DF on BBB 23? See where the people from Brasilia who were on the reality show are going

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This January, another edition of Big Brother Brazil debuts and Brazilians are already wondering: will we have a representative of the capital in the most talked about reality show in the country? Some users waited on Twitter: “The DF creates too many problems when it enters the BBB house”, “It’s very nice to be able to accompany someone we know or knows someone who knows us on the show”, “Who knows who will represent the square this time?”, is what some posts observed by the report say.

It would not be the first time. In 22 seasons, the Federal District has been present in ten, including the participation of the Brazilians André Coelho and Maíra Britto, who were locked up in the Casa de Vidro in 2013 and 2009 respectively, but did not enter the most guarded house in Brazil. In the story there is also, in a kind way, Professor Jessilane Alves, a resident of Valparaíso de Goiás, who has always been around here and was also approved in a competition at the Department of Education of the DF, but could not take office because he was confined, in the past year.

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  • Editing: Thamiel (16), Elis (17), André (13), Maíra (9), Thati (8) and Juliana (7) are from Brasilia and attended the BBB
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The last local representative in fact and in law to the BBB was Sarah Andrade, then a digital marketing consultant when she was selected, in 2021. The Brazilian was one of the most commented characters in the edition that consecrated Juliette the greatest champion of all time, Gil do Vigor the most loved and Karol Conká the most hated. Sarah’s presence on the reality show was so celebrated that even the Federal District Department of Tourism created a piece to promote Sarah Kubitschek City Park, alluding to the coincidence of names. Outside of the reality show, the current influencer lives on the Rio-São Paulo air bridge, has 8.2 million Instagram followers, and revels in the laurels of her fame.

offline life

Sarah’s reality is a little different from that of one of her ancestors, Elenita Rodrigues. BBB 10 participant, then 30 years old, the doctor of linguistics, born in Gama, left reality and followed life normally in Brasilia. “I’ve continued to invest in my intellectual education, away from the cameras,” said the former attendee at Mail. Taking a more offline route, Elenita now has just over 7,000 followers, has been a researcher at the Anísio Teixeira National Institute of Education Studies and Research (Inep) for the past 10 years, and is now a legislative advisor for the Legislative Chamber of the Federal Quarter. “Thirteen years have passed since my participation in Big Brother. Today I have no bad feelings about the programme. My life has been great. Even today the reaction of people to the stigma of being an ex BBB is very curious, but I find it amusing” , he has declared.

For Elenita, her participation was notable for the guidelines it raised within reality, for all of Brazil to follow and reflect. The 43-year-old researcher hears a lot about how people welcomed and identified with some of her lines at the time, in 2010. “Psychological violence, abusive relationships, master planning, gaslighting, empowerment, quota politics…that stuff many did not understand. ‘You were ahead of your time’, they say today”, she underlines, recalling that she was mentioned in a conversation with Gil do Vigor in the 2021 edition as her idol and underlining that, currently, she acts in government spheres and receives praise from strong women in positions of power. “She IS comforting,” she concludes.

Pioneering spirit

The history of the Federal District with Big Brother Brazil is old. The first person from Brasilia to participate was Juliana Lopes, now a lawyer, in 2004. The then 23-year-old student, who lived outside the country at the time of the selection, even held the position of record holder for walls and ended up in third place on the BBB4. After the program, she started professionally as an actress and even starred in a soap opera on Rede Record, but she was not bitten by the flight of fame and preferred to invest in law, a more solid career.

“The BBB was definitely a watershed in my life. I loved being there, it made a lot of difference and I still watch some editions when I can. But today my reality is different, I’m a lawyer and I’ve been living in the US for fifteen years,” he said. said, in an interview with Mail, the ex-sister, who is 42 and has 13,500 followers. Juliana works in a law firm in the United States and travels the world for work and play, but is always in the capital, where her mother, retired civil servant Kátia Lopes, lives.

In a similar situation to Juliana, diplomat, professor and writer Rômulo Neves attended BBB17 and argues that the Brasilia attendees, for the most part, have a differential. “In general, it is a more professional, qualified profile of people who accepted the adventure, but never fell in love with the story that they would become stars. So much so that we have a critical and very rich approach to the whole process,” he stated in the report. .

In 2017 the presence of Brasiliense actually attracted attention for the fact that Rômulo Neves was chief of staff of the then governor of the DF, Rodrigo Rollemberg. Considered one of the local CEO’s trusted men, he had left office a year earlier due to political incompatibility and also because he intended to run for local government. “My goal, to publicize my candidacy – which I then withdrew for other reasons – and my ideas, has been achieved,” he observed.

stigma weight

After leaving home, Rômulo pre-candidate for federal deputy, but interrupted the mission in the name of an invitation to work in another country. “I was once at my book launch, talking to someone, in a nice political conversation, she was interested in my candidacy, but when she heard I’d been to the BBB, she changed her mind, saying she would never vote for me that’s why” , he says, emphasizing that there is a certain weight for former participants.

“There is a certain stigma around those who go to the BBB and, for those who are from Brasilia, have a profile similar to mine and participate in this type of program, I think this is an even more negative point,” concluded the 45 Brazilian , 20, who lives in Berlin with his wife and three adopted children in Brazil and decides he won’t participate in another reality show. “Edition clippings turn attendees into the characters they want them to be, and that label persists out here. A lot of people leave psychologically badly because they have no idea what it’s like to be on the show. I didn’t leave the show resentful, but , like some people who say they have repented, I see other aspects of this system and I would not face another”, concludes the diplomat, who has 100,000 followers and is already ready to move with his family to Maputo, on a new mission in the African continent.

double dose DF

In Rômulo’s edition, Boninho even selected, for the first time, two DF residents at the same time. While the diplomat was approached in a club by the production of the program and entered at the invitation of the management, the trader Elis Nair, then 40, from Taguatinga, participated in all stages of the competitive selection process, which, year after year, breaks subscriber records.

Elis still lives in the city and continues to be an entrepreneur, now officially married to the partner with whom she has lived for over 20 years and who proposed her elimination from the reality show on stage, with 80% of the votes. With 400,000 followers on social media, Elis Bbb – the name she adopted after the program – followed the political path that her compatriot in confinement aborted: she ran as a candidate for federal deputy for Agir, in 2022, but did not she was elected.

Remember other representatives of Brasilia:

Tamiel Khan (BBB 16): Professor at the University of Brasilia (UnB), has 38,300 followers and joined the program in 2016.

André Coelho (BBB 13): The model and businessman from Brasilia attended Casa de Vidro in 2013, did not enter, but remained famous for other relationship reality shows he starred on MTV. He currently has 1.4 million followers.

Maíra Britto (BBB 9): The speech therapist from Brasilia tried to join the program in 2009, but she couldn’t get past Casa de Vidro and, today, she lives discreetly, with a blocked profile that collects only 861 followers.

Thati Bione (BBB 8): The photographer was scheduled in 2008, when she was an English teacher and currently works as a lawyer in São Paulo. She has 21.2k followers.

Juliana Regueiro (BBB 7): At the time a translator for the Sri Lankan embassy, ​​she was the first to be eliminated in the 2007 edition. Her social network profile was not identified by the report.

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