Hot Scenes, Daddy Bear: Harry’s Book and Royal Family Secrets

The autobiography of 38-year-old Prince Harry has answered many questions from the public about the backstory of the royal family.

“What’s Left” brings the prince’s version of issues such as the feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, the deaths of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, and the habits of King Charles III.

See the doubts Harry answered in the book:

Do Kate and Meghan get along?

According to Harry, not much. She says her brother Prince William and his sister-in-law were thrilled when they learned he was dating a ‘Suits’ actress because they’re big fans of the show. However, prejudices and cultural differences between the British and Meghan, who is American, soon started to sour the family relationship.

Prince Harry’s “The Remains” book

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Dress, commentary, and lip gloss were grounds for disagreement between the sisters-in-law. In the book, Harry claims that adjustments to the bridesmaid dress for Kate and William’s daughter Charlotte caused problems between Meghan and Kate. On another occasion, Kate took offense after Meghan claimed she had a “baby brain,” something like the forgetfulness or confusion caused by hormonal shifts in pregnant women. Harry says William even pointed the finger at Meghan and said her comment was “rude”. Elsewhere, at an event, Meghan asked to borrow Kate’s lip gloss, which would have made the new Princess of Wales visibly uncomfortable.

William also had problems with Meghan. In one of the most startling passages in the book, Harry describes a fight in which he was physically attacked by William. In the discussion, the heir to the throne is said to have said that Meghan is “rude”, “quarrelsome” and “difficult”.

What was it like to find out about Diana’s death?

Harry says his father sat on the edge of the bed to break the news. Charles allegedly put his hand on his son’s knee and said, “My dear son, Mommy has been in a car accident. She has a serious head injury and has been taken to the hospital, son.” The 12-year-old prince reacted to the news hoping his mother would recover from the accident. However, the father had to break the tragic news: “They tried, dear. But she couldn’t resist.”

The prince said his father didn’t hug him. “He wasn’t good at showing emotion under normal circumstances. How could I expect him to show it in a crisis like this? But his mother dropped onto my knees once again and he said, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ It was too much for him. Fatherly, hopeful, kind. But it wasn’t even true.”

She claims she only cried once, at her mother’s funeral. “I wanted to cry and I tried because my mother’s life was so sad. But I couldn’t. Not a drop.”

Harry also confirmed that he used drugs to cope with his pain. In addition to drinking, Harry used cocaine, marijuana and experimented with mushrooms and ayahuasca. “[Usar cocaína] it wasn’t much fun and I didn’t feel particularly happy, as some people seemed to, but it made me feel different, and that was my main goal. To hear. be different.”

Does Charles actually carry a teddy bear around to this day?

According to Harry, yes. This story had already been revealed by biographer Christopher Andersen and was confirmed by Harry in “What’s Left”. “Teddy bear went everywhere with my dad. He was a pitiful thing, with broken arms and dangling lines, holes patched here and there. eloquently expressed, better than my father ever could have done, the loneliness of his childhood.”

How is your relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles?

Harry says that, as a child, his brother suspected Charles of having a mistress. “We didn’t understand what was happening to our father, but we certainly had an intuition, we felt the presence of the ‘Other’, because we suffered its effects”. […] “[A traição] confused [William]it tormented him, and when these suspicions were confirmed, he felt enormously guilty for not having said anything, for not having done anything before”.

He claims he begged his father not to marry Camilla. Harry and his brother feared that the world would compare Camilla to Diana and asked their father not to remarry. However, the children’s pleas were ignored and Harry says their stepmother soon started a “campaign” to marry and become queen.

The prince compared his first meeting with Camilla to an injection. “Close your eyes and you won’t even feel it,” Harry would have thought at the time. He also claims that his stepmother was “bored” when they first met because she didn’t see him as an obstacle to marrying Charles.

Harry accuses his stepmother of leaking conversations to the press. According to the prince, Camilla has been leaking stories about him and Meghan to boost her image in the British press. She accuses Camilla and her father, including her, of having leaked and falsified the disagreement on Charlotte’s dress, damaging Meghan and favoring Kate.

Was Meghan ‘banned’ from Balmoral when Queen Elizabeth died?

According to Harry, yes. Charles reportedly banned Meghan from going to Balmoral Castle when Elizabeth died. “She explained her motives, which were meaningless and disrespectful, and I didn’t take it. I replied, ‘Never talk about my wife like that,'” Harry wrote.

He says he was cut out of the family’s plans at the time of his grandmother’s death. Also, Harry says he only learned of Elizabeth’s death from the BBC after his plane landed in Scotland.

The prince revealed his last words to his grandmother. Although he arrived after Elizabeth’s death, he had a moment alone with his grandmother. “I whispered that I hoped she was happy and was with my grandfather [Philip] now. I said I admired him for fulfilling his duties to the very end, the Platinum Jubilee, welcoming the new Prime Minister.”

Has Harry ever seen Meghan’s hot scenes on television?

He says he studied the scenes on his own and now needs “shock therapy” to forget about them. In the book he says that at the beginning of their relationship “he made the mistake” of looking for Meghan’s sex scenes in “Suits”, a series in which the actress starred for seven seasons. “I saw her making out with a co-star in an office or a conference room. I didn’t need to see it,” she jokes.

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