Plot: From Luciana Gimenez’s accident to Gloria Perez off the globe

Luciana Gimenez had a serious accident while skiing in Aspen, USA. The 53-year-old presenter had four-point fractures in her leg and needed emergency surgery. Learn more about Summary by NaTelinha.

He echoed the probable departure of Gloria Perez from Globo, after the failure of Travessia. The reason, however, has nothing to do with this last job, and with her performance. The broadcaster has adopted a new model contract per work and the novelist has not been left out.

There was still something to talk about RR Soares’ possible return to prime time on Band. If the ongoing negotiations go ahead, the traditional Show da Fé will return to the old program, changing the performance of the Faustão program.

Find out what the topic was between January 8-13 in the world of celebrities and TV:

Luciana Gimenez has an accident

The famous suffered an accident in a ski resort in Aspen, in the United States, where she spends the holidays with her children. She had four-point fractures in her leg and needed emergency surgery. According to the advice of the famous, she is doing well.

At dawn, a post on Luciana Gimenez’s Instagram profile showed the communicator in a hospital bed, unconscious. An official message from her team reported that she enjoyed the holidays with her children, Lucas and Lorenzo, and she skied at high speed on a steeper slope. “When she was trying to stop, the accident happened,” says the text.

“The presenter was immediately assisted on the catwalk and then taken by ambulance to the local hospital. Very successful.”

Gloria Perez should leave Globo


Travessia could be the last soap opera written and created by Glória. Although the author is far from thinking about her retirement, after the nine o’clock plot and with the end of her fixed contract with Globo, the writer should not renew her link with the Rio channel. However, those who think that the partnership will come to an end or that there has been noise due to the public of the story are wrong, as the door is open for a new contract, this time for the right job.

According to NaTelinha, Glória Perez has a link with Globo until 2024, but with an automatic extension to 2025. However, as has happened with other authors, the possibility of maintaining continuity has already been discarded. The decision of the issuer’s management now is whether to end the bond at the end of 2023 or to keep the contract until the bond ends normally next year.

The possibility that Glória would not renew had been mooted since 2019, when the contract was about to expire and Silvio de Abreu was the director of drama, in charge of cleaning up the channel’s veterans. After a brief experience as a series director, you faced a sort of cold room because you didn’t have a good relationship with Silvio.

RR Soares negotiates return to Band nights


Missionary RR Soares negotiates his return in prime time, which could disturb Fausto Silva. Currently, in the early morning, Show da Fé will be able to return to the radius he previously occupied, mess with the channel grid and play Faustão’s program for later.

Journalist Flávio Ricco said that, behind the scenes of Band, there are insistent comments on the return of the founder of the International Church of Graça de Deus in the broadcaster’s evenings. NaTelinha found that the two sides are negotiating for the clerics to occupy the band from 20:30 to 21:30, which would delay Faustão in the band by an hour.

Currently, the attraction of Fausto Silva airs shortly after Jornal da Band, the largest audience of the São Paulo broadcaster, which on Wednesday (10), for example, scored 5.1 points. However, with the return of RR Soares in the evenings, the program would start receiving da Show da Fé, which usually does not go beyond the so-called dash.

Preta Gil discovers cancer


Hours after announcing the discovery of bowel cancer, Preta made a decision about her shows, which were already scheduled for the upcoming Carnival. Through her press office, the singer has decided to keep the Bloco da Preta, a traditional event that opens the revelry in Rio de Janeiro every year and attracts thousands of people, including the presence of celebrities.

“At first, his block is maintained,” said the artist’s team this Wednesday (11). Preta Gil is being treated for intestinal cancer, discovered after six days in hospital after the discomfort felt by the artist. The singer took to social networks last Tuesday to say that she has begun the battle against the disease.

“I have been hospitalized for the past 6 days at the Clínica São Vicente, in Rio de Janeiro, due to a discomfort I experienced and, thank God, today I received a definitive diagnosis. I have adenocarcinoma in the final part of the intestine on Monday neighbor and I count on everyone’s energy to maintain calm and confidence,” the singer wrote on social networks.

Bolsonarista invades Brasil Urgente and irritates Datena


Last Monday (9), speaking with the journalists of Brasil Urgente who were in Brasilia to tell the consequences of the coups that destroyed public buildings in the last few hours, José Luiz Datena became annoyed with a radical Bolsonarista who invaded the link of the news and sent Message.

Journalist Caiã Messina was briefing the presenter on the crimes committed by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) when a man ran past him and shouted for his voice to be leaked into the broadcast.

“The intention is to frame these people there, in this coup crime, with 12 years in prison. The idea is to capture the heads of this one because the same minister (of justice) Flávio Dino said that there are really heavy people … “, said the journalist when the bolsonarista passed by jamming the link.

Tutinha resigns as president of Jovem Pan


Antônio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, known as Tutinha, resigned as president of Jovem Pan a day after the station was accused of defending the terrorist acts that took place in Brasilia on Sunday (8). The businessman will be replaced by Roberto Araújo, who has been the channel’s CEO since 2014.

According to NaTelinha, behind the scenes of JP, there is speculation that this movement was an attempt to protect the group and the Carvalho family, which have been involved in several controversies related to their support for former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Tutinha had been playing since 2013 and, since the Carvalho family bought Jovem Pan, it will be the first time the station has been chaired by someone outside the clan. The entrepreneur, who has been in Europe since December, will continue to be a shareholder.

Actress Cindy Mendes dies


The cause of death of actress Cindy Mendes (1988-2023), who died last Sunday (8 years old), at the age of 34 has been revealed. The ex-husband of the artist, Marco Rossi, has recounted the details of her death, including the reason that caused it. According to Cindy’s ex-boyfriend, the actress had been hospitalized for a week due to pneumonia, but was killed by cardiac arrest.

“Last week she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia and died of cardiac arrest,” Marco explained to GShow. Cindy and Rossi were married for nine years, between 2009 and 2018. The burial of the artist was held last Monday afternoon (9), in a ceremony reserved for close friends and family.

Cindy was one of the four leads in the film Antônia (2006), which became an eponymous series on Globo in 2006. News of her death was broken by her production co-stars Leilah Moreno, Negra Li and Quelynah.

Glória Menezes reappears in public


The actress made a rare public appearance on Saturday night (7), during a trip to the A Lista show, at the Teatro dos Quatro, which is located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. She appeared in a wheelchair and honored the comedy that has Lilia Cabral with her daughter, Giulia Bertolli.

Still wearing her wedding ring, Glória Menezes won a rose and snapped a photo with celebrities, friends and fans. On social media, Lília Cabral celebrated the presence of her friend. “And in our audience yesterday” Glória Menezes “. It was very difficult to hold back the emotion during the show! Thank you Glória and Maria Amelia for being there”, she thanked her.

At the age of 88, the veteran returned to live in the city of Rio de Janeiro after the death of her husband Tarcísio Meira (1935-2021), a victim of Covid-19. Before that, the actress, away from soap operas since Totalmente Demais (2015), lived with Tarcísio on a farm in the hinterland of São Paulo.

Gustavo Mendes against the police


The civilian police of Minas Gerais believe that the comedian was not robbed. This Thursday (11) the agency concluded its investigation and concluded that the artist, who became known on social networks for imitating former president Dilma Rousseff, was the victim of personal injury.

“We had access to several cameras that were in the places and were able to find out that, indeed, a few minutes earlier Gustavo had an animosity with the assailant. He stoned and hit Gustavo on the head,” explained delegate Daniel Buchmuller, in an interview with the R7 portal.

Last Thursday (5), Gustavo made a report on social networks in which he recounted having been the victim of stoning during an attempted robbery.

Predictions by Robério de Ogum


Robério has made some bad predictions for the world of celebrities. The seer warned that Brazil will lose some of its big stars and also said that Ana Maria Braga will step away from television and Eliana will end her professional relationship with SBT.

Speaking of the owner of Mais Você, the sensitive said that she will choose to devote herself more to herself and her personal life. “She will walk away from television, she will walk away from work and live more of her personal life than her. She will try to live with herself and with that love that she has. I see her stopping,” she highlighted.

The spiritualist also made predictions for Eliana, who had her name embroiled in rumors of a recent visit to Globo. “Leave SBT and go to a big broadcaster,” she said, participating in Roger Turchetti’s Intervenção channel on YouTube.

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