Cearense Championship 2023: discover the complete guide to the State Championship

The 2023 Cearense Championship is about to begin. This Saturday afternoon, 14, Fortaleza and Iguatu will open the disputes of the competition at the Presidente Vargas stadium, starting at 16:00. Sunday 15, Ceará will debut in the competition against Guarani de Juazeiro, at the Romeirão Arena.

For this season, the Ceará Football Federation (FCF) has changed the state dispute formula. In addition, the availability of vacancies for the Copa do Brasil has changed.

Cearense Championship 2023: Formula Disputa

Unlike the last five seasons, “Manjadinho” counts with the presence of Ceará and Fortaleza since the start of the competition and, therefore, already has all ten participants in the first phase. Besides Grandpa and Leão, the 2023 state members are: Iguatu, Barbalha, Caucaia, FC Atlético, Ferroviário, Guarani de Juazeiro, Maracanã and Pacajus.

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The clubs are divided into two groups (A and B) with five members each. It is worth noting that the clashes of this first phase are formed by teams from different groups. For example, Fortaleza, which belongs to group B, will make its debut against Iguatu, from group A.

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The keys are divided as follows: Ceará, Atlético-CE, Barbalha, Caucaia and Iguatu are in group A; Fortaleza, Ferroviário, Guarani de Juazeiro, Maracanã and Pacajus belong to B.

At the end of the initial phase, the first placed teams in each group are guaranteed a place in the semi-final of the competition, while the 2nd and 3rd places advance to the quarter-finals.

In the “mata-mata”, matches are formed by teams from the same group, with the exception of the final. The duels of the knockout stage will be played in the two-legged format. There will be no tier advantage, necessitating a penalty shoot-out if there is an equal goal difference.

The teams that finish the first phase in 4th and 5th place in each group will compete in a relegation square. The score will be reset to zero and the two worst teams at this stage will compete in the Série B of the Campeonato Cearense in 2024.

Another novelty implemented by the FCF for the 2023 state championship is the presence of the Pedro Basílio Cup. The symbolic prize will be awarded to the company with the best campaign, between the two groups, in the first phase of the competition. In addition, there will be the title of “Champion of the Interior” for the club, which is not based in the capital of Ceará, better placed.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: Availability of vacancies for national and regional competitions

The Cearense Championship also serves as the gateway to national and regional competitions. This is because, through the state, participating clubs can guarantee themselves a place in the Copa do Brasil, Série D of the Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Nordeste.

In the case of the Copa do Brasil, a competition highly appreciated for its high economic return, only the champion and the runner-up guarantee participation through Cearense. As for the Northeast Cup, first place State has a direct vacancy in the group stage guaranteed.

As for the Série D of the Brazilian league, the three vacant spots will be awarded to the clubs with the best placement in the general classification of the 2023 Cearense Championship, with the exception of those who already have guaranteed places in Série A, B, C or D of the Brasileiro 2024.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: where to watch the live stream

The matches of the Cearense Championship will be broadcast in the following ways: TV Cidade will broadcast one match per round on open TV, while DAZN will broadcast the matches via the internet, as well as providing a pay-per-view channel on pay-TV, called “Our football”.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: four times reigning champion, Fortaleza is looking for the unprecedented penta

Champions of the last four editions, Fortaleza arrives enthusiastically at the 2023 Cearense Championship. Five times an unprecedented championship, as well as establishing itself as the club with the most state titles in the local football scene.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: Ceará wants to regain the hegemony in local football

Ceará enters 2023 looking for a fresh start. In a new reality after Brasileirão’s relegation to Série B, Vovô takes the first step to write a good storyline in the new season by playing in the Cearense Championship, in which he will try to win again after four years without lifting the cup.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: Ferroviário bets on old acquaintances to surprise

Ferroviário starts the Cearense championship on January 15, against Barbalha, at the Elzir Cabral stadium. For the competition, Tubarão da Barra is betting on a mix of an experienced squad, with players who have worked for the club and local football, and younger athletes, some of whom have been promoted from the grassroots.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: almost relegated in 2022, Atlético-CE wants to stay in the elite

After nearly being relegated to Série B in Cearense in 2022, Atlético-CE have a main objective to remain in the elite for the competition in 2023. Águia da Precabura makes his state debut on 15 January, against Pacajus, at 15:30 . The stage for the confrontation will be the Domingão stadium, in Horizonte.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: second in 2022, Caucaia wants to go far

Caucaia has established itself as one of the forces of football in Ceará in recent years. In 2022, the club won runners-up with a historic season. Now, Raposa wants to continue doing well and aims to be in good condition in 2023.

Cearense Championship 2023: semi-finalist in 2022, Iguatu tries to establish itself in the Cearense Championship 2023

After leading a great campaign in the 2022 Cearense Championship, Iguatu has the responsibility to repeat the good performance, or even improve, in the next edition of the state. Azulão das Lagoas, as the team from the interior of Ceará is known, will have a quarry in the first round: the opening opponent will be Juan Pablo Vojvoda’s Fortaleza.

Cearense Championship 2023: Guarani de Juazeiro aims to stay

Serie B state champion in 2022, Guarani de Juazeiro has modest goals for this year’s Cearense championship. Without investment aid, the club’s main objective is to remain among the elite, said Suarez president Leite Machado.

Cearense Championship 2023: Maracanã aims for a vacant place in the national competition

After remaining in the elite of state football, Maracanã dreams big. The club is now targeting a place in the Brazilian league’s Série D or the Copa do Brasil. To achieve the feat, Azulão has been preparing for the Cearense Championship since December 20, when he showed up for the pre-season.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: champion of Fares Lopes, Pacajus reformulates squad for State

Reigning champion of Fares Lopes, Pacajus intends to remain competitive for the Cearense Championship dispute. Índio do Vale do Cajú has reformulated the squad for the state, in which he intends to progress to the next stage and repeat last season’s campaign. The team makes its debut on 15 January, when it will face Atlético Cearense away.

Campeonato Cearense 2023: return to the elite, Barbalha aims to stay

Barbalha returns to the first division of the Cearense Championship. After suffering relegation in 2021, the team returned to second place in the Premiership in 2022. Raposa da Região do Cariri arrives for the state dispute with the aim of staying in Série A.

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