years. Instead of taking advantage of the interview opportunity, he left Isabel aside.

Only after he realized this did he sidestep the situation and issue a mea culpa. The two were back together in the camera shot, when an unexpected interview began. Isabel had just finished the race, which she runs every year.

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The skintight skirt was so big that everyone was trying to justify the scene. Maria Beltrao And Thiago Oliveirafrom the studio, spoke about the difficulty of live performances, which sometimes create unusual and even embarrassing situations, as has been the case.

Ultimately, the actress took the embarrassment in a good way. She said she was an “intruder” in the broadcast and she even helped the journalist publicize the list of New Year’s presentations on Avenida Paulista. In the same relaxed tone, she asked to participate in “É de Casa” and came out laughing in front of the camera.


According to Isabel, Dr. Dráuzio Varella and the singer Zélia Duncan are her sponsors in the competition. In an interview with “Extra,” the actress revealed that it all started because of her addiction to cigarettes and her exercise was recommended by a doctor.

“I am an ex smoker and the race started for health reasons. I traded one addiction for another. Drauzio Varella and Zélia Duncan are my sponsors in the race. I consider myself a beginner and I started running at Drauzio’s suggestion, I went with him at the beginning,” she recalls.

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Despite all the preparation, which she has done for weeks, the artist has no ambitions to become the champion of the contest or anything like that. For her, the important thing right now is exercise and how she has shown good results. She now she can run for hours.

“Zélia is also an expert runner and helps me. But I run in my step. She makes me feel good that I can’t describe. I started running for five minutes. Today I run up to two, three hours at my own pace,” she enthuses.

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Finally, highlight the positive results he has already achieved with the practice of physical exercise. According to her, she became “addicted” to the ride, mainly due to the energy of the setting.

São Silvestre is a short race, 15 kilometres. I’m already training and I’ve noticed that I’m stronger. Last year I looked at the city and cried as I ran. There’s a very strong energy there. I became addicted.

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Isabel also spoke of Maria Bruaca’s farewells during the interview. Almost three months after the end of the storyline, she still deals with the repercussions and power that the character has had in her life and in the lives of other people. According to the actress, Circuito Penedo de Cinema, in Alagoas, she is a clear example of this, given the public response.

“Out of five people who spoke to me, three mentioned the changes they experienced and the strength they had thanks to Maria. I come from a school where Culture is what transforms the other. I’m not a pattern to follow, but I portrayed a character that had enormous reach and provided change, empowered other people. There was a movement,” she recalled.

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And it wasn’t just in Alagoas, no. Isabel’s neighborhood has also changed the way she looks at the actress. According to her, the neighbors removed the “Bruaca” from the character’s name, in a move to empower the humiliated housewife.

“It only makes sense to me when those watching me in character can look back on themselves. Right next to my house, in São Paulo, I feel this difference after the soap opera. Now people tell me: ‘It’s not Bruaca anymore, it’s just Maria’ (laughs)”

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For 2023, Isabel Teixeira wishes public faith. As for her career, she plans to continue her work in her studios in São Paulo, as well as returning to the theater. There is an expectation that he will be in “Terra Vermelha”, the next soap opera at 21:00 on Globo.

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