You can apply for unemployment insurance online: find out how

Is it really possible to apply for unemployment insurance online? To the delight of the Brazilians, the answer is yes! Anyone can request payments using only their computer and mobile phone. With the aim of making life easier for Brazilian workers, the federal government has developed a online tool that serves precisely for the application, analysis and confirmation of unemployment insurance.

However, it is important to remember that the application for unemployment insurance should only be made through official public service channels. Currently, many scammers use expressions such as “unemployment insurance” or “FGTS” to attract victims’ attention, and therefore, we never recommend clicking links sent via email, WhatsApp or social networks. With that in mind, check out the official step-by-step below to apply for unemployment insurance online!

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What is Unemployment Insurance?

First, it is very important to explain what unemployment insurance is and the main rules of this important benefit of work.

“Unemployment insurance is one of the social security benefits and is intended to provide temporary financial assistance to workers who are involuntarily dismissed (without just cause)”, describes the official website of the federal government.

THE Formal unemployment insurance was established by law 7.998/1990 and modified by the Law n. 8,900, of June 30, 1994.

The main purpose of unemployment insurance is to offer temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers without just causein addition to assisting them in maintaining and finding a job,

The program, therefore, does not only concern unemployment benefits, but also to integrated guidance, outplacement and professional qualification actions.

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Who can apply for unemployment insurance?

Unemployment benefit is reserved for workers under the CLT regime (with a regular contract) admitted without just cause – including cases of indirect termination.

Domestic workers are also entitled to receive unemployment insurance, provided they have worked under the CLT regime.

Also, the benefit can also be made available for regular workers who have had their contracts suspended for participating in vocational training courses or programmes, professional fishermen (only during the closed season) and workers who have been taken away into slavery-like conditions.

You must apply for unemployment insurance between 7 and 120 days after your layoff. To the In the case of domestic workers, the period is a little shorter: from 7 to 90 days after dismissal.

Professional fishermen, on the other hand, can apply for unemployment insurance during the entire closed season (when fishing is prohibited, due to fish reproduction) or within 120 days before the start of such period.

The worker on leave due to qualification, in turn, can apply for unemployment insurance for the entire period of suspension of the employment relationship.

The worker saved from a condition analogous to slaveryfinally, you can request the benefit within 90 days of redemption.

How much does unemployment insurance cost?

The amount of unemployment insurance varies according to the traditional salary received by the employee before the dismissal.

To calculate your unemployment insurance amount, just add your salary in the three months before you were fired, and divide the total by three.

In the case of fishermen, domestic workers and rescued workers, the amount of unemployment insurance is equal to a minimum wage (BRL 1320 for 202Two).

How to apply for unemployment insurance online? complete step by step

If you want to apply for unemployment insurance online, don’t worry: the process is easy, fast and completely digital.

The request is made in a few minutes and It can be done on a computer or mobile phone.

However, first of all, it is important to mention that the request is made on the portal. To access the site you need to register on the platform and raise your account verification level to at least Bronze.

If you want to grant access to other information on the Portal, it is also interesting to increase the security level to Silver or Gold. Click here to find out how!

With the Portal CPF and the password in hand, See the step-by-step guide below for applying for unemployment insurance online:

  • Access the portal (;
  • On the home page, click on “enter with”;
  • On the next page, enter all of your CPF numbers;
  • Click on “continue”;
  • Type your password;
  • Click on “enter”;
  • Once logged in, return to the home page;
  • In the search bar (“what are you looking for”) type “request layoffs”;
  • At that moment a link will appear with the words “Apply for SD Unemployment Insurance”;
  • Click “Start”;
  • From there, you will be redirected to the Emprega Brasil Portal, where you will also need to log in with your CPF and password (the same data used to access the portal);
  • After logging in, click on “request redundancy payment”;
  • If you just want to check the information on values, click on “consult unemployment insurance”;
  • Enter the application number;
  • Wait for the site to be analyzed;
  • After analysis, verify that all information is correct;
  • If everything is ok, click on “I accept”;
  • Then click on “Finish”;

Ready! With the confirmation of the request, the unemployment insurance falls, promptly, in the Digital Poupança of Caixa Econômica Federal, available in the Caixa Tem application.

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What if the request is not accepted?

If you are eligible for unemployment insurance, and even after completing all of the steps listed above, your application has been rejected, don’t despair! There are a few alternatives to ensure the resumption of payments.

When the request is made on the Emprega Brasil Portal, the system analyzes the database made available by the Federal Government.

By cross-referencing the information on the Portal with Government data, the responsible body determines whether the applicant adapts (or not) to the criteria for granting unemployment insurance.

In situations where workers are denied benefits, or fail to complete registration, issues can be resolved with the by filling in a service form on the official website of the Ministry of Economy.

In this relationship, you have to explain all the steps already taken and report the problem in granting the benefit.

From there, just wait for the response from the Ministry’s representatives, which is sent via email. So, just follow the caregivers’ guidelines to secure unemployment insurance.

The service form of the Ministry of Economy is available on the institution’s official website;

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