Prince Harry’s most controversial claims, published in his book Spare

Several controversial allegations and allegations published in Prince Harry’s autobiographical book, Spare, have been leaked and published in the press.

The book details the grievances and grievances of the royal family, such as the allegation that he and Prince William tried to persuade his father, now King Charles III, not to marry Camilla.

But one of Harry’s most startling claims, first reported by the Guardian newspaper, was that he was allegedly physically attacked by his brother.

Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace said they would not comment.

BBC News obtained a copy of Spare after some went on sale in Spain. Here are some of the more controversial claims in the book:

Harry and William have appealed to their father not to marry Camilla

Harry writes that he and William begged their father not to marry Camilla, now queen consort of England.

The Sun newspaper reported that Harry claims he and his brother had separate meetings with Camilla before she officially joined the royal family. Harry says he pondered whether Camilla would one day be her “evil stepmother” but that he and her brother were willing to forgive her “in their hearts” if she could make King Charles happy, the paper said.

There are no details on when the meeting took place or how old Harry was at the time.

A “psychic” woman who delivers a message from Diana

Harry describes how his grief over the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales led him to seek help from a woman who “claimed to have psychic ‘powers'”.

“Your mother says you’re living the life she couldn’t live,” the woman said, according to Harry. “You are living the life she wanted for you.”

Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 when Harry was 12 years old.

Harry’s account of a conversation he says he had with his late mother is brief, according to the Guardian – which obtained a copy of the book and published an excerpt in the early hours of Thursday (5).

There are also no details on where or when the meeting with the woman took place.

Charles “didn’t hug Harry” when Diana died

In the book Spare, Harry describes how his father woke him up to tell him that Diana had been in a car accident.

Harry writes that Charles – who according to Harry is not good at expressing his feelings under “normal circumstances” – did not hug him when he broke the news.

Later, Harry writes that he retraced the route Diana’s car took in Paris when she died, in the hope that it would bring a sense of closure. But he says that only made him question the official cause of her mother’s death.

William “knocked Harry down”

Harry claims his brother grabbed his collar, ripping the cord and causing him to fall to the floor of their London home. The book features an argument between the two, which Harry says was sparked by comments William made about Meghan.

Harry writes that his brother has criticized Meghan, describing her as ‘difficult’, ‘rude’ and ‘abrasive’.

The Duke of Sussex said his brother was “parroting the narrative in the press” as the clash escalated, according to The Guardian newspaper.

William often referred to Harry as Harold, according to Spare’s book, despite it not being his brother’s name.


“He puts [um copo de] water on the table, called me by another name and then came to me. It all happened so fast. So fast. He grabbed me by the collar, ripped the cord off me and threw me to the ground,” Harry says in the book.

“I fell into the dog bowl, and it broke under my back. Pieces cut into me. I stood there for a moment, dazed, then got up and told him to get out.”

How Harry lost his virginity

Harry writes that he was 17 when he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field behind a pub.

He says it was a “humiliating” experience, during which she treated him “like a young stud”.

“William and Kate Laughed at Harry’s Nazi Costume”

The memoir also claims that William and his wife, Kate, laughed when Harry came home dressed in a Nazi uniform before a costume party in 2005.

Harry says he was discussing costumes for the event and called the pair to ask for their opinions β€” he had a pilot’s uniform and a Nazi suit to choose from.

“I called Will and Kate and asked what they thought. Nazi uniform, they said. I rented the suit, along with a ridiculous moustache, and went home,” says Harry.

“Will and Kate were laughing. It was even worse than William’s leotard. Much more ridiculous.”

Harry was 20 when The Sun ran a front page photo of him dressed in uniform at a ‘Native and Colonial’ themed costume party.

Drug use

Harry says he snorted a line of cocaine in someone’s house when he was 17 and admits he used the drug on several other occasions, even though he didn’t like it.

She writes: ‘It wasn’t a lot of fun and it didn’t make me feel particularly happy like it seemed to do with everyone else, but it did make me feel different, and that was my main goal. I was 17 years old ready to try anything that it changed my life. the pre-established order.”

He also reports that he smoked marijuana in a toilet at Eton College, the traditional UK high school, when he was a student, while police officers acting as bodyguards patrolled the outside of the building.

Harry also describes eating magic mushrooms on a trip to California in 2016, reports The Telegraph.

“William didn’t like that Harry went to his own school at Eton”

“You don’t know me, Harold. And I don’t know you,” is what Harry claims William told him when he was about to start studying at Eton College.

Harry says his brother explained to him “that during his first two years there, Eton had been a sanctuary”.

“He didn’t want the burden of a little brother pestering him with questions or poking his nose in his social circle,” says Harry.

She says she told William “not to worry”. “I’ll forget meeting you,” he allegedly replied to his brother.

Harry has stopped seeing Caroline Flack due to media pressure

Harry says he met the late TV presenter Caroline Flack when he went to a restaurant with friends in 2009. Describing her as ‘sweet’ and ‘funny’, he writes that the press soon found out and photographers tracked them down.

“He set off a frenzy,” he writes. “Within hours, a horde of reporters camped outside Flack’s parents’ house, the houses of his friends and his grandmother’s house,” he said.

“We met occasionally, but we never felt free again. We continued because we had fun together and because we didn’t want to admit defeat at the hands of those imbeciles. But the relationship was tainted, hopelessly, and in the end we decided that it wasn’t worth it. The pain and harassment. Especially for his family. We said our goodbyes. Goodbye and good luck.”

Harry says he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan

While serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan in 2012-13, Harry says he flew six missions, all with kills, but deemed justifiable.

“It’s not a statistic that fills me with pride, but it doesn’t shame me either,” she writes. “When I stood in the heat and confusion of combat, I didn’t think of those 25 as people. They were chess pieces removed from the board, bad people eliminated before they could kill good people.”

harry afghanistan - PA MEDIA - PA MEDIA

Prince Harry in Afghanistan in 2012


William suggested a village chapel for Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Harry says the royal family dragged their feet on the date and place of his wedding to Meghan.

He says that when he consulted his brother about whether to get married at St. Paul’s or Westminster Abbey, William said it wasn’t possible as they had been the wedding venues of Charles and Diana and William and Catherine respectively.

Instead, William has suggested a chapel in a village near his father’s home at Highgrove House in the Cotswolds, Harry says.

Harry and Meghan were married in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

Panic attacks before public appearances

β€œAt the end of the summer of 2013, I was having a difficult time alternating between periods of debilitating lethargy and terrifying panic attacks,” Harry writes in his memoir.

Describing his duties at the time, from giving speeches to interviews, Harry says he found himself “unable to perform these basic functions”.

Just before the speeches, his body was covered in sweat, and wearing the suit became a trigger when the panic set in, he says.

“When it came time to put on my blazer and tie my shoes, sweat was pouring down my cheeks and back.”

Charles begged William and Harry not to quarrel

Following the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, in 2021, Harry describes a falling out between himself and his brother, William. Harry says Charles stepped between them and said, “Please guys, don’t make my last years miserable.”

William was the heir and Harry the ‘reserve’

The title of the book, “Spare”, alludes to a comment supposedly made after Harry was born.

Harry writes that when he was 20, he was told that Charles had told Diana, “Good. You have given me an heir and a prop. You have done your job.”

Three curiosities in the book:

  • Harry says William and Kate were fans of Suits, a series starring Meghan, before they met. They were reportedly “jawed” when Harry revealed the identity of his then-girlfriend. But, according to Harry, William warned him: “Harold, she’s American, anything can happen.”
  • Harry says William ordered him to shave before his wedding to Meghan, despite the Queen’s permission to marry with a beard.
  • Meghan offended Kate by asking if she could borrow her lip gloss before an event. When Meghan squeezed the tube onto her finger and applied a dab of gloss to her lips, Kate looked disgusted, says Harry.

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