Jenny Miranda cuts Bia and Gretchen off her wedding guest list

the influencer Jenny Miranda daughter Bia and her mother were excluded from consideration, Gretchen, from the guest list for her wedding to Dr. Fábio Gontijo, which will take place on Saturday, January 7 in Las Vegas, USA. In a conversation with Quem magazine, the bride explained why.

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“These people don’t exist for me. Who I would like to be present in this special moment with me was just the Enrico (his 4 year old son) and we could not take him, because there was no time to get a visa. But my son will be at the wedding in March. He will be the page and he will take my rings,” he said.

On the networks, Jenny warned followers that the ceremony will be broadcast virtually. “The presence of you friends, family, colleagues and followers (even distant ones) is very important to us!”, said the influencer. In March, she and her fiancé are planning a new wedding party in Brazil.


“Here there is no law to protect good citizens”. Playback/Instagram

“I’m leaving”. It is with these words that Maria Odete Brito de Miranda de Souza, known as Gretchen, announced that she will leave Brazil after a big mess with the police that took place in Belém (PA), last January 4th. The singer has decided to leave the city after almost three years of living together with her husband, Esdras Souza, and she has communicated her return to Portugal, where she has a home and family. In an open letter posted today on social media, the artist spoke of “impunity”.

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“An open letter to disrespect. I’m leaving. I want to clarify and show that my family and I were still going to move to another country, but it was only planned for March. Given the events that have unfolded this week with great abuse of power by those who were supposed to protect us, I have reformulated my work schedule and have decided to bring forward my journey which, thank God, will be for a very good reason: my husband, Esdras, has completed his Masters in Music Therapy, at the Lusíada College in Lisbon,” she said.

Gretchen provided more details about her decision to Quem magazine. “I changed my mind. There really is no law here to protect good citizens. There is a lot of impunity. After evaluating better, I leave Brazil. I’m already planning everything to move back to Portugal. Esdras will do a Masters in Music Therapy there and my daughter Valentina, 12, will complete her studies there,” she said.

Gretchen, who has her home in Coimbra, about a two-hour drive from the capital Lisbon, said that due to the large work schedule she has that needs to be done, she will only leave the country at the end of February.

“I only go after Carnival. Besides the shows, I have a lot of publicity campaigns to do and publiposts. I will also take advantage of my free time to study. I will improve my English and French at the University of Coimbra. But whenever I have an engagement in Brazil, I will come back,” he told the masthead.

Gretchen lives in Pará and has been involved in a movie-worthy mess with her neighbors. The singer appeared very angry in Instagram Stories after seeing a police car parked outside her home. The Rebolado queen is also known to have had problems with a gum shop near her residence, which she says continues to stop vehicles in front of her home.

On social media, the singer stressed with the police. “Now even the police don’t respect the law,” she shouted as she argued with several law enforcement officers outside the gate of his house.

Later, Gretchen appeared in Stories and addressed the military police, saying she won’t stop until she finds the person responsible. “And there’s more. I want the head of the Military Police to talk to me, because I just received a threat on my door, from the policeman who pointed his gun at me. I will show the video here, because I have everything recorded by my cameras. I want action against this cop,” she released.

“There was no confusion. Esdras had been cycling, when he was arriving, as you can see in the video, the vehicle came and he stopped in front of my door to change the tyre. The staff at the rubber shop instead of asking the police to wait to be attended to at the door of the establishment, started attending my door. Esdras warned employees they could not do that kind of work on his sidewalk and entered. I realized he was kind of weird and didn’t want to talk to me and I went over there,” he said.

“When I got out on the pavement I asked why they were changing the tire there and I said they couldn’t. I said it was a private residence and if I had to leave now to take someone to the hospital, I couldn’t do it because they are changing tires there. Tire specialists already know this and you, as a police officer, don’t have to stop in front of a prohibited garage. And I said it’s not because they’re cops that they could. Obviously one of them asked my name and then they figured out who I was. They continued to do the work, finished and went to pay. I said, ‘You four don’t have to pay. One can collect the car while the other pays. And then, a cop took the gun from his belt and showed it to me when I got in the car,” he added.

According to the artist, he exposed the case so that the relevant bodies know about it. “I have made this episode public so that all the competent bodies and the military police of Belém can take action. It’s not because they’re cops they can do whatever they want. On the contrary, the police must comply with the laws so that citizens can comply as well. The military must be an example. My house has cameras and they recorded everything that was happening and they were upset because I said I would post it. I have published and are in the process of being taken by my lawyer and the relevant government bodies the necessary measures ”, she clarified.

When asked if she isn’t afraid of some kind of threat or retaliation, Gretchen denies it. “I am not afraid of retaliation. If anything happens to me, everyone will know who did it. I’m not afraid. I speak not only for myself, but for all citizens of Brazil who suffer from police reprisals and I am not afraid of the police. I’m scared of cockroaches and yet my house is locked down because the person who smokes here is wonderful. I have no problem showing who did it and if they come to take revenge against me, it’s too bad for them, because I will continue to report it,” she said.

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