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And who says horror movie lovers have to wait until October for Halloween to celebrate by watching too many horror movies? All it really takes is a few Friday the 13th to get along the way, so the weekend is filled with scares, lots of fear, and of course, maximum fun. To make this Friday the 13th even more special for those who aren’t sure what to watch, we’ve decided to do our part with an advice article. Here, we bring you 10 great horror releases available on Amazon Prime Video. Check it out and get ready for the marathon.

One of the biggest horror hits of the last year, X has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. So much so that in the same year its pre-sequel entitled Pearl was released (also confirmed in Brazil) and in 2023 it will be the turn of MaXXXine, the third part of this trilogy written and directed by Ti West. Amazon marks a milestone by bringing to its platform exclusively this highly prestigious production, which has been one of the most talked about films of recent times. Produced by A24, the story shows a group of young men who are part of a porn film crew. They use the farm of an elderly couple as a backdrop, who have no idea what kind of film they are making. But when they find out… – In the cast Mia Goth is the one who puts on the show, and in the film there is also the teen muse of the moment, Jenna Ortega.

Speaking of popular and highly commented horror films on the internet, 2022 also brought the extremely violent and graphic Terrifier 2, which narrates the torture and sadism of the already iconic clown Art. The film was so successful that Imagem Filmes bought the rights and brought it to Brazilian cinemas. But what not even the most attentive fan and aficionado of the genre knew was where the hell Art came from and what Terrifier was, since the first film went completely blank. But Amazon solves this problem by making the original 2016 film, here titled Terrifying, available in its collection.

You know that pointless movie story? The first A Órfã (2009) has become a cult since its release, it revealed to the world the talent of the girl Isabelle Fuhrman and that of the director Jaume Collet-Serra, and also gave one of the best and most commented twists of la history of cinema, all based on a frighteningly real plot – many even said that the film kept its twist. Well, more than ten years later (and we know what it does to a young woman), and the producers decide to take the continuation off the drawing board, which had to happen sooner for obvious reasons. But how to make the leading actress look younger if she is now a 25-year-old woman? Been to Chiquinha do Chaves? How’s that. Seriously, once this weirdness of seeing an adult living as a child is over (if you can get past it), the movie also delivers what the fans want.

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2022 was arguably the best year in recent seasons for horror. One of the best and that hardly anyone has seen is this independent work from the Sundance festival. But Amazon is willing to change that, bringing the film to its recent film library in hopes that more fans will be able to watch this lauded film. With an 89% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film stars Anna Diop (who plays heroine Estelar in the Titans series) as a Senegalese immigrant looking for a better life in the United States. United. She takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy white family, but she hopes to one day take her child to the country. Produced by Blumhouse, this is yet another example of the sub-genre called social horror, where real traumatic events are mixed with supernatural experiences.

Another production that carries its social message, using it as a metaphor in its narration. This is women’s fight against abuse, toxic masculinity and machismo. The protagonist is the gigantic Ella Balinska, 1.80 m tall, known for her roles in As Panteras (2019) and in the Netflix series Resident Evil. She plays a woman who agrees to go on a blind date that not only goes horribly wrong, but now she desperately needs to fight her all as hard as she can to make it out alive. This is another Blumhouse production, also out of Sundance.

Naomi Watts stars in this Amazon original production, which is a remake of a 2014 Austrian cult film. In the plot, two little twin brothers begin to suspect that their mother isn’t really who she says she is, after returning from an operation facial cosmetics, which makes her use a mask for better and faster healing. It wasn’t enough that the little ones couldn’t see their mother’s face completely, the matriarch’s behavior becomes increasingly strange for the children, who suspect that there may be something very wrong behind the return of the “mother”.

One of the best and most underrated horror films of recent years, the new Candyman works great, both as a tribute by making several references to the 1992 classic, and as a film in its own right, being scary, bloody and full of room for its own criticisms social issues, especially the racism encrusted in society. Not least we have the finger of Jordan Peele, as writer and producer. The Candyman has always been the pure analogy for racism, and in this new film that element is even more apparent, leaping to the eye. It’s simply a beautiful film, both aesthetically in look and message.

Horror fans are looking forward to the premiere of the lauded M3GAN, which has already been released internationally and will hit Brazilian theaters on November 19th. In anticipation of the killer robot doll movie, fans can rev their engines on Amazon with this Nightmare in the Heights, starring Allison Williams, star of M3GAN and Get Out! (2017). Here lives a much more real, identifiable and much scarier terror. Imagine the nightmare of a young couple traveling to a wedding on a tropical island in a single-engine plane, when its pilot suffers a heart attack, leaving the protagonist and her partner to fend for themselves in what is worst situation imaginable. for anyone.

This horror film marked the directorial debut of actor Dave Franco, younger brother of James Franco. Dave also chooses his real-life girlfriend, Alison Brie. In the plot, two couples of friends rent a beautiful paradise house facing the sea. However, what should be a fun and celebratory weekend soon turns to paranoia and mistrust as they begin to think that the guy who rented them the house might be spying on them there. Rounding out the cast are Dan Stevens, Jeremy Allen White (from the hit series The Bear) and Sheila Vand (from the cult horror Dark Girl Walks Through the Night).

This is advice for those who want to enjoy Friday the 13th, but prefer a slightly lighter film. Young Witches (1996) was a hit with younger audiences upon its release and would go on to become a cult favorite over time and for the younger generation as well. It was this hype that made the producers decide to pick up a new installment in the franchise, which works as a sort of remake/continuation. At its core, the new Young Witches tells the same story as the original, of four displaced and abused girls in high school who plot supernatural revenge through the use of witchcraft. However, certain elements also make it into a sequel, such as using some characters from the original.

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