5 WhatsApp facts you need to know in 2023

WhatsApp, an application available for Android and iPhone (iOS), has various functions that can optimize its use, such as the possibility of hiding “online” and “last seen”, allowing access to the app in an “invisible” way . There are also security-enhancing features in the messenger. This is the case with screenshot blocking of temporary photos, which prevents replication or disclosure of intimate content or personal information. In the list below, check out these and other information that all users should know before using WhatsApp to have a better experience in the messaging app.

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The list brings together 5 things you need to know about Meta messaging app; take a look — Photo: Fernando Braga/TechTudo

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1. What happens when I block someone and/or they block me

When you block someone on WhatsApp, your profile picture will no longer be shown to them. Instead, the messenger starts displaying a generic image. Your “last seen” disappears as well, as does the content you post in the “status” tab and the “message” tab. Furthermore, the contact is not able to call you or attempt any type of interaction: the messages sent by him will never reach you and, for the sender, a single gray check will be shown next to the text. Thus, although the application does not send notifications about the block, such “hints” that hint at the end of communication can be identified.

When you block someone on WhatsApp, the profile picture is no longer displayed; ‘Message’, ‘Status’ and ‘Last Seen’ also disappear — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

It’s worth mentioning, however, that someone who’s in the same group as you will still be able to see the messages you send in the joint chat, even if they’re blocked from interacting in private conversations. The user will also be able to mention your @ and view the content you submit, such as photos, videos and audio. In this case, the only solution to stop any type of interaction is to remove yourself from the group conversation or ask your admin to remove the unwanted contact.

2. What happens when I screenshot single view media

Media sent via single view is not saved in the mobile gallery: you can only open it once and the content cannot be shared with other contacts. To ensure even more security, in November 2022 WhatsApp released an update that prevents users from capturing images or videos received in single view.

Updated temporary photos feature prevents users from taking screenshots of received content — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

The measure helps to stop the undue sharing of media, such as in the case of intimate photos. This way, when you make a “print”, Android just saves a black screen in the phone gallery. On the iPhone, in turn, the messaging app informs you that the capture has been blocked to ensure greater privacy.

3. How to go online and see last time

Removing “online” and “last seen” from WhatsApp can be a good way to get around those contacts you don’t want to reply to right away. By deactivating these features, it is as if you are using the messenger “invisibly”, without other people knowing that you are there at that moment or seeing the last time you logged into the application.

Removing ‘Online’ and ‘Last Seen’ from WhatsApp allows you to access the messenger ‘invisibly’ — Photo: Playback/Mariana Tralback

The function was released in 2022 for the entire user base of the app and, to use it on Android, just access the messaging app, tap the icon with the three dots at the top of the screen and select “Settings”. Then tap “Privacy” and “Last Seen & Online” to choose who can see the information.

On your iPhone, log in to the messenger and select “Settings” from the bottom menu. Then go to “Account” and “Privacy”. Choose, in the “Last seen and online” tab, who can have access to this information. It’s worth mentioning that the resource is a two-way street: if you choose the “Nobody” option, for example, you won’t see other people as well.

4. How to recover deleted conversations

Whether you’ve switched devices or regret deleting a chat, you can recover recorded conversations in the messaging app. It is worth remembering, however, that the action will only be possible for users who have previously activated automatic backup in the cloud, through the messenger settings.

To do this on Android, go to “Settings” of the messaging app, tap “Chats” and then “Chat backup”. Choose a Google Account where your content will be saved and set how often it will automatically back up. On iPhone, go to “Settings” and select “Chats”. Under “Chat Backup”, choose “Auto Backup” and set the period to save your chats to iCloud.

With the activation of the automatic backup of the messenger, users can recover deleted conversations — Photo: Playback / Mariana Tralback

With the feature activated, recover your conversations by uninstalling and reinstalling the messaging application on your mobile phone. Set up your phone number again and select the option to restore your backup.

5. Communities will launch

The “Community” feature is expected to reach Brazilian WhatsApp users during 2023, presenting the possibility of creating a main group with several sub-groups with similar themes, all within the same channel. The tool will allow, for example, a company to have a single space for the interaction of its different departments, separately. However, it will be possible to send the same content to all the subgroups of the same channel, or individually to each of them.

It’s worth mentioning that the new feature won’t work like Telegram groups, which are public and can be found easily via the search bar. Quite the opposite: To join, you’ll need to be added by an admin or submit a join request.

‘Communities’ are expected to come to WhatsApp in the year 2023 — Photo: Disclosure/WABetaInfo

Although the worldwide rollout took place in November 2022, the update was postponed in Brazil due to the general election, by mutual agreement between the TSE, the Federal Public Ministry and Meta. This is because the messenger is one of the main means of communication in the country, and the resource could contribute to the spread of disinformation, allowing the spread of fake news on an even larger scale. Despite the delay, the novelty is expected to soon reach applications located in Brazil.

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