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Market Radar Events for the Week:

Invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers

The political consequences of the invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers this Sunday and the repercussions in the various spheres of power will focus the attention of analysts and investors. This will be one of the main themes on the market radar this week.

official inflation

Another highlight this week is the release of the extended consumer price index (HICP) for December. It will be out on Tuesday at 9:00.

GDP preview

On Friday 13 the Central Bank publishes the IBC-Br for November, an index considered a preview of the Gross Domestic Product. It will be at 9 in the morning.

Inflation in the United States

The disclosure of the result of consumer inflation in the United States could lead to marked volatility on the stock markets. The so-called December CPI will be presented on Thursday at 10:30.

Speech by the head of the central bank of the United States

On Tuesday 10th at 11am, the market will closely follow the speech of the President of the Central Bank of the United States, Jerome Powell. Speech can mess up stock exchanges.

results season

Also in the United States, earnings season for the 4th quarter of 2022 kicks off this week. Bank of America, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo will release their financial statements on Friday the 13th.

Other highlights:

stock market study

See the study by Ibovespa, Vale3, Cmin3, Petr4, Prio3, Rrrp3, Enat3, Itub4, Bbas3, Sanb11, Ciel3, Csna3, Amer3, Mglu3, Viia3 and Vbbr3. Access the video here.

corporate news

Aliansce Sonae (ALSO3) estimates synergies of BRL 210 million by 2028 with merger

Aliansce Sonae Malls (ALSO3) disclosed on Friday evening, 6, that it estimates synergies of BRL 210 million from the business combination with BR Malls (BRML3) to be acquired by the end of 2028.

This Friday 6 the trading of the shares issued by BR Malls on B3 under the ticker BRML3 concluded, with the shareholders of BR Malls considered, for the purposes of the transaction, the holders of BR Malls shares at the close of the trading session of the meeting this Friday.

Aliansce Sonae and BR Malls stressed that they will continue to go about their businesses, maintaining the registration of Aliansce Sonae as a public company and the listing of its shares in the Novo Mercado segment of B3, making BR Malls a wholly owned subsidiary of Aliansce Sonae.

Upon completion of the business combination, the shares issued by BR Malls will no longer be traded on the Novo Mercado segment of B3 and the necessary steps will be taken for its registration as a public company to be converted from category “A” to category “B” and maintained during the circulation of the other securities issued by it.

CVM and B3 ask Oi for explanations on the news of Valor Econômico

The Securities and Exchange Commission and B3 asked Oi (OIBR3) for explanations regarding the news item published by the Valor Econômico newspaper with the headline “Oi is studying a new creditor protection plan”, on 5 January.

In a press release from the night of this Friday 6, Oi refers to the relevant facts communicated on October 27, 2022 and December 31, 2022, through which it informed its shareholders and the market in general, regarding the hiring of Moelis & Company to assist in discussions and relationships with certain creditors in order to optimize their debt profile

In these relevant facts, it also mentions the execution of confidentiality agreements with creditors which provided for, at the end of the deadline set therein, the disclosure of certain material and non-public information provided to these creditors in the context of discussions and negotiations involving a potential renegotiation of some of the company’s debts.

“The company clarifies that it expects to continue to conduct productive discussions with such creditors and, therefore, explore the options available to optimize its liquidity and ensure its sustainability and continuity, in line with its commitment to continue the execution of its Plan strategic,” explains the Hey.

In this sense, he underlines that he will continue to evaluate all the viable and appropriate alternatives to optimize his debt profile.

Tele has promised that it will inform creditors and the market in general if there are any relevant developments in the confrontation with creditors.

Oi also communicated over the weekend that, on that date, the deadline for holders of the company’s ordinary and preferred shares to adjust their share positions, by type, in multiples of 10 shares, at their free and exclusive discretion , through negotiations in B3, in order to remain in the shareholding structure of the company with at least one ordinary or preferred share after the grouping.

“After the free adjustment period, i.e. from 9 January 2023 included, the shares representing the company’s share capital will be traded exclusively grouped in the proportion resulting from the grouping,” he explained.

Any fractions of common or preferred shares resulting from the reverse split will be separated, bundled in whole numbers and sold in one or more auctions to be held on B3.

BlackRock reduces interest in Via (VIIA3)

US manager BlackRock, one of the largest in the world, reduced its stake in Via (VIIA3).

The manager, on behalf of some of his clients, in his capacity as investment manager, announced that he had sold ordinary shares issued by Via. On 3 January 2023, its equity investments, overall, increased to no. 79,768,799 ordinary shares, equal to approximately 4.990% of the total ordinary shares issued by the operator and no. total ordinary shares issued by Via.

“The purpose of these holdings is purely investment purpose, not to change ownership control or administrative structure of the company,” said BlackRock.

Enauta announces production in December 2022

Enauta Participações (ENAT3) has released the production for December 2022.

Total production reached 580,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in December, equal to an average daily production of 18.7,000 boe. This volume includes oil and gas.

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