O Rei do Gado: Luana remembers being a Berdinazzi

In “O Rei do Gado”, telenovela presented by Rede Globo, Luana (Patricia Pillar) does not remember his origin or his family.

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However, in the chapter of Friday 13 January, the girl thinks of the name Berdinazzi while Bruno (Antonio Fagundes) rages against the family. After a while Luana remembers that her real name is Marieta Berdinazzi and she decides to leave without further explanations.


Lia and Marcos say their mother wants to move back into the villa and ask their father to forgive her. Marcos says he is in love. Bruno tells Luana that he loves her so she doesn’t forget about her. Bruno tells the Senator that Liliana lied about her pregnancy, but he doesn’t believe her. The Senator confronts her daughter, who she claims is pregnant and has lost the child. Caxias says she will only believe when they go to the doctor. Lia tells her father that Marcos is in love with Marieta. Luana thinks of the name Berdinazzi while Bruno rages against the family. Luana remembers that her name is Marieta Berdinazzi and her family. Flashback to the truck crash. Bruno asks what is going on and she says that she no longer wants to live with him and go back to Regino and Jacira’s side. Bruno tries to convince Luana to stay, in vain. Caxias talks to the doctor, who denies Liliana saw him. Luana packs her suitcase. Bruno asks Luana for further explanations. She says she has to leave because she loves him too much and then that she no longer has feelings for him. Lia tells her mother that the campaign to bring her home has already begun. Geremias asks Marieta where was the accident with the truck. Marcos enters through the window and kisses Marieta. Marcos tells Marieta that her great-grandmother received a letter from an Italian woman who said she had borne Bruno’s child. Geremias goes to Marieta’s room and Marcos hides under her bed. The uncle asks Marieta to explain exactly how she got there and what Faust had to do with it. Bruno suffers from Luana’s lack of explanations and breaks a bottle of wine. Dimas tells the boss that Luana has escaped and hands him a note. In it, Luana explains that she left because she was a Berdinazzi.

“O Rei do Gado” is a Brazilian telenovela produced by TV Globo. It ran from June 17, 1996 to February 14, 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. It was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, with the collaboration of Edmara Barbosa and Edilene Barbosa, with the general direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho. It had the participation of Antônio Fagundes, Patrícia Pillar, Raul Cortez, Glória Pires, Fábio Assunção, Silvia Pfeifer, Carlos Vereza and Stênio Garcia.


Monday 16 January

Bruno Mezenga teaches Marcos the agricultural system. Liliana asks Senator Caxias about his conversation with Bruno Mezenga. Firefly says he wants to separate his account with Saracura. Leia calls Bruno Mezenga to congratulate him. Rafaela calls the mansion and Marcos answers rudely, thinking she is his mother. Marcos tells Bruno Mezenga that if he gives Leia the oxen, he will kill Ralf. Otavio and Geremias talk about Rafaela. Judite tells Otávio and Geremias that Rafaela and Marcos had a fight. Otávio is confident. Jacira and Regino regret that the Senator has not been able to arrange a meeting with them. Regino says the peasants are arming themselves to attack the landless. Regino refuses to return the camp’s weapons. Luana tells Donana how Regino and the landless survive. Marcos calls Rafaela. Judite answers and Geremias says that Rafaela doesn’t want to help him.

Tuesday 17 January

Firefly and Saracura go to the mansion to say goodbye to Bruno Mezenga. Rafaela asks Judite if Marcos called and Judite lies. Marco suffers. Leia tells Ralf that Bruno is going to be a father. Leia and Ralph make up. Luana tells Zé do Araguaia and Donana about her about her father and her uncle. Luana says she hates Geremias Berdinazi. Bruno Mezenga and Firefly talk about Lia. Bruno proposes that Firefly forget the 10,000 oxen and marry Lia. Zé do Araguaia says that when Bruno returns, he will adopt a big boy. Woman celebrates. Liliana wants to go to the Senate with her father. Jeremiah tells Judite that he likes Rafaela. Léia tells Ralf that Luana is still at the Araguaia farm. Donana tells Luana to go back to Ribeirão. Ralf lies down with Suzane. Liliana talks to Chiquita about the senator and tells him that her father always comes home from Ribeirão sad. Judite asks if Geremias remembers Luana and they argue. Liliana talks to her father about politics. Donana talks to Zé about the baby they are about to adopt. Rafaela gives up on the trip to Italy. Tavinho is disgusted by Rafaela. Geremias fights with Tavinho. Rafaela tells Geremias that she doesn’t like Tavinho. She says she wants to go to Italy with Geremias.

Wednesday 18 January

Rafaela convinces her uncle to travel with her. Luana says Donana should adopt a girl. Tavinho tells Judite that Rafaela is dangerous. Bruno returns to the Araguaia farm with Marcos. Luana talks to Bruno about adopting Donana’s daughter. Luana asks Marcos about Rafaela. Donana agrees to take care of an adult boy. Liliana learns that Marcos has separated from Rafaela. Bruno tells Marcos the story of the son of Zé do Araguaia. Judite tells Rafaela that Tavinho suspects her. Tavinho talks to the police chief about his father’s death. Léia calls Ribeirão to find out about Luana. Léia regrets giving Ralf the money to have Luana killed. Suzane gives Ralf a check from her husband. The delegate asks Geremias to hand over his gun for the investigation. Bruno goes out with Zé do Araguaia to take his son. Donana tells Luana that she already likes the baby. Bruno tells Zé do Araguaia that his son cannot call him father in front of Donana. Léia decides to stop Ralf from killing Luana. Oreste tells detective Clóvis a plan against Ralf. Bruno tells Zé do Araguaia that when he fell off the plane he had a pocket full of money and left it on the street as a clue.

Thursday 19 January

Ralf threatens Leia and says it’s too late to give up. Léia hands another check to Ralf. Liliana talks about Marcos to Chiquita. Geremias presses Judite to find out how the police chief discovered the weapon. Zé tells Bruno that she is afraid of his son’s grandmother. Bruno arrives in an indigenous village with Zé do Araguaia. Zé do Araguaia’s son runs away from his father. The grandmother does not hand the grandchild over to the father. Zé do Araguaia does not give up and calls his son to speak. Bruno talks to the boy’s grandmother. Zé do Araguaia manages to bring his son home. Donana celebrates, but the boy’s attitudes are strange. Lia tells Firefly that she is thinking of marrying him. Saracura feels abandoned by Firefly. Marcos says Donana is happy with the boy. Geremias remains concerned about the delegate’s attitude. Tavinho confesses to Geremias that he was the one who told the deputy about the gun.

Friday 20 January

Bruno takes Luana to dinner and tells her he will marry her. Judite tells Geremias that the Mezengas have more children than the Berdinaz. Ralf and Léia find Suzane and her husband in a restaurant. Jeremiah orders Tavinho and Rafaela to get married. Tavinho tries to enter Rafaela’s room through the window. Ralf tells Léia that he is moving into her apartment permanently. Bruno tells Luana that he will solve Regino’s problem. Bruno talks to the landless senator. Luana tells Lia and Marcos that she is having a boy. Bruno tells Luana that he will buy a farm for her and her son. Jacira tells Regina she’s tired of the life they lead. Léia celebrates Ralf moving into her apartment. Suzane rents Ralf’s old apartment. Regino is visited by Bruno Mezenga’s foreman. Geremias insists on calling Rafaela Marieta. Delegate tells the results of the examination of the fingerprints on Geremias’ gun. Bruno talks to Marcos about insurance.

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