Weekly horoscope: The predictions for each zodiac sign from 9 to 13 January 2023

Another week has arrived and surprises can move January 2023!

Here you can consult the weekly horoscope, with forecasts for all zodiac signs.

Find out everything that can happen from January 9 to 13, 2023:


This week you will be dominated by the tarot cards “The Devil” and the “9 of Cups”, which indicate that it is time to make decisions and grow in life. Your magic numbers are 11 and 27 and your best day will be Tuesday. Yellow will be your lucky color.

These days you will have better job opportunities and will be able to do productive business which will give you good profits. Take care of nerves and stress.

You will be going to a lot of parties or last minute meetings. You are very popular with your friends at work and this will help you get a better paid position.


“Strength” and “Death” in the tarot horoscope mean for you maturity of thoughts and letting go of the past. Her magic numbers are 09 and 15, and her color will be dark red; and today is your best day.

You will feel in full personal renewal and you will realize that the time has come to build an asset for your future. Watch out for late payments on your home or rent. You will have the opportunity to get a better job or a pay rise.

You are a great conversationalist and always surround yourself with people who have a lot of love for others. You will earn extra money to go on a trip. In love, you will be with your partner. Those who are married will soon be parents. You will train again, it is necessary for you to get active and look for your well-being.


In the tarot horoscope you have the cards of ‘Justice’ and the ‘Sun’ which undoubtedly herald very lucky days in everything you build. Your best day will be Wednesday, your magic numbers 06 and 12, and your color of abundance will be deep green.

Week to be in the best phase of your life and carry out personal projects. You will receive several surprise gifts and a firm pledge of love. Be careful with your money, be more discreet.

In terms of health, try to relax more and avoid so much pressure. Remember that your sign is dominated by depression and anxiety issues, so keep this recommendation in mind.

Singles will have the possibility of being reborn with loves of the sign of Leo or Virgo, who will be the most compatible. You are the best conqueror, but avoid riding with two at the same time.


“Temperance” and “Wheel of Fortune” are your tarot horoscope cards, testing your workforce, as it will be a week of making important decisions to move forward in everything you build.

Your best day will be Thursday, your color is deep blue and your magic numbers are 04 and 21. This week you will have two strokes of luck in business or new work projects with very important people.

Avoid talking about your plans so they don’t come to light. You are very flirtatious, so these days you will have the opportunity to meet people who are very similar to you and how to fall in love.

You will pay off debts or resolve legal issues in your favor. You will end a friendship or love relationship.


In the tarot horoscope, the cards ‘The Magician’ and ‘The Star’ are the perfect combination to be successful in what you do nowadays, just try not to be too trusting with the people around you.

Your magic numbers are 01 and 07, your best day is Friday and your color of abundance is white. These will be days to meditate very well on a familiar topic;

It will be a week of parties or going out with friends. Be more suspicious of who you are. Don’t meddle in other people’s problems, remember discretion above all else. v


The cards “The Judgment” and “The Ace of Diamonds” indicate that you are ready to achieve what you so much want in life and the stars will be in your favor to achieve success. These are moments of maturity and decisions.

His magic numbers are 05 and 08, his best day is Monday and his colors are gray and red. Week to be with lots of encouragement and positive energy. You will have a life-changing stroke of luck this week in matters of work, something very good in matters of economics.

Remember that you are the sign of communication and will always be surrounded by many people. Your best compatibility will be with Sagittarius and Aquarius signs.


In the horoscope you have the cards of “The World” and “The Lovers”, which tell us to pack our bags because there is a journey just around the corner that will give you many joys. Remember that the person ceases to exist when we forget him.

Its magic numbers are 18 and 22, its color is orange and its best day is Tuesday.

In terms of health, you need to take care of excess alcohol and sleepless nights, as there will be a lot of parties this week.

Beware of a passing lover who will persuade you to cause trouble with your current partner or involve you in gossip.


For this week your best day will be Thursday, your color will be blue and your lucky numbers will be 03 and 44 and it will be a week of complete life transformation.

Your cards are “The Chariot” and “Ace of Spades”, so these will be days of conflicting energies: you will have problems at work and with high-powered people, the recommendation is to be discreet, don’t talk too much and don’t express your opinion until these energies pass

Be careful as there is a very strong negative energy around you and it is from a past love, try giving yourself cinnamon baths with holy water every Tuesday so that the witchcraft is stopped.

Someone from the air sign will look for you to talk about love again or continue as a couple; there is pregnancy on the horizon for Scorpio singles.


Your cards are “The Moon” and “Two of Swords”, and they say that a stage of spiritual growth will come and you will finally know why you came to this world. Your magic numbers are 13 and 20, your colors are red and white, and your best day is Friday.

Watch out for gossip and try not to say anything at work as it will be a confusing day. In love you will continue with your current partner, sometimes you feel that he doesn’t understand you, he remembers that your sign is very apprehensive and takes things very seriously.

Don’t doubt your life anymore, try to be more secure in everything you do. Beware of the passion of forbidden people, that is, with married people, you are very sexual and fall in love that is not your thing, it is best to follow your heart.


In the horoscope you have the cards “Ace of Cups” and “4 of Cups”, it means that God will grant you three wishes and good luck will come to advance you in work.

Since you are still on your birthday, there is a very strong light on you. Its magic numbers are 19 and 30, its color is orange and its best day is Tuesday.

Days to completely change your life and end the monotony, especially at work. It will be your year to fulfill yourself professionally. Yes\

The sign is very strong and sometimes you sabotage yourself and fall into depression for no reason, you give more strength to those positive changes.

You are the best in dialogue and public relations. Let go of what isn’t yours so these energies don’t get in the way of your happiness.


For single Aquarius, true love will come from Taurus or Libra. Teach yourself to say no and not to do all the favors that are asked of you, not to criticize others and just learn to observe.

In the horoscope you have the cards of “The Hermit” and “The Fool”, warning that you will face work and personal problems that you will have to face in order to emerge victorious.

Whoever gets angry loses, so keep calm and make decisions that grow you as a person. Your magic numbers are 25 and 61, your color is green and your best day is Wednesday.

This year will be very good for you to finish everything on your mind in your professional life. In matters of money, you will have compensation this week or pay off a debt from the past. Aquarians dream a lot and this drives them to be successful in their lives.


Your cards are ‘The Tower’ and ‘4 of Cups’, meaning it’s time to build a legacy for your future and not go back to the past.

You will have a great job opportunity that will make you grow economically. Your best day is Monday, your colors yellow and green, your lucky numbers 28 and 66.

These days will be very good for you and will determine how the whole year will go. Put a good attitude in everything you do so that your goals are achieved. Beware of bad energy that has been surrounding you lately, especially a spiteful love.

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