Lucy Alves, Brisa of ‘Travessia’: ‘I don’t put bisexuality in the spotlight’

The year 2022 was full of successes for actress Lucy Alves. She is the protagonist of the soap opera 21h, she has had more than six million plays of her songs on Spotify, she has sung with Roberto Carlos, she has been on tour, she has performed at Rock in Rio, she has reached the final of “The Masked Singer ‘ she campaigned for the beauty brand. .. Damn!

Breeze of “Travessia” is satisfied with the results achieved, but can’t be seen slowing down anytime soon – and is full of dreams she still wants to achieve. Among them motherhood, as she tells her in conversation with Universebelow.

In the chat, made via video call, Lucy also tells of trying to protect herself from negative comments on the soap opera that has taken over social media. “Initially, she really hit me when someone said the lead wasn’t cool. But I’ve learned and I’ve matured,” she sums up.

UNIVERSE – There is a tendency to stereotype Northeastern characters in telenovelas, casting actors from other regions. You are from Paraíba and live in Maranhão. Why is it important to be there in prime time?
Lucia Alves –
I find it important to appear on prime time TV so that many girls and teenagers can hear me. It’s a beautiful responsibility. All that I power doing to represent the region I come from will be honorable and true. We live in a different time, with more openness to show the country’s pluralities to represent all regions. Our truth is different, the one I have also experienced culturally. I carry with me the truthfulness of the accent.

“Travessia” is undergoing harsh criticism. In a sense, badmouthing the soap opera is badmouthing your job. How do you deal with it?
We will never please 100% of the people. What I try to do is do my job well, so that I can be serene and proud. I dared to start playing the lead right away, but that’s life. A friend told me that people might talk bad about my work. And they could, but if I didn’t, I don’t know what people would say. We need to know what criticisms will happen and move forward. It’s difficult. We know that some people suffer to the point of having compromised health, but I, thank God, have learned to have some peace of mind and to understand my limits.

Do you have more fans or more enemies?
I’m an artist who doesn’t have many enemies, which is good. In general, people are very peaceful and loving. I like reading and I’m always on Twitter because many people who watch the soap opera are commenting in real time there. But you can’t stick to comments on social networks 100%. It must be understood that there is no absolute truth of the public and that it is difficult to have a real thermometer. So I learned to filter what I read and what I take to bed. The internet can be very toxic. At first it hit me a lot if someone said the protagonist wasn’t cool. But I learned and matured. I want to absorb what is uplifting for my career.

You are in a relationship with another woman. What was the audience response when you made it public?
Some people have felt comfortable commenting and asking about my way of life. I’ve always been very private, but I didn’t get any shocks when it turned out I was kissing Victoria [Zanetti, produtora], because I have already lived my life. I usually don’t put it in the spotlight because I find my work more interesting than my intimacy. It’s not a taboo and I find it more and more interesting to be able to speak openly. I hope people see it not as an example, but as the right we have to do what we want and be as happy as we want.

The more I can talk openly about love, the more beautiful and special it will be.

Since his participation in “The Voice”, the accordion has become one of his trademarks. What the instrument represents for you, in your life and inside career?
For me it brings culture and my family, who also love music. I am an instrumentalist and have always enjoyed playing various instruments. When I was studying others, such as mandolin and bass, my father told me to study accordion, which would be my great happiness. And he was right. The accordion is very powerful. It is not a traditional instrument for women because it is very heavy, it has always been handled by many men, it belongs to the male universe. I am grateful for the streets the accordion has opened up for me, whether in soap operas or concerts. It is an instrument for which I have a lot of affection.

Do you feel that you have fulfilled your dreams in music?
I did a lot of stuff and it was really cool. I let life get to me, but somehow I guide it towards what I want to do. I’ve always had the thought of an artist and music is very strong for me. It comes from the family. I love to perform, sing and play. There’s a lot that I want to do: musical films, composing soundtracks… These are things that give me pleasure. Glad to have the opportunity to work with it. I am happy with the path I have chosen.

Reconciling your career as an actress and a singer certainly leads you to make choices that put one of the two parties at a disadvantage. What are your priorities when deciding which path to take?
Today I see myself as a singer and an actress, although I know that it really takes a lot of energy to devote myself to both jobs. I go for the heart. Today the musical work has a greater consistency, something that I am following and projecting. The acting career is more recent, but no less important. I always try to play roles that touch me and I try to reconcile the two. For example: I’m going to finish the soap opera and I have shows to do. Maybe find a balance in the dynamics. But the music still weighs a little more. Whenever a TV or cinema project calls me, I will analyze it carefully, but I will look for a balance. Once an actress, we don’t go back.

In “Travessia,” motherhood is a central theme in her character’s life. And in yours?
I really want to be a mother but there is no right time for that to happen. When it has to be, it will be. I am very in a hurry at work, I am a runner, I like to work. But I come from a large family and I have this desire. I said I wanted to have five children, today I don’t know. I would like at least two.

Are you a fan of aesthetic procedures and interventions or do you prioritize daily care?
I prefer to take care of my beauty as it is, especially since I work a lot with my image. People are losing their way by following fads, being proficient in cosmetic procedures and even changing their makeup. I’m very careful. My face and body, for example, are always very exposed. I like how they are. I am happy with my body and my skin. What I try to do is take more and more care to prevent it.

How is your care routine?
It’s pretty simple. For the face, for example, it’s waking up and washing well, with good soap, lots of sunscreen, because I’m always exposed to a lot of light, on set and on the street. Hydration and sun protection, to me, are a complete combination. I have two Vult products that I’ve fallen in love with, which are the 7×1 pots, they fit my lifestyle perfectly. I also do exercises, which help with my concentration, and good nutrition. Everything is balance. I don’t want to be held hostage by standards, I never have. It never interested me. I grew up wanting to value and see my beauty. This is me, my curves, my pants and it’s part of my anatomy.

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