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The United States opens its doors to a small number of immigrants and bars illegal immigrants

The United States will allow 30,000 immigrants a month to enter legally from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, under a policy agreed with Mexico, which also strengthens the expulsions of those who attempt to cross the border without the necessary documentation. “Do not come to the border” without initiating a legal procedure, urged the American president, Joe Biden, this Thursday (5), during a speech at the White House. In recent years, thousands of people have fled Central and South America, Caribbean countries “ruled by oppressive dictators, including Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela” and to “flee gang violence, which has the same impact, on Haiti “. he said. From these countries come the majority of immigrants recently arrived at the border, where they face “an imperfect system, which simply does not work as it should” due to a lack of staff and immigration judges, the president said democratic. Authorities block entry and immediately deport nearly all visa-free migrants, invoking a health rule known as Title 42, which has barred millions of people since 2020 under anti-Covid protocols activated by Biden’s predecessor, the Republican Donald Trump. The democratic government wants to suspend Title 42, but awaits a sentence from the Supreme Court. In the meantime, he will make use of the “tools” available, Biden said. These tools have been agreed with Mexico, where tens of thousands of migrants are waiting to enter the United States, as many have managed to do over the years. In fact, this policy is the extension of a measure presented in October for 24 thousand Venezuelans, which allowed them to enter upon formal request, for which they needed a sponsor and on condition that the ticket was air. Now, the government will accept the entry of up to 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela each month, but it will tighten border restrictions for many more, including those nationalities. The measures take effect immediately, National Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said at a news conference. Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Cubans and Haitians who will try “to cross our border without authorization will be quickly expelled to Mexico, which will accept the return of 30,000 people a month” or “to their country of origin”, he explained. But “we will receive up to 30,000 people a month from these four countries”, who will be able to work in the United States for two years. – ‘Stay where you are’ – To access these vacancies, migrants must refrain from crossing the border into the US, Mexico or Panama as of today, ‘stay where they are’ and apply from there. In addition, they must have their criminal background investigated, have a sponsor in the United States who gives them financial support, and be vaccinated. At the same time, Mayorkas added, an application was created in Spanish and English, called CBP One, which is an interview system for ports of entry that can be requested via mobile phone. Initially, the service will be available to those seeking a Title 42 waiver for humanitarian reasons. When Title 42 is revoked, which Biden says it will be this year, this mechanism will remain in place. Mayorkas insisted that those who “do not use the legal process” will face the consequences. To that end, he has “increased and improved the use of expedited deportation” under Title 8, which results in a five-year entry ban. “As long as the United States is the land of freedom and opportunity, people will try to come,” but “we can ask that they come in an orderly manner, according to American law,” Biden said. According to him, American citizens also have the right to be sure that the criminal records of those arriving have been checked. The president is aware that this new policy does not solve the problem at the border, where “more than 7,000 arrests of human traffickers have been registered in recent months”. But it’s a process that is “safe, humane and works,” said Biden, who says he previously sent comprehensive legislation to Congress to overhaul “what has been a flawed immigration system for far too long.” “Republicans in Congress have refused to consider my comprehensive plan,” he assured, blaming “extreme Republicans” for the blockade. Mexico has applauded the measures, saying they increase “labor mobility”, help bring about “orderly, safe, regular and humane migration in the region” and reduce migrant risks, tweeted Roberto Velasco, head of the unit for North America. the stationery. However, they have generated unease in the Democratic Party. “We are deeply disappointed,” the senators denounced in a statement criticizing the expulsion of citizens from countries they consider undemocratic. Some NGOs have also spoken out. “Offering special access to a certain number of people from certain countries undermines the asylum system,” condemned Nicole Melaku, director of NPNA, a coalition of organizations that defend immigrants. – An obstacle – The American economy largely depends on foreign labor and Biden promised, upon his arrival at the White House, to shelter asylum seekers and to end Donald Trump’s policies against illegal immigration. Trump came to power in 2016, thanks in part to a message he described as criminals, and even rapists and murderers, to those crossing the border into Mexico. A rhetoric that has satisfied the concerns of some communities with crime and job losses. The border issue is one of Biden’s main political weaknesses, a milestone on the road to his re-election, if he decides to run for a second term in the White House, as he planned to do, according to his advisers. Biden will visit the border next Sunday in El Paso, Texas, before traveling to Mexico for a summit of US leaders. One of the key issues will be “strengthening the border between our countries”, he anticipated. It remains to be seen whether the new measures will scare off migrants who dream of entering the United States, following in the footsteps of those who managed to evade later regulations. erl/ltl/mvv/rpr/lb

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