From Arthur Aguiar to Babu, remember all cabin group participants who have passed through the ‘BBB’

Since 2020, the “BBB” has the cabin group, which corresponds to half of the participants in the program and brings famous people to the most followed house in Brazil. There are influencers, athletes, actors and singers. To date, only Arthur Aguiar has managed to win the prize for the famous. But many others have had important participations in the reality show, reaching the latest editions. See below for a list of celebrities.

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Cabin of the “BBB 20”

Babu Santana

The actor and singer had a considerable participation in the program, leaving just before the final. He became known for going on several walls during the edition and for his friendship with Felipe Prior.

Bianca Andrade

The influencer entered the house with 8 million followers on Instagram. She was even canceled for approaching men who were considered sexist at home. After the program, she became the mother of

Gabi Martins

The singer was also present on the show. After editing, she came to recognize that she wasn’t ready to act in reality. When she entered the house she was only 23 years old.

Petrice Barbosa

The gymnast was the second participant to leave the house. She had 80.27% of the votes against Babu, Pyong and Hadson.

Pyong Lee

Master of hypnosis, he showed some of his skills with the participants of the program. He has had his name involved in controversy in and around the house and agreed to participate in other reality shows after ‘BBB 20’.

Lucas Chumbo on ‘BBB 20’ Photo: Rede Globo/Disclosure

Luke Lead

The surfer was featured in the program and also participated in ‘No Limit’ in 2021 when the attraction only featured former BBBs.

Manu Gavassi

One of the finalists of the edition, he has innovated in the strategy in his social networks, with the administrators. He studied digital positioning and even planned what he would do after he quits. He released a song with Gloria Groove called “It must be awful sleeping without me”, as well as Chay Suede as an actor in the clip. First, he changed his name on the networks, generating curiosity in his fans.

Mari Gonzalez

The digital influencer hit the wall three times before leaving home. She was 25 years old at the time. She was marked by jokes for not understanding some things that spoke to her. Her friendship with Ivy also garnered attention on the show.

Raf Kalimann

The current host of “Bate-Papo BBB”, who interviews participants immediately after elimination, had a notable turnout in this edition. Rafa was one of the finalists in the programme, along with Manu and Thelma which they ended up winning.

Rafa Kalimann on 'BBB 20'
Rafa Kalimann at ‘BBB 20’ Photo: Playback

Cabin of the “BBB 21”

Camilla di Luca

The influencer was taxed like a plant, but spent almost the entire program without going to the wall. He reached the final and finished in second place. She starred in a fight with Karol Conká which scored the edition. After “BBB 21”, she also won a position in the first edition of the program “The masked singer Brasil”, where she interviewed the participants who left the attraction.

Charles Diaz

The actress won the edition fake wall and went to the secret room. You became a joke for not using one of the powers, to veto an angel’s choice. At home, she had a romance with Arthur, with whom she fell in love. The public, however, has shown that they do not like the boy’s actions with the girl.

After returning from the false wall, Carla Diaz knelt in front of Arthur, who was not thrilled.
After returning from the false wall, Carla Diaz knelt in front of Arthur, who was not thrilled. Photo: Playback/Globe


The singer and actor devoted himself to the program and had a strong friendship with Gil do Vigor. Fiuk reached the final of the edition and finished in third place. There have been jokes about a possible romance between him and Juliette and in recent days they have even shared a kiss.

Karol Conka

The rapper was crippled by failing, walking out with 99.17% of the vote, the highest in the program’s history. Even before the editing was finished, the documentary “Life after the fall” came out on Globoplay and showed the story of the singer’s cancellation. He also had a love story with Arcrebiano.

Luke hairstyle

The actor had a short stint on the show and ended up giving up on reality right at the start. He was the target of a group that soon formed at home. He won the first round of the program paired with Nego Di, but he vetoed the next round. His idolatry for Projota also marked his passing, the two opposed each other for a moment, but talked to try to reach an understanding.

I deny Of

The comedian has the second biggest rejection in history. His most rejected mark was surpassed the week after his departure, with the elimination of Karol Conká. Inside and outside the home, he has been embroiled in controversy with jokes that he has caused many to consider in bad taste.


The singer became a meme for sleeping indoors on ‘BBB 21’. She went far in the competition and she walked away excited. In the speech, Tiago Leifert reiterated that he did his best in the game.


The singer was also marked as the villain of the edition. He expressed fear that his image as an artist was shaken when he left the program. His friendship with Arthur was another highlight of his time on the show.

Rodolfo already has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram
Rodolfo already has more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram Photo: Playback


The singer showed himself good with life throughout the passage of the program. He became controversial when he made a comment about João Luiz’s hair that was considered racist. The audience was enchanted by the friendship created with Caio during the program.

Viih tube

The influencer has the fourth largest rejection in the show’s history. The public started making memes for her by telling different men in the house that they were like a father to her. She spent a lot of time in the program managing to escape the wall, but she walked out with 96.69% of the vote the first time she hit there, against Gil do Vigor and Fiuk.

Cabin of the “BBB 22”

Arthur Aguiar

The only box to win an edition, the actor and singer kept saying that he played alone at home and was very strategic throughout the edition. He went to the wall several times and also went to the secret room, after being chosen by the public on the false wall. Outside the home, his then wife, Maíra Cardi, was active in her husband’s networks.

Brunna Goncalves

The singer’s wife Ludmilla won the plant label and still plays with it today. In recent days you went to visit the glass house and took a sign asking new participants not to remove the post from their plant.

Douglas Silva

The actor has had a notable shift in the house. He’s won races, he’s been a leader, he’s won cars and he’s gone far in the competition, being one of the finalists.

Jade Picone
Jade Picon Photo: Reproduction

Jade Picone

Protagonist of the edition, he showed his power of influence in the fourth batch of lollipops. He left the competition after inviting Arthur Aguiar to the wall after answering the big telephone. When she left home, she started her acting career and today she lives as Chiara in “Travessia”.

Linn from Quebrada

The singer was loud in statements about her lawsuit at home. Transsexual, Lina formed a group with Naiara Azevedo, Natália Deodato and Jessilane. Other participants changed their pronouns when referring to her, which became an agenda in and around the house, also generating a speech by presenter Tadeu Schmidt.


The actress and singer was kicked out of the program after hitting Natália with a bucket in one of the edition’s discord games. She acknowledged the error right after it happened. The production rated the footage and she left the house the next day. Before that, she kissed Eliezer and Linn da Quebrada in moments on the show.

Naiara Azevedo

The singer starred in the edition memes. He beat a piece of a leader’s test, spat farofa, killed a cockroach with his bare feet, among other things.

Paulo André and Arthur Aguiar released their voices together, singing in the
Paulo André and Arthur Aguiar sang together at the ‘BBB 22’ Photo: Play/Globoplay

Paul Andre

The athlete was the heartthrob of the edition, he lived a brief romance with Jade Picon, after a period of flirting and pressure from home. He also had a beautiful friendship with Scooby throughout the show. He entered the house when his son was a few months old and was moved by the boy’s absence.

Peter Scoby

The surfer has attracted attention with his relaxed ways around the house. It seemed like he didn’t care about the game, but he still won over the audience. He became a meme for repeatedly getting the airy face and suddenly returning to the attention stage. Overcome many tests, especially physical ones.

Tiago Abravanel

The actor and singer withdrew from the show after admitting he couldn’t act. Outside the home, he’s always been a big fan of the attraction. He loved to sing with the participants and became a joke for opponents, such as Rodrigo, who said that he was part of the “Disney Gang”.

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