After gaining 40kg, the young man inspires the web with a weight loss routine while battling depression

The year has just begun and it’s time to take some projects off the map or simply finish those started in 2022. This is precisely the case of Gabriela Murad. The 20-year-old is making waves on TikTok, where she already has nearly 100,000 followers, for sharing her weight-loss routine. TO R7the psychology student says she started the project in September last year, with 111.8 kg, and is aiming to reach 70 kg, for the second time.

“I was not born obese, but over the years I have grown and gained weight. Not being a skinny kid, I suffered because I could never wear the same clothes my friends were wearing. I think I was cute because I grew up with people saying, ‘Your face is beautiful, you just need to lose weight.’ So, all my life I have associated thinness with beauty,” she recalls.

Diets started early in Gabi’s life, not only for aesthetics, but also for health. “At the age of 7 I started to have many allergies, I am a very allergic person. My parents took me to the doctor and we found out that it was related to being overweight. We did some experiments and, in fact, we noticed that my dermatitis improved a lot when I eliminated gluten and lactose”.

Mental health

Even though she knew from an early age that diets were good for her health, she reveals that over the years she has started using food as a refuge to deal with her emotional issues. “I love to eat, always have. I ate because I was so sad and isolated. Every time I felt like food embraced me in moments of vulnerability and fear,” she says.

“In 2018, I moved from São Luís, in Maranhão (hometown), to São Paulo with my family. At first it was very difficult because I really had to change my life… I went to another school, I dropped out my friends, some family members that I was very close to and fell into food.At that time, I reached 90kg, my parents took me to the endocrinologist, who noticed that I had signs of a lot of sadness, I argued without the strength and referred me to a psychiatrist. When I got there, he diagnosed me with depression and anxiety,” he recalls.

The student tried some diets, but preferred to focus on mental health. “I didn’t focus on eating, but it was really crazy, because I didn’t lose weight during that time, but I didn’t gain weight either. I was controlling my depression and was able to maintain my weight.”

When she finally got used to the new routine, she received the news that the whole family was going back to São Luís and that was a big blow. “I was very sad because I love São Paulo, I had found myself. In the last month I stayed there, in December 2019, I gained 12kg and reached 105kg. I came back during the holidays, very isolated and sad… Not I knew where to start. I lived for food. I also had a lot of dark marks on my body because my insulin was so high.”

first weight loss

Three months after moving to her hometown, the young woman decided it was time to take the reins. In March 2020, you decided to enroll in the academy a week before the factories closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “When I saw the spots on my body, I saw that I needed to change. I didn’t recognize myself, I didn’t look in the mirror, I didn’t want to get ready, to go out… eaten in secret.”

Despite being isolated and unable to keep up with her training, Gabi decided to follow up with an endocrinologist. “At that time, my doctor prescribed me a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, I took it for three months and continued dieting. With almost seven months of treatment, I was able to lose 35 kg. I felt very good about myself because I had reached my goal age.”

It is worth warning that many doctors prescribe diabetes medicine in weight loss treatments. However, the drug has no indications approved by national and international regulatory agencies to control obesity or overweight.

Also, the student talks about the importance of combining medication with psychological treatment. “I got to 70 kg, but I wasn’t able to keep it, also because I wasn’t doing therapy. In less than five months, I went up 40 kg and reached my maximum weight, 111.8 kg. It was very fast,” he says.

“I even tried taking the medicine again, but it didn’t work because the problem wasn’t the medicine… I needed to cure my food craving. At the time, I gained weight in a way that made me desperate, but it was all because I needed to take care of myself from my head.”

second weight loss

Months went by until in September 2022 he decided to try again. “I couldn’t stay like this anymore. I was in bed the whole time, barely took a shower because I was too lazy to wash my hair. It was really bad and I decided to try again.”

“Again, I went after psychological and psychiatric treatment. I went to the endocrine specialist, nutritionist and started doing ballet. I always say ballet saved me because it was an activity I loved to do. Now I’m just in gym, with the help of a personal trainer, doing bodybuilding and cardiorespiratory exercises. I also have a lot of fun,” says the young woman.

With a lot of support and a support network, Gabi has decided to share her physical activity routine on social networks, as a form of commitment to those who accompany her. “I use TikTok as a kind of diary. I created this tactical video to not give up on my diet and also to see all my progress. I made this pact with myself and started posting every day, from Sunday to Sunday. “

According to her, this commitment was perfect for maintaining weight loss consistency. At the moment the young woman is halfway there, weighing less than 22 kg. Gabi’s goal is still to reach 70 kg.

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