iPhone: 7 features everyone expects to see in iOS 17

iOS 17, the new operating system for iPhone, has not yet been officially announced, but users already expect and speculate significant changes in applications and performance caused by the update. Slated for release in September 2023, alongside the iPhone 15, iOS 17 is expected to have new features such as battery usage fix, split screen between two apps, voice call recording, and more. THE TechAll put together a list of seven features that everyone wants to see in the new iPhone operating system. See what they are in the lines below.

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iPhone: 8 features everyone expects to see in iOS 17 — Photo: Laura Storino/TechTudo

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1. Correct battery consumption

One of the biggest complaints of iPhone users who have updated their mobile phones to iOS 16 version is the poor battery life that the system has caused. The company claims that battery performance would only decrease in the first 48 hours after installing the new version of the operating system, but in some cases it did not.

For some users the consumption has not returned to normal even after the period indicated by Apple. Experts say that the new features of iOS 16, such as the touch keyboard, advancements in artificial intelligence and the Spotlight search engine of the iPhone, for example, are some of the relevant points behind the battery consumption. Therefore, one of the great expectations of users is that Apple optimizes the battery usage made by the system with iOS 17.

Users expect better battery efficiency with iOS 17 — Photo: Letícia Rosa/TechTudo

2. Split screen function

Despite having the multitasking function, which allows you to quickly switch from one app to another on the smartphone, on the iPhone it is not yet possible to leave two applications open while sharing the screen. Android phones and tablets have already had split-screen multitasking since 2018, when the feature launched in Android 9 Pie. At Apple, this is already a reality on the iPad, and for this reason, users are expecting this tool to be released in iOS 17.

Another feature that already exists in some Android phones and is highly desired by users is the ability to duplicate apps, so that they work with two different accounts. With this, it would be possible, for example, to have two WhatsApp applications on the same device to link two different accounts, one personal and one professional, for example, without the need for WhatsApp Business.

There is no confirmation that the feature will be developed and launched in iOS 17, but the fact is that the possibility is highly desired by iPhone users.

Duplication of applications such as WhatsApp would allow the use of two independent accounts — Photo: Disclosure / Unsplash

4. More customization of lock screen widgets

iOS 16 has expanded the customization possibilities of the iPhone, but the truth is that, so far, there are few variants and widgets available on the lock screen. Only four small shortcuts or two large shortcuts are allowed. Also, if you want to enable the depth effect on your lock screen, you can’t add widgets to it.

For iOS 17, therefore, users expect changes in this sense. More widgets available, the ability to activate the depth effect with shortcuts on the lock screen, and even more variation in the types available are changes everyone wants to see in the new iPhone system.

Users expect to be able to further customize widgets on the lock screen — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

Some say that iPhone lock screen widgets are just alternative app icons, since you can’t interact with them directly. To access any information other than the one shown by the link, you must open the application.

In that sense, it would be great news if iOS 17 had interactive widgets. So, for example, the user could swipe the email shortcut to see incoming messages and/or check more dense weather information. Again, as with the previous functions, the novelty is desirable, but has not yet been confirmed by Apple.

Interactive widgets would allow the user to perform basic functions of applications without having to open them — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

6. Call recording

Another tool that already exists natively on Android, but hasn’t been implemented on iOS yet, is the ability to record voice calls. To do that on iPhone nowadays, you need to download apps, which can compromise your privacy in some cases. If there was this option natively on the mobile phone, there would be more security for the user. It would be interesting, however, that if developed by Apple, the resource would have an audible warning that the call in question is being recorded.

Still can’t record calls natively on iPhone — Photo: Playback/Rodrigo Fernandes

7. More tools in Camera & Photos app

With every launch of a new Apple mobile, the spotlight turns to the camera improvements over the previous version. Although the quality of photos and videos improves with each new smartphone launched by the company, the Camera and Photos applications do not follow this evolution in the same way.

Users expect more features for the Photos app in iOS 17 — Photo: Leticia Merotto/TechTudo

That’s because apps don’t get as many new features or updates as old tools do. Background blur adjustment and/or more options for image editing, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc. they are interesting features and would add a lot to the iPhone camera.

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