Weekend horoscope: predictions for each sign from 13 to 15 January 2023

Another weekend has arrived and the horoscope reserves important surprises for all the zodiac signs.

Check the predictions for each zodiac sign from January 13 to 15, 2023:

Weekend horoscope: predictions for each sign from 13 to 15 January 2023


This Friday, January 13, will be very good due to the influence of the Sun, although you must be careful in everything you do and not talk about your plans. Remember that your sign is dominated by success and leadership, this makes you vulnerable to others, so I advise you to light a red candle and use a lot of perfume to eliminate all negative things.

Extra money will come these days, a Capricorn or Taurus lover will be looking for you; if you really have feelings go back to your partner the most important thing is to be happy and we all deserve a second chance. Sunday will be your lucky day with numbers 06, 55 and 70, try to wear bright colored clothes for the arrival of abundance in your life. Watch out for fraud, try to control your credit card payments, and don’t fall victim to addictions or alcohol.


The king of the stars attracts a heavy energy to you, this weekend avoid selling or buying things, i.e. leave these days calm so that the negative energies that may be surrounding you give way.

Watch out for nervous and stress problems, try to keep exercising outdoors, it will help you be calmer. Your lucky numbers will be 09, 18 and 66. Taurus who are in a relationship will decide to heal over the weekend and singles will spend many days making new and compatible love.

Your Taurus sign lives life intensely, but your character is based on logic and your great sense of reality. Do not get involved in problems that do not suit you, go about your personal business.


Nervous problems and health problems will be caused by the influence of the Sun in Gemini this Friday, so you should be aware of the discomforts in your body so as not to feel bad.

We are what we eat, so try to eat a healthy diet. Geminis who are in a relationship are recommended to have patience and trust in their lives. You will be lucky with numbers 02, 17 and 88. Geminis have the courage and steadfastness to always achieve the goals they set for themselves in life, even if their way of talking about everything they have in their plans makes them fall into trouble. Need more discretion for the most important things or projects, people often get involved with their negative energy.


The Sun will be beneficial for your sign this Friday the 13th, remember that this magical number dominates you and will mark the beginning of a new phase of prosperity in your life, so I advise you to light a red candle and use some gold to attract more luck.

If you are about to change jobs or homes, do it, it will be great. Don’t look for love anymore, let it find you because it will be days of so much coexistence with new and compatible people, so try to wear red and use a lot of perfume to say yes to love.

Cancers who are in a relationship will experience days of great conviviality and plan a short trip to have fun. Your numbers: 07, 16 and 25.


The sign of Leo will be influenced by the Sun this Friday in terms of character problems, i.e. they will be very impulsive, so the recommendation is to light a white candle and wear light clothing to cut off this current of negative energy.

Also try not to change jobs or homes, wait for the effects to pass. In terms of love, these will be days of intensity and passion, you will fall in love with your partner all over again.

For single Leos, these will be days of passionate and fleeting love. You will be lucky with numbers 13, 29 and 40. Beware of accidents, be more careful on the road. At work, a colleague has bad faith or envy, take care of your performance and do not be fooled by other people’s provocations to avoid unwanted problems. Devote yourself to your own and don’t worry about gossip.


Friday the 13th will influence your sign a lot because the energies will be very conflicting, so you should be careful about health problems. You have to keep all good attitude in what you do and not fall into distress situations. It will solve a legal problem in your favor which will bring you a lot of happiness.

Don’t wait for what doesn’t come, jump in pursuit of success, that is, if you don’t like your current job, try to find a better one or open a business to help you get more income. You will be lucky with numbers 06, 19 and 37. Virgo sign is one of the most compassionate and tender of the Zodiac, their love of life makes them great leaders.


The effect of Friday the 13th on your sign will disturb you a lot, you will remember past problems and resentments will be born. Remember your sign is air, try to keep calm and don’t have any surgery until the end of this weekend. The recommendation is to place a red ribbon on your left wrist and light a white candle to cut through the negative.

On the subject of love, it will be days to close the circles with loves from the past. Libra struggles a lot to detach energy from past loves, this doesn’t make them move forward, so you have to be strong and leave behind what’s not for you. You will get lucky with numbers 27, 44 and 50 and their colors are yellow and blue.


This Friday will be very lucky for you, as it will renew your thinking to be more positive and move forward in your professional life. The recommendation is to light a blue candle on this day and wear new clothes or new shoes, which will help keep the abundance with you longer.

Take care of throat or lung infection problems, try to go to your doctor. Lucky with numbers 01, 33 and 50, and your lucky colors are orange and black. Single Scorpios will be without a partner for a while, but yes: they will go out a lot to have fun. Those who are married will get news of a pregnancy. Remember that Scorpios are full of vitality, they are dynamic, prone to action and sports, and their best hobby is traveling and meeting people from other countries.


For this weekend your lucky numbers will be 08, 13 and 89 and your abundance colors will be white and gold. This Friday you will be financially affected by unexpected expenses or loss of money, the recommendation is not to take out any credit on these days and try to spend only what is necessary until that day passes.

Light a purple or yellow candle and apply plenty of perfume before leaving the house to clear these negative energies. You decide to move house or move to another city. In love you will continue to look for the ideal partner and the Sagittarius man who has a partner will be very stable and without jealousy problems. Your personality shows that you are simple, emotional and face life without worrying about what people will say, you are a natural and very artistic being who knows how to color your life with fantasy and adventures.


As you are the Goat of the Zodiac, you are constantly on the defensive, but the advice for now is not to be too suspicious of people. Receive a gift that will bring you great joy.

You are open-minded and forward-thinking, and thanks to your strong character, you are not afraid to face problems. Your great sense of humor makes you the best friend.

You will go on a pleasure trip and a new love will enter your life. This Friday will be lucky with the numbers 21, 30 and 77, and with the colors red and green. In matters of love and affection, you will fight with your partner or people who are very close to you. That’s why the recommendation is to be calm and patient, light a white candle and use silver to protect yourself.


This Friday will be very important in your life because you will make decisions that will make you change for the better, to be better. Also, a stream of good luck will come to you in matters of work and love. The recommendation is to put a red ribbon on the left ankle tied with three knots, leave it there until it falls off by itself and use a lot of perfume that day.

Sell ​​your car to exchange it for a new one. Watch what you eat, remember that your stomach is your weak point. A love from the past is looking for you to ask you for a favor, remember that Aquarius is the helpful one of the Zodiac and can’t say no, do it because it will make you feel good. Aquarians who are in a relationship will have problems in terms of jealousy or infidelity. Your lucky numbers are 08, 15 and 40 and your colors are black and purple.


On the 13th Pisces will be lucky, as this sign is ruled by this magical number and the effect of the Sun creates a conjunction of good news. But you have to take into account that you will have some nervous and mental health issues. The recommendation is to cut your hair and use a lot of perfume to eliminate the negative energy that may be around you.

Pisces who are in a relationship will have days of understanding and emotional stability. Singles will find compatible people. You will be lucky with numbers 09, 38 and 61, and their colors are green and blue. The sign of Pisces this year will be very kind and simple.

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