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Singer Preta Gil revealed on Tuesday (10/1) that she has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Through her social media, she told of having been hospitalized in the last week, after experiencing abdominal discomfort.

“Thank God, today I received a definitive diagnosis. I have adenocarcinoma in the final part of the intestine,” wrote Gilberto Gil’s daughter.

Bowel cancer, also known as colon and rectum or colorectal cancer, includes cancers that start in the part of the large intestine called the colon and in the rectum — the end of the intestine, immediately before the anus — and anus.


The patient should be aware of the early common signs and symptoms of the disease. Early diagnosis is one of the factors contributing to successful treatment. They may include:

  • Blood in stool;
  • Alternation of diarrhea and constipation;
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort;
  • Weakness and anemia;
  • Weight loss with no apparent cause;
  • Change in stool shape (very thin, long stools) e
  • Abdominal mass (tumor).

Oncologist Nilson Correia, of Oncoclinicas Brasília, explains that this type of tumor is considered silent. When symptoms begin to appear, they are usually non-specific. The National Cancer Institute (Inca) also reminds that, in many cases, they can be caused by other problems of the intestinal tract other than cancer, but it is important that they are examined by a doctor, especially if they do not improve in a few days.

“When the tumor produces more associated symptoms, it is often already in a more advanced stage, which is why the importance of an investigation as soon as some symptoms are noticed and also of doing screening tests,” says Correia.

Diagnosis can be made by clinical, laboratory, endoscopic, or radiological examinations after the individual has noticed symptoms suggestive of the disease or when screening people in groups at increased risk of developing the disease.

Screening for cancers of the colon and rectum can be done with fecal occult blood testing and endoscopy, including colonoscopy or rectosigmoidoscopy.

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Preta informed that he will start the treatment next Monday (1/16). Bowel cancer is treatable, with a chance of cure in most cases, especially if detected before it has spread to other organs.

The approach depends on the size, location and extent of the tumor. Surgery to remove the affected part of the intestine and lymph nodes within the abdomen is indicated as initial treatment.

It may also include radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy to reduce the chance of the tumor coming back. The patient should continue with medical follow-up to monitor for recurrence or new tumors.

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