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The new soap opera at 7 pm, “Go in Faith”comes out on the small screen on January 16, and with it two characters have made comparisons, and the web has recalled a quarrel between the interpreter of Guiga, Mel Maia, and Jade Picon, the interpreter of Chiara in “Crossing”.

For those who don’t remember, in October, via TikTok, the actress criticized Jade’s performance, saying that “I wished luck, but only those who understand acting can see that it doesn’t work”. The influencer came to defend herself and said that “they will never see me publicly devalue another woman’s effort.”

Guiga, or Guilhermina, will be an influencer and law student, with an arrogant, futile personality, as well as having an arrogant and criminal father. Chiara, on the other hand, is spoiled and an influencer, with a father who provides for all the economic conditions of the young woman. And of course, for the internet aspect, nothing goes unnoticed, and many are already remembering the bullshit, like this one who said:

“And Mel Maia playing Jade Picon.”

There were also those who took care of Mel and said that: “The call alone has already beaten the performance of Jade Picon.” Another said, “Mel Maia has badmouthed Jade Picon’s performance, but given the soap’s call, she’s not even the epitome of acting.”

The two will be broadcast almost in sequence, and comparisons are already inevitable. The question that remains is: who will be the imaginary influencer that the Internet will embrace? As we well know, the division is already taking place, so much so that Mel has denied the inspiration of Chiara, and has spoken openly about the comparisons (see below).


At the beginning, Jade Picon had a phone call telling a little about Chiara, and how she would be, showing right away that she would be the pivot and the reason that would lead Ari (Chay Suede) to separate from Brisa (Lucy Alves). What really caught the eye was that in the very short teaser, he didn’t seem to have much technique, and after the debut, filters and TikTok debates began to emerge, as well as some scenes such as “Non mi floppa story”, which went viral with mixed or negative reviews.


Now, Guiga’s call shows that she’s just as ambitious, however, she has that “Q” from “Mean Girl,” who aspires to be the newest lawyer with the most followers in Brazil, and who’s also going to be a bit gossip, showing her law school day by day.

In the end, the two characters cross the same line by being preppy, full of themselves, with always standardized looks and brand darlings, or even showing that money for them reflects power. What will become of Mel’s performance? We can only wait for the premiere to check out, but it’s worth mentioning that she attracted praise and is remembered when she played Nina in her trash phase in the soap opera that had Carminha as the big bad, ‘Avenida Brasil’, one of the most great public successes. Either way, the comparison doesn’t seem fair given that Jade is her first role on soap operas, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out to see what people say about it.


At the moment, Mayan honey is preparing to interpret the digital influencer Guiga in “Vai Na Fé”, the next 7 pm telenovela on Rede Globo. He is a character very similar to Chiara, played by Jade Picone in “Travessia”, telenovela of the same broadcaster.

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At the press conference launching the story, the actress said she was inspired a lot by Lucrécia (Dan Paula) of the “Elite” series. “I was building Guiga by combining various characters from movies and series. When the soap opera premieres, everyone will notice that she has the personality of several characters. He has a lot to do with Lucrécia, from Elite, who is the kind of character that we love to hate,” he said.

When asked about Chiara, Mel confessed that she doesn’t follow the 9:00 pm telenovela much. “I don’t follow Travessia much, nor this character. So, I don’t know if we have anything in common in terms of personalities. Honestly, I’m not following. But I have seen many photos and I think our style is very similar. I’ll try to find out if they have anything in common in terms of personalities,” she said.

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Mel also said that she has always used social networking a lot, which has also helped build her character. “We have one thing in common, which is the use of social networks for work. I am an actress influencer, I know this universe very well. Since I started as an actress, social networks have been in my life, but I started working as an influencer during the pandemic. I’m not an expert on the subject, but I learned a lot. I record a lot of stories, I publish them… This helps build character. I know what it’s like to be in a restaurant and ask friends not to eat again because I have to record some stories in advance. It happens often in my life”.


The actress also said that Guiga is actually quite shallow and superficial at first, but that the character matures over the course of the story.

“People will think she has no feelings, that she’s a more superficial person… But she’s going to discover feelings that even she didn’t know about after something happened with her father. From that moment on, she will begin to trust some things and to hear things that she was not expecting”.

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