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If a few years ago the possibilities of curing cancer were limited to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, these techniques – which destroy cancer cells, but also damage healthy cells – are increasingly being replaced by options with less toxicity and more focused on the specific characteristics of each patient.

“Increasingly personalized therapeutic options make cancer ever closer to becoming a disease considered chronic, with effective benefits on the quality of life of people diagnosed with the disease”, says oncologist Bruno Ferrari, founder and president of the Board of Administration of the Oncoclínicas Group.

According to the expert, the future of treating the disease is promising and will allow more and more people to have treatment options with fewer side effects and more encouraging prognoses.

Genomic analysis is the basis for individualisation

Advances in studies involving the human genome, as well as the genetic code present in cancer cells and unique in each individual, have made gene analysis an indispensable part of this area of ​​medicine in recent years.

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