The Festas na PI Festival marks the Saturday with a program of musical performances

On the second day of the Festival, DJ Viúva Negra, Agê, who invited Mumutante and MarÉHouse to take the stage of the Aterrinho, Almério and Martins, Luiz Lins + West Reis and Don L (Photo: Marcos Moura)

“Connecting Fortalezas” is the theme of the 5th edition of the Férias na PI Festival, which brought together the public, music and diversity on the sands of Praia de Iracema, this Saturday (14/01), bringing together the public to music and diversity . Corresponding to the holiday atmosphere, the party began with a Bregafunk lesson that brought together groups of young people who attend the Pracinha da Cultura do Ancuri and the festival audience. At night, the Aterrinho stage was filled with DJs Viúva Negra, Don L, Agê e Almério and Martins, among others. This Sunday (15/01) there is more, third and last day of the Festival with attractions such as Makem and Ludmilla.

The administrator Luís Galvão is used to attending town hall events and greatly appreciated the space reserved for people with disabilities (PCD). “This space is super-needed, as it offers the freedom to come and enjoy shows like this. This is inclusion. If you didn’t have this attention with us, maybe I wouldn’t have this chance to enjoy a show, in the beach area, like everyone who I’m here. All this makes me very happy,” he stressed.

The kitchen assistant André Luis came to Aterrinho at the invitation of Galvão. He, who has been in Fortaleza for just over a year, underlined the beauty and safety of the festival. “I felt welcomed in the city and also here at the event. As a companion to a wheelchair user, I feel safe and not worried about being in a space reserved for us. I also saw many guards and policemen, who give a greater sense of security too. the atmosphere of the people and all the attractions of the Festival. I’m coming tomorrow!”, he celebrates.

On the second day of the Festival, DJ Viúva Negra, Agê, who invited Mumutante and MarÉHouse to take the stage at the Aterrinho, Almério and Martins, Luiz Lins + West Reis and Don L.

For the first time Age took the stage at PI Vacation and left stating that he was satisfied up to that point. with his participation. “It was very good, we were eager to put on the show, but we knew it would be a beautiful show. I’ve always seen different Férias na Pi shows, I’ve always been down there, in the sand, and I’ve always wanted to do this show here in Praia di Iracema, at sunset. And doing it today was very nice,” he underlined.

Amélio, who performed with his friend Martins, explained that he was infected by the exchange of energy with the Fortaleza audience. “I was already happy to sing with my compatriot from Recife. Together in music and friendship it was already beautiful and with a loyal audience like this it makes all the difference. special that gives us goosebumps. Doing this show today and seeing people having fun and singing together was a gift. It was really good to be on stage today. I’m so happy!” he addressed.

The Férias na PI Festival is organized by the City of Fortaleza, through the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Fortaleza (Secultfor), in collaboration with the Iracema Cultural Institute (ICI).

Cassia Campos, CEO of the Iracema Institute, highlights the Festival as an important event for the city. “It is important to move the cultural economy. It is an event that attracts many people and also brings movement to local entrepreneurs and, even more: it marks the place as an important space, to strengthen the occupation and redevelopment of Praia de Iracema , especially, during this holiday season when everyone wants to party and show. This is a pleasure for the population,” he reports.

In the audience were friends Evelyn Genesys, visual artist and cultural producer Vitória Luana, who did not know the Festival and came to see Don L’s show. In order for the package to be complete, they prepared themselves with exclusive make-up and costumes. “I’m enjoying the party, everything is always beautiful according to the Beira-Mar standard, everything is always organised, clean and safe. And I’ve already made plans, including coming back tomorrow to see Ludmilla’s show,” explains Evelyn. “The moment called for overproduction. We thought, created the costumes, dressed up and came to enjoy the festival,” she says.

This year the program started on Friday (13/01) and will last until Sunday (15/01), at the Aterrinho da Praia de Iracema, combining music and design, through a series of cultural activities, rap battles, aulão by bregafunk and concerts. On Sunday (15/01), attractions such as Fortaleza singer Makem and Rio de Janeiro singer Ludmilla command the stages and close the Festival in style. The entire Férias na PI program is free and open to the public.

Elcio Batista, interim mayor, explains that the Holidays at the PI Festival will take place again in July and, until then, we will still have a number of other events. “We will have the Pre-Carnival, the best in Brazil, a special program for Fortaleza’s birthday and New Year’s Eve. Fortaleza does not stand still, Fortaleza is in motion and the meetings will take place. Fortaleza is in transformation and all this path has one direction: to transform the city of Fortaleza into the capital of culture, creative economy, knowledge and technology in South America”, he reports.


In this edition, Férias na PI presents the slogan “Connecting Fortalezas”, with the proposal to occupy the spaces of the capital of Ceará with diversity, sustainability and creativity. This time, the event pays tribute to the work of Ceará designers, who helped Fortaleza to be chosen as a Creative City of Design by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). Designer Igor Sabá designed the scenography of the stage, inspired by the carnaúba, one of the most common trees in northeastern Brazil and one of the symbols of nature in Ceará.


To contribute to sustainability actions, Vacations at PI 2023 has the same New Year’s trash collection and recycling program in Fortaleza, the largest in the north and northeast. For the occasion, the Re-Ciclo project of the Municipality, in collaboration with the startup Solos and iFood, brought together more than 350 collectors to collect and recycle a total of eight tons of waste over the two days of the festival.

In addition to waste collection, the Municipality and the Institute of Iracema have provided all the infrastructure to accommodate those who will enjoy the shows, from firefighters, police, medical assistance, traffic control by teams of the AMC and the Board of Trustees.

vacation in IP

The first edition of Férias na PI took place in July 2018 and brought together local and national musical performances, a fashion show and meetings with influencers. There were four weekends, with about 10 musical performances, including bands, singers and DJs.

With the 2023 edition, Vacations at PI reaches its fifth event, reinforcing itself as a hub for enhancing multi-artistic talent in the capital of Ceará, reviving the economic development of the city through creative flows and providing experiences and movements that make our city the Encounter Fortress.

Program of the stages Holidays at the PI (Aterrinho da Praia de Iracema) – 15/01 (Sunday):

16:40 – Dj Bugzinha
17:10 – Tropical Berlin
18:30 – Makeup
20:00 – Ludmilla

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