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Stock exchanges, oil and bitcoin (7h57)

Germany (DAX): +0.38%

London (FTSE 100): +0.41%

China (Shanghai Comp.): +1.01% (trading session closed)

Japan (Nikkei 225): -1.25% (trading session closed)

Hong Kong (Hang Seng): +1.04% (trading session closed)

Brent Oil: +1.02% ($84.2). Brent is a point of reference for Petrobras.

WTI Oil: +1.07% ($79.2)

Bitcoin Future: +0.50% ($19,062)

Iron ore

The most liquid iron ore futures contract traded on China’s Dalian Stock Exchange closed 3.40% higher at 856 yuan ($131.1). The listing could impact the shares of Brazilian Vale (VALE3), CSN (CSNA3) and CSN Mineração (CMIN3). This data was obtained from the link:

New York stock futures

As of 7:56 am on Wall Street, Dow Jones futures were up 0.02% and the S&P 500 futures were down 0.02%. Nasdaq futures fell 0.15%.


The “American effect” (AMER3) on the market remains in the sights of analysts and investors. The assessment is that the retailer will have to go through a large cap. The values ​​are still unknown, but there are analysts who estimate around 2 billion dollars.

Banks in Brazil

Bradesco BBI’s analyst team points out that rectifying Americanas’ accounting inconsistencies could lead to lending institutions writing off BRL 20 billion in a worst-case scenario. BBI estimates that BTG Pactual (BPAC11) and Santander (SANB11) are the banks with the greatest exposure to the retail sector. Itaú (ITUB4), ABC Brasil (ABCB4) and Banco do Brasil (BBAS3) also have exposure, albeit less.

Earnings season in the US

Earnings season begins in the US for Q4 2022. Bank of America, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo release their balance sheets this Friday the 13th.

GDP preview

On Friday 13, the Central Bank publishes the IBC-Br for November, an index considered a preview of the Gross Domestic Product. It will be at 9 in the morning.

Company news:

Via (VIIA3) clarifies operations at risk of being processed

Via (VIIA3) issued a statement clarifying operations at ‘withdrawal risk’, a topic much discussed during Thursday’s trading session.

Shares of another retailer, Americanas (AMER3), fell 77% on Thursday after the company reported that BRL 20 billion “accounting mismatches” are related to the structuring of so-called “withdrawal risk” (operations using accounts receivable to leverage the company with bank loans, with the company’s guarantee. For example: when a supplier wants to advance the receipt, the payer is a financial institution. Depending on the conditions under which it occurs, it takes the form of a sort of loan and, therefore, a bank debt of the retail company to the bank).

Via highlighted in the press release sent to the market on Thursday evening that all these transactions are recorded in the financial statements, in compliance with international accounting standards.

The company said it discloses the respective amounts of those transactions in its financial statements and quarterly and annual results disclosure materials.

“For reference purposes, in the 3rd quarter of 2022 and earlier, we detail the respective transaction in a specific line of the Balance Sheet called Supplier Covenants and in the explanatory note 14.a, in which we describe the transaction, including the average interest rate incident ”, he detailed.

Via also specified that interest expense is entered in the company’s results as financial charges.

Via shares are down 5.38% in Thursday’s trading session.

Miter (MTRE3) posts all-time record net sales of R$319 million in 4Q22

Miter Realty (MTRE3) announced a day earlier its preview of operating results for the third quarter of 2022 (4Q22).

Miter recorded an all-time record net sales, with R$319 million in 4Q22, up 94% on 3Q22 and 13% annually in 2021 respectively, and stable in the level of write-offs in the quarter, despite the increase in sales.

In 4Q22, the two launched projects totaled a potential sale value of R$605.3 million, an amount 10.5% higher than in 3Q22, with R$547.8 million.

In the annual comparison, launches amounted to R$ 1.4 billion in PSV in 2022 compared to R$ 1.8 billion in 2021, a reduction of 22.1%.

In 4Q22, gross sales amounted to R$366.6 million excluding fees. With this, the company achieved its highest historical level of quarterly and annual sales, outperforming 3Q22 by 74% and 2021 by 15.1%, ending 2022 with R$ 985.6 million sold.

These operating results are preliminary, still subject to audit.

Camil (CAML3) reports higher profits; the company announces the buyback of treasury shares

Camil Alimentos (CAML3) released the results for the third quarter of 2022 (referring to the period between September and November 2022) on Thursday 12, after the market close.

Net profit amounted to 147.1 million reais, up 22.1% compared to the same period of 2021.

Ebitda reached R$ 309.8 million, up 54.4% compared to 3Q21.

Camil’s board of directors (CAML3) has approved a new share buyback programme.

The information was released on the night of this Thursday 12.

The company may purchase up to 9,000,000 shares of common stock. Camil has 100,468,497 shares of its common stock outstanding.

The program has a duration of 18 months, starting from 13 January 2023 inclusive, with a final term on 12 July 2024.

Iguatemi (IGTI11) achieves record in 2022 with revenue of BRL 17 billion

Iguatemi (IGTI11), one of the largest full-service companies in the shopping center sector in Brazil, announced the preliminary result of its sales indicators for the fourth quarter of 2022 (4Q22).

The company reported that, in the period, it once again achieved an all-time high in total sales and presented a 10.7% growth over its strong 4Q21 result, totaling R$5.3 billion in 4Q22 and a growth of 23.8% compared to 4Q19, excluding the businesses sold in 2019.

“This result demonstrates the strong performance of shopping centers at Christmas, despite the negative impacts on sales on election days and Brazil’s World Cup days,” Iguatemi said.

In 2022, it achieved an all-time high, reaching BRL 17 billion in total sales, with more than 30% growth over 2021 in 13 of the 16 projects, with an average portfolio growth of 33.7% over that period and 24 .4% compared to 2019 (excluding assets sold in 2019).

In same-store sales (SSS) performance, the company grew 8.9% for the quarter compared to the strong 4Q21 and 25.5% compared to 4Q19.

The highlights compared to 4Q21 were in the Services, Entertainment and Others segments, which recorded an average increase of 14.2% and Food with 12.4%.

In relation to 4Q19, the highlights were the Fashion, Footwear, Leather Goods segments with growth of 33.8% and Sundries, Health and Beauty, Jewelery with 26.8%.

The information is preliminary and unverified and therefore subject to further review.

Eztec (EZTC3) Releases Q4 2022 Operational Preview

Eztec (EZTC3) has released the operational preview for Q4 2022 (4Q22).

The construction company announced launches of R$ 294 million in the quarter according to the PSV (general value of sales) indicator.

Gross sales amounted to 334 million reais in the period, a reduction of 14.8% compared to the same period of 2021.

For the year, the company had sales of R$1.4 billion, an increase of 14%.

In the release, the construction company stressed that the R$385 million of PSV delivered this quarter marks the start of a “volume delivery cycle that will extend into 2023, with cash inflow expected from 1Q23”. .

Direcional (DIRR3) records the best year of net sales; 23% growth compared to 2021

Direcional Engenharia (DIRR3), one of the largest real estate developers and builders in Brazil, focused on the development of low- and medium-income projects, released its operating results for the 4th quarter of 2022 (4Q22) on Thursday the 12th. .

In 2022, the total volume of launches made by the company reached the R$3.6 billion mark (3.1 billion % of the company), establishing a growth of 16% in the year 2021.

Direcional highlighted that it recorded the highest level in its history in this metric.

In 4Q22, the company launched 15 new projects/phases, representing a Potential Sales Value (PSV) of R$ 1.1 billion (R$ 896 million % Direcional), a volume higher than 53% compared to 4Q21 and of the ‘11% lower than PSV launched in 3Q22.

The representativeness of the Executive segment in the launch mix reached 67%, while Riva products represented 33% of the PSV launched.

In 2022, contracted net sales amounted to R$ 3 billion (R$ 2.4 billion % Direcional), an increase of 23% compared to 2021.

“Once again, Direcional had its best year in terms of net sales in history,” the construction company said. In 4Q22, the net PSV contracted was R$ 694 million (R$ 551 million % Direcional), up 4% compared to 4Q21 and 18% lower than 3Q22.

“It is worth noting that throughout 4Q22 we had the Brazilian elections and the World Cup, major events that had a significant impact on sales over the period,” he explained.

According to the company, after these events, it was possible to notice a significant increase in sales which returned to normal levels and made December the best month of the quarter, also considering the seasonal effects of this month impacted by the holiday period and the year – end of holidays.

Camil (CAML3) will repurchase up to 9 million shares

Camil’s board of directors (CAML3) has approved a new share buyback programme.

The information was released the day before.

The company may purchase up to 9,000,000 shares of common stock. Camil has 100,468,497 shares of its common stock outstanding.

The program has a duration of 18 months, starting from 13 January 2023 inclusive, with a final term on 12 July 2024.


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