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Stock exchanges, oil and bitcoin (7h57)

Germany (DAX): -0.45%

London (FTSE 100): -0.19%

China (Shanghai Comp.): -0.21% (trading session closed)

Japan (Nikkei 225): +0.78% (trading session closed)

Hong Kong (Hang Seng): -0.27% (trading session closed)

Brent Oil: +0.55% ($80.1). Brent is a point of reference for Petrobras.

WTI Oil: +0.75% ($75.2)

Bitcoin futures: +0.29% ($17,275)

Iron ore

The most liquid iron ore futures contract traded on China’s Dalian Stock Exchange closed 1.2% higher at 840 yuan ($123.9). The listing could impact the shares of Brazilian Vale (VALE3), CSN (CSNA3) and CSN Mineração (CMIN3). This data was obtained from the link:

New York stock futures

As of 7:56 am on Wall Street, Dow Jones futures were down 0.19% and the S&P 500 futures were down 0.05%. Nasdaq futures rose 0.09%.

Inflation in Brazil and Powell’s speech

A highlight today is the release of the extended consumer price index (HICP) for December. The indicator will appear at 9 in the morning. This data could boost retail and technology stocks.

Again this Tuesday, at 11:00, the market is closely following the speech of the President of the Central Bank of the United States, Jerome Powell. Speech can have an impact on exchanges.

Company news:

JHSF Participações (JHSF3) updates the value per share of the monthly dividend

JHSF Participações (JHSF3) communicated on the day before the updated amount to be paid per share (R$/share), in addition to the communication to shareholders dated December 12, 2022, relating to the monthly payment of interim dividends to be charged to the existing profit account reserve in the financial statements of the company as at 30 September 2022.

The declared amount will be charged against the mandatory minimum dividend for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022.

JHSF noted that the per-share payable could vary due to the company’s current share buyback program, as well as the exercise of the company’s stock option plans, which change the current number of shares eligible for the dividend. .

Following the disclosure of results for fiscal 2022 and the holding of the 2023 ordinary and extraordinary general meeting, the new payment dates will be disclosed to the market, JHSF said.

Singapore sovereign wealth fund buys Eletrobras shares

Eletrobras (ELET3) announced on Monday 9 that it had received correspondence from GIC Private Limited (GIC). The Singapore Sovereign Fund announced that it has purchased ordinary shares issued by Eletrobras. As of January 6, 2023, its aggregate holdings increased to 101,375,146 common shares, representing 5.016% of the company’s total issued common stock.

In the correspondence, GIC has highlighted that it is not a party to any contract or agreement that regulates the exercise of the right to vote relating to the securities issued by Eletrobras, and that the purpose of the aforementioned investments is purely investment, not aimed at changing the controlling shareholder o the administrative structure of the company.

“Our interest in Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras SA only extends to maintaining a diversified commercial portfolio. Therefore, we have no interest in changing the composition of the control or management structure of Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras,” he said.

GPA Board (PCAR3) approves the proposal to reduce the share capital

The board of directors of GPA (PCAR3), in the meeting of Monday 9, approved the proposal to be submitted to the approval of the shareholders of the extraordinary meeting convened for February 14, 2023 (AGE), to reduce its share capital to deliver shares Exit to its shareholders.

A capital reduction of R$ 7,133,404,372.71 was proposed through the delivery to GPA shareholders of 1,080,556,276 ordinary shares issued by Exito owned by GPA, 4 shares issued by Exito for each GPA share.

The shares of Éxito to be delivered to the shareholders of GPA correspond to 86.3% of GPA’s stake in the share capital of Éxito.

Upon completion of the transaction, the Casino group will own 47% of the share capital of Éxito (including the 13% stake that will be held by GPA), with 53% held by the other shareholders.

As shares issued by a foreign issuer, Éxito shares will be distributed to holders of GPA-issued shares, in the form of Level II sponsored Brazilian certificates of deposit backed by Éxito-issued common stock (BDR), to be admitted to trading on B3; and to holders of American Depositary Receipts issued by GPA, in the form of Level II American Depositary Receipts backed by Éxito common stock (ADR), for admission to trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition, the management has approved the proposal, which must also be submitted to the approval of the AGE shareholders, to increase the share capital by an amount of R$ 2,605,397,776.43 through the capitalization of some reserves, without issuing new shares.

Grupo Mateus (GMAT3) opens 31 new stores in 2022

In December, Grupo Mateus (GMAT3) continued its expansion plan with openings in Paraíba and Maranhão.

In the city of Cajazeiras, in Paraíba, a wholesale store has been inaugurated: the first Mix Mateus in the city and the third in the state, highlighted the company the day before.

The city of Balsas, in Maranhão, where the trajectory of the Mateus Group began in 1986, has welcomed two more stores, one wholesale and one electronic. With these inaugurations, the company has reached the threshold of 130 operating points of sale in the state.

In 2022, Grupo Mateus opened 31 stores and ended the year with 232 operating stores.

Aura details dividend payment information to BDR holders

On Monday, 9, Aura Minerals (AURA33) notified the company’s Tier III Sponsored Depository Receipt (BDR) holders of clarifications regarding the dividend payment process announced on December 6, 2022:

– the value per share is US$0.14.

– effective exchange rate for the conversion of US dollars to Brazilian reais (BRL) on January 9, 2023: BRL 5.2412 per USD.

-IOF applied: 0.38%.

– dividends payable to BDR holders: R$ 0.730979682 per BDR.

– payment date: January 10, 2023.

The base date was the market closure of 15 December 2022. From 16 December 2022 the shares are traded ex-dividend.

BlackRock increases stake in Natura &Co Holding (NTCO3)

The American manager BlackRock, one of the largest in the world, has increased its stake in Natura & Co Holding (NTCO3).

The information was released on Monday evening, 9.

BlackRock communicated that its stake as of January 4, 2023 reached 70,089,223 registered ordinary shares with no par value, equal to 5.067% of the total shares issued by Natura &Co.

The vehicles under discretionary management also hold derivative financial instruments relating to ordinary shares of Natura &Co Holding.

BlackRock also disclosed that its stake is intended to invest in the company, without any intention of changing its control composition or administrative structure, and does not aim to achieve any particular percentage stake.

Eletromídia (ELMD3) signs a concession contract with the city of Salvador

Eletromídia (ELMD3) signed the concession contract relating to the public tender conducted by the city of Salvador for the installation and maintenance of digital electronic clocks and the installation and maintenance of bus shelters, and the consequent commercial exploitation of the advertising spaces of the respective watches and shelters.

Lot 1 includes the installation and maintenance of 200 digital electronic street clocks with 400 advertising panels; and the installation of 3,000 bins, and lot 2 includes the installation and maintenance of 836 shelters with 820 advertising panels; from 200 taxi shelters; and 500 bicycle racks.

The procurement process for the installation and maintenance of street clocks and bus shelters, and the subsequent exclusive marketing of these public spaces, will take place in the municipality of Salvador over a period of 20 years, the company highlighted.

“The operation confirms the thesis and the company’s expansion strategy and entry into the street furniture vertical in the largest capital and public in the Northeast, one of the country’s main markets,” said Eletromídia.


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