Dividends: HSML11, PVBI11 and 24 other FIIs deposit first yields of 2023, up to 1.40% in the month

This Friday’s (06) session kicks off with the first round of dividend distributions for 2023. 26 real estate funds will deposit earnings to shareholders throughout the day.

The ability to receive monthly dividends is one of the great attractions of FIIs, which currently have nearly 2 million investors in the country. The resource is exempt from income tax, another benefit of the product.

In 2022 Riza Akin (RZAK11) was the largest dividend payer among the FIIs that are part of Ifix – index of the most traded real estate funds on the stock exchange. The portfolio has shown a dividend yield (dividend yield) by nearly 19% over the period.

Today, the dividends that will be paid range from R$ 0.07 per share to R$ 12 per share, as is the case for Brio Crédito Imobiliário (BICE11).

Considering Ifix FIIs alone, the highlight of the day is Átrio Reit Recebíveis (ARRI11), which pays investors BRL 0.13 per share. The amount represents a dividend yield 1.40% monthly.


See the full list of funds paying out income this Friday (06):

ticking Background Performance
BICE11 Brio Real Estate Credit BRL 12.00
SOLR11 solarium BRL 8.75
LFTTT11 Mezzanine II BRL 8.20
IDFI11 Autonomous Units BRL 3.49
HOSI11 Home BRL 1.72
HOSI11 Home BRL 1.52
NSLU11 Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital BRL 1.51
HTML11 Maxinvest Hotel BRL 1.26
FRHY11 Multi edge BRL 1.26
PORD11 Credit Division II BRL 0.91
RZTR11 Riza Terrax BRL 0.86
HSAF11 HSI financial assets BRL 0.80
EVBI11 Essential consumption VBI BRL 0.75
LVB11 VBI Logistics BRL 0.75
STRX11 starx BRL 0.74
LASC11 Legatus Mall BRL 0.71
BPFF11 Brazil absolute plural BRL 0.62
PBI11 VBI raw properties BRL 0.57
PLRI11 Credit Division I BRL 0.45
SPTW11 SP Center BRL 0.42
IDFI11 Autonomous Units BRL 0.29
VPSI11 Polo Shopping Indaiatuba BRL 0.21
PLRI11 Credit Division I BRL 0.19
LIFE11 vital capital BRL 0.13
ARRI11 Atrium Reit Credits BRL 0.13
VGHF11 Valora Hedge Fund BRL 0.09
GALG11 Logistics Guardian BRL 0.08
DAMT11B Diamond BRL 0.07

Source: StatusInvest

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ifix today

In this Friday’s session (6), the Ifix – index of the most traded real estate funds on the Stock Exchange – operates in a positive field. At 10:53 the indicator recorded an increase of 0.14%, to 2,859 points. Discover the other highlights of the day.

Highest highs this Friday (6):

ticking First name Sector Change (%)
KFOF11 Kinea FoF FoF 2.67
WINE11 Vinci offices Company slabs 2.09
BRL11 RBR register the logistics 2.01
TGAR11 TG Actual assets Development 1.16
RCRB11 Rio Bravo corporate income Company slabs 1.32

Major casualties this Friday (6):


ticking First name Sector Change (%)
XPPR11 XP properties Company slabs -3.62
RZAK11 Riza Akin Securities and Val. Assault. -1.92
BTAL11 BTG Pactual Agro sour -1.23
VISC11 shopping malls win Shopping centers -1.08
XPCI11 XP Real Estate Credit Securities and Val. Assault. -1.04

Source: B3

RZAK11’s new offer aims to raise up to R $ 300 million; TEPP11 properties have a fair price increased by 5.81%

Check the latest information released by real estate funds in material facts:

RZAK11 wants to raise up to BRL 300 million in a new offering

FII Riza Akin has approved the fourth issue of units of the fund, which initially intends to raise R$ 300 million, according to a material fact disclosed by the portfolio.

According to the statement, the unit value of the new shares has been set at R$ 92.64 and the distribution fee will be R$ 3.25, for a total of a subscription price of R$ 95.89.

In this Friday’s (6th) session, RZAK11 shares traded for R$ 101.49. The equity value of the fund – a sort of fair value – is R$ 92.64.

Also according to the material fact, the shareholders of the fund will have the right of first refusal in the offer, to the extent of 68%.

With assets of R$ 360 million, the fund mainly invests in real estate credit certificates (CRI), which currently represent 85.60% of the portfolio. The other resources are allocated in units of other FIIs.

Currently 60.5% of the securities are indexed to the CDI rate and 39.8% to the IPCA, as indicated in the latest management report released by the fund.

In the document, Riza Akin’s management team expresses a positive view for a higher allocation in securities indexed to the CDI rate, which follows the economy’s base interest rate, the Selic, which was held at 13.75% per annum at the December meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) of the Central Bank.

TEPP11 properties have a fair price increased by 5.81%

Cushman & Wakefield, a real estate consultancy firm, has completed the revaluation of the properties of FII Tellus Properties and indicated a 5.81% increase in the fair price of the spaces.

Recently included in the theoretical portfolio of Ifix, the fund holds stakes in five properties located in San Paolo (SP). The portfolio’s gross leasable area (GLA) is 37,000 square feet and the portfolio’s vacancy rate is 14.64%.


According to a statement by the fund to the market, the portfolio appreciation represents a 6.23% increase in the asset value of the fund’s unit, based on the close on December 30, 2022.

Focused on the corporate slabs segment, TEPP11 deposits R$ 0.51 per share next week, an amount which represents a dividend yield monthly rate of 0.76%. In 12 months the percentage is 8%.

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Giro Immobiliare: four reasons to invest in FIIs in 2023, even with a fixed income yield of 13.75% per annum

Is it worth investing in real estate funds when fixed income investments pay 13.75% a year? The question became recurring among investors in the last months of 2022 and is repeated in the new year. After all, why invest in FIIs if there are profitable and less risky options on the market?

For Marcos Baroni, head of real estate fund research at Suno and a leading product specialist, the answer to the above dilemma involves understanding the objectives of an FII portfolio.

“Real estate funds were not made to have an explosion of income”, explains Professor Baroni, as is well known. “FIIs aim to offer investors asset protection, monthly income generation and a resilient portfolio.”

According to the specialist’s assessment, the product has delivered what its characteristics promise and, therefore, remains a good investment alternative for 2023, even in the face of increasingly strong competition from fixed income.

To reinforce the thesis, he describes four factors that stimulate investment in real estate funds, especially in a year that promises to be quite challenging for investors.

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