The automotive successes of 2022

The successes of the Brazilian market were not limited to SUVs. Hatches and brands that arose from the ashes also stood out

By Fernando Miragaya

The vehicle market in Brazil is dominated by SUVs, both in strategies, in the concentration of launches and in the search for profitability by car manufacturers. Even so, 2022 has seen other automotive successes than SUVs.

car secrets it will now show the cars that have stood out over the past year. Be it in market share, sales volume or even the strategy to resurrect the brands. Check out the top 10 automotive hits of 2022.

Citroën C3

Launched in August, the third generation of the sedan had three full months of sales and averaged nearly 4,000 units a month — it ended 2022 with more than 10,000 cars sold, according to Fenabrave’s balance sheet. It may seem small compared to rivals, but the launch of C3 it was fundamental for Citroën to start a new phase in the Brazilian market.

With the compact, the manufacturer is aiming for a more “popular” positioning, while, finally, it has another car to sell in its showcase. In addition, the arrival of the C3 brought attention to the brand and even boosted the sales of the C4 Cactus in stores. It cannot be denied that it is one of the automotive successes of 2022.

chevrolet tracker

General Motors has been grappling with the semiconductor supply problem for two years, which completely affected the sales of the then supreme leader Onix. But the automaker also realized it needed to focus efforts on using the chips in a higher value-added product like the pursuerand hit the mark.

In 2022, the compact SUV was one of the great automotive successes. All the more reason after the repositioning, as for the Tracker, which now has more options with a 1.0 turbo engine, while the 1.2 was reserved for more complete configurations. It was the sales leader in its class, with 70,806 units, ahead of the VW T-Cross and Hyundai Creta.


Renewed in 2021, when it adopted a more modern turboflex engine, the bull it confirmed its favoritism in 2022. It was the leader in sales, with almost 50,000 licenses according to the cumulative recorded by Fenabrave, light years ahead of Renault Oroch (12,000 units).

The automotive success of 2022, however, to be repeated in 2023 will mean work. After all, the new Chevrolet Montanawhich will be presented in late January and early February, promises to steal attention and sales from Fiat.

Hyundai HB20

The best-selling passenger car of 2021, the HB20 has changed to remain one of the automotive successes of 2022. The compact line of the brand has undergone a significant reshaping and ditched that catfish-looking front.

At the same time, the hatch has become more equipped. It began to be sold with four airbags, stability and traction controls, and ramp assist across the lineup.

It also took advantage of the World Cup to launch the Fifa Qatar 2022 special series – Hyundai has been the federation’s master sponsor since the 1998 cup. It also had a lazy-named special series at the end of the year, called… Special Edition.

All this confirmed the HB20 to confirm its leadership in 2022. Among passenger cars, it was the most registered in the year, with over 96,000 units, 11,000 more than the Chevrolet Onix. Interestingly, more than half (58%) of this volume hyundai went on direct sale.

peugeot 208

The consolidation of Stellantis has contributed to the automotive success of another French brand in 2022. Peugeot has used the strength of the automotive group to make the 208 more competitive and with arguments that go beyond beautiful style.

In the first half of the year, the compact sedan began to have prices below R$ 90 thousand and entry versions with the 75/71 HP 1.0 Firefly engine and manual gearbox, a mechanical set from the Fiat Argo.

The effect was almost immediate and the car, which was skating with sales of 500 units a month, exceeded 2,000 units a month and finished the year among the top 20 best-selling light vehicles in the country – almost 30,000 cars delivered in the cumulative result for the year.

BMW 3 Series

In the clash between large sedans and premium brands, there was nothing for anyone. Despite the controversial design, the new BMW 3 Series was the great automotive success of 2023. The 320i alone produced in Araquari (SC) had almost 5,000 licensed units, and 60% participation in the category.

That alone already leaves the C-Class in the dust, as Mercedes-Benz has only signed 1.092 units. Ah, it’s worth noting that there were still another 600 units of the 330E tram…

Volkswagen T-Cross

Despite the deputy leadership, the year was also good for another compact SUV, even more within Volkswagen’s current strategies. With 65 thousand units, the T cross it was the second best-selling in 2022 – just 5,000 behind Tracker – albeit with production problems due to the shortage of semiconductors.

hilux toyota

The Hilux reigns supreme among medium pickup trucks. Even with a smaller net than its main rival, Chevrolet S10the model imported from Argentina continues to peep out among the pick-ups to establish itself among the great automotive successes of 2022.

With monocab and chassis cab versions and even one with Gazoo Racing’s signature sports tune, the Hilux even entered an adventurous new Conquest configuration to further diversify the portfolio. It finished the year with 48,606 units, while runner-up, S10, registered 27,000.

A curious detail is that 70% of Hilux sales occurred at retail. That is, in this logic contrary to most of its competitors, the Toyota pick-up is even more sovereign in negotiations with the final consumer.

Jeep compass

The fact that an average SUV, significantly more expensive than compact models, is the third best-selling in the entire category makes all the difference Compass as – once again – one of the great automotive successes. In 2022, Jeep sold 63,534 units and outsold not only its factory Renegade companion, but also models such as the Hyundai Creta, Nissan Kicks, VW Nivus and Fiat Pulse.

In the cut by category there is even cowardice. The Toyota Corolla Cross had 42,000 units registered, while the Volkswagen Taos had 11,000.

Master Renault

If passenger cars Renault The wheels are bad, among the light commercials the French brand is one of the great automotive successes of 2022. The Master is the best-selling van in the country.

And when we say hit, that’s no exaggeration. With more than 10,000 units Fenabrave amassed during the year, the Master sold nearly three times as much as runner-up, the Peugeot Expert, which ended the year with 3,569 vehicles delivered.

Fiat Strada

There is no way not to talk about automotive achievements and not mention the Street. And not just in 2022. But after 26 years as the best-selling pick-up and light commercial vehicle in the country, the compact Fiat also closes the second consecutive year as the most registered vehicle in Brazil.

If it’s in the category of cutting, then it becomes cowardice. Strada owns more than 80% of the small pickup segment. Its 112,390 units in 2022 represented more than five times what the Volkswagen Saveiroonly direct rival, sold in the same period: 28,000 vehicles.

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