BBB23: What is different about the new Casa de Vidro?

Big Brother Brasil has evolved over the years and brought many surprises to make the game even more fun and interesting. One of the crowd’s favorites is definitely Casa de Vidro, which gives new siblings the chance to enter the house after being confined for a while while being voted on by the public.

However, since all is not rosy, until the “BBB20” when Casa de Vidro was held in a public place, such as a shopping mall, the dynamics of the BBB ended up being disrupted due to external information leaking to the attendees.

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The BBB Boom happened in 2020, amid the pandemic, when all eyes turned to reality and Brazilians lost some sanity watching the show. With a great injustice going on inside and with spectators’ hands tied to the sofa, the Casa de Vidro appeared as a light at the end of the tunnel as people could now send missionaries inside the house with a message.

Thousands and thousands of people visited the mall where ivy And Danielfuture winners of Casa de Vidro, they were locked up and passed countless messages that were supposed to lead to the other participants, mainly the women of the house.

Furthermore, most of the posters contained threats such as: “Know that if you don’t say everything, the public rules! We’ll get you out!”

Once inside the house, Ivy and Daniel wasted no time and held the famous condominium meeting with the girls from fourth heaven.

The gossip may have also led to one of the biggest and most iconic fights on the BBB 20, but we can’t deny that it has broken one of the biggest foundations of the show, which is a game with no outside information.


Two years later, since we had Carla Diaz’s Paredão Falso at BBB 21, Boninho used Casa e Vidro as a last resort to save BBB 22, which was not winning the audience with its story like last edition, in season.

However, Casa de Vidro was made inside the headquarters of the reality show, in the gym, where Larissa Tomásia and Gustavo Marsengo remained while the public decided whether or not the two would enter the program.

However, both Larissa and Gustavo had already watched a few weeks of BBB 22, and were talking about it with the participants themselves. Larissa even brought in some false information to further confuse the bosses of imprisonment colleagues.


Boninho must have learned from his mistakes and announced on December 16 of last year that BBB 23 would indeed have a Glass House but unlike the last few editions, it would happen before the game actually started.

“So, yes, there will be a glass house. And Big Brother will start before it starts. But I have to tell you later, it won’t work now,” the program director left in an Instagram post.

And anyone who thinks that this is the first Casa de Vidro that happens before the start of the program is very wrong. On both BBB 9 and BBB 13, 4 brothers have managed to compete for the millionaire prize with the other participants since the start of the competition.


In exactly 10 days we will start following the most followed house in Brazil with the start of “BBB23”, that is, on January 16 we will have the return of the game full of influencers and popcorn participants, which has created great expectations.

But the program is already a commercial success, according to information from Estadão. With an increase of up to 32% in the main shares of the program, 12 sponsors are in the main shares, including Amstel, McDonald’s, Pantene, QuintoAndar, renewing the partnership. Other brands that were stake-only and had special stock in house, such as Downy and TikTok, became official sponsors in 2023. Stone and Pague Menos enter as newcomers.


The Big quota, the main one, requires an amount exceeding 105 million reais, 14% more than the 2022 edition. In this category there are the giants: Americanas, Seara and Stone. Already in the Camarote share, which has its required equity value of 80 million, 15% more than in 2022., there are Downy, Pantene, and the social network most loved by young people, TikTok. The “cheapest” share, which requires a value of just over 15 million reais, with the value 32% higher than Jade Picon’s BBB, is Brother, which has among others Ademicon, McDonalds.


However, the reality show will obviously have special activations with other advertisers, who have purchased extra shares, including: Carrefour, Chilli Beans, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Spotify and Zé Delivery. In an official note, the broadcaster states that the sales success is due to the commitment of the public:

“Every year the BBB is updated in tune with the public, with an intense work of listening to the market and paying attention to the preferences of the public”.


If you could rent a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would you choose to spend your days? The answer for many Brazilians to this question – and the confirmed destination for a few of them – is the home of “Big Brother Brazil 23”, where, from January 16, its residents will experience unforgettable adventures.

Inspired by the greatest journeys the “BBB” has to offer, this edition’s completely revamped house features destinations ranging from natural and urban landscapes to a walk through another dimension. At the bottom is the place where everything happens in a unique way, like never before.

The center of all gatherings and the main meeting point for the small group, the room will have everything a good traveler could want. In the decoration of this room, objects that refer to the perfect place to plan a new trip: compass, map, globe, wind rose, as well as souvenirs brought from the most varied places.

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The most skilled will be able to take advantage of the space and its visibility also to plan the best strategy to reach first place in the competition which, this year, will have an extra stimulus, paying the biggest prize in the history of Big Brother Brazil.

In the early evening of Tuesday 3 January, cute he used social networks to arouse the curiosity of fans of “Big Brother Brasil 23”, and showed some details of the house that will host the new participants in the attraction. Minutes after Boninho posted the video, Ivete Sangalo wrote: “Start early please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

The “BBB23” has the presentation of Thaddeus Schmidt, production by Mariana Mônaco, artistic direction by Rodrigo Dourado and genre direction by Boninho. The reality series will debut on January 16.


With each passing day, the anxiety about the onset of BBB23 only increases. And the videos that the production of the program has published only makes it grow even more. Now, Tadeu Schmidt, the host of the show, has revealed that the stakes, fictitious money from the reality show, will play a bigger role in the game.

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“What happens to the house that everyone wants? He gets crowded. This year [está] also full of novelties. This is not a sales pitch, no, see?” she said at the beginning of the video. “Now, the stake gains more purchasing power. Imagine if you could buy perks in the game itself? It’s just a hypothesis, far from me that I want to say something about it”, concluded the presenter.

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