2023 is starting in earnest: see the weekly forecast for January 15-21

Weekly forecasts from 15 to 21 January

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Do you have the feeling that something needs to be changed? Need to make big decisions that will really kick-start your 2023? So get ready, because the weekly forecast from 15 to 21 January bring aspects that will favor this.

Those who took advantage of the cooling-off period provided by Mercury retrograde will surely be able to make more assertive choices now, as the good news is that the planet returns to its direct motion this week.

But before we delve into all the transits, let’s turn to the astrological summary of the weekly forecast for January 15-21, 2023:

  • Starting on Wednesday (18th), the The Sun is in conjunction with Pluto and show what needs to be changed.
  • Until this Tuesday (17th), Venus square Uranus can interrupt and/or change everything at the last minute. Get ready!
  • From Wednesday (18), Mercury resumes its direct motionbringing more clarity into our lives.
  • Saturday (21), the first New Moon of the year, in the sign of Aquarius, and will be very powerful for changes – read all about it in the text below. See here the Full 2023 lunar calendar to keep you on top of lunations and plan better.

We have changes in sight and 2023 will truly begin! And to prepare yourself better and even more individually, take a look here personalized horoscope. Oh, I also prepared some good content

Sun/Pluto: Transformations and crises are on the way

This week, Sun is conjunct Pluto, an intense aspect, of crises and transformations, and puts you face to face with what needs to be changed. The time has come to review habits and commit body and soul to who we want to be in 2023.

The Sun lights up and is about to touch that last tiny but mighty planet called Pluto. When the Sun is together with Pluto, we realize what is wrong, whether in our body, in our health, in our relationships…

At first, this can get a little off-putting, as the hue is of intensity, but that’s the beginning of the changes. In the end, there is no transformation without perception of what is not in resonance with our essence.

In this conjunction, we have to be careful with exaggeration, with that thing of seeing fur in an egg and thinking everyone is suspicious and wrong. It is common to appear knots to think that there are people who want to bring us down and have bad intentions. That might even be true, but evaluate first and beware of disputes and power plays.

Importantly, this combination has a thicker, more intense climate, and we must be aware of this shade that will be present throughout the week.

Therefore, when discomfort strikes, the advice is to try to broaden our gaze and identify where this dissatisfaction is, what scares us! – and what needs to be done. There may be finalizations, decisions or internal processes of accomplishing something, including our sabotages.

Pluto warns: don’t make excuses!

The advantage of the Sun with Pluto is that there isn’t much to apologize for. Crises, which is something very Plutonian, are very evident, because if we don’t understand them well, we don’t make the necessary changes. Bring forward what should change or close.

You may face problems, but think of it as a cleaning process.

Pluto speaks of the end of a cycle, which can also represent closure in a collective matter, such as news of deaths, entities ceasing to exist, player closing a cycle and changing teams… These are very Plutonian kind of goodbyes and closures cycles.

But Pluto also represents rebirth and can intensify existing crises in the collective.

It is always good to warn that when Pluto is in the air there is a climate of greater danger, so one must be careful. There’s even more risk, with authoritarian and abusive types on the prowl, so be careful.

At the same time, transformations can take place in the collective, something can be revoked, modified, but in a way that may not have much return, because we have a particularity this week, which is direct Mercury, which brings more stability to the decisions made.

International crises can also arise or worsen.

Venus/Uranus: end of relationships

Since last Thursday (5) and until this Tuesday (17), we have another aspect that signals that changes must take place. The square of Venus with Uranus indicates a tendency towards rupture and separation.

Perhaps for some people this aspect can provide more awareness. Relationships that have actually not been good for a while can now take a boost and lead to breakups, which can be seen in the celebrity world.

When working with strategic astrology, when you find yourself facing a sky like this, it is better to take precautions to avoid certain situations in a week with so much tension. Then reflect:

  • What’s better to avoid now?

If you are not careful there is a tendency to break, because a rope already stretched can break once and for all, such as a relationship that is no longer good.

Mercury Direct: Time to make decisions and take action

The first ends this week 2023 Mercury retrograde (see here when we have more!). Therefore, since 12/29, we have had a more reflective period. From Wednesday (18), it resumes direct movement and favors decision making, helping with this problem of changes.

Mercury, when retrograde, has a lot to do with thinking and we do a lot of thinking. Now, when the planet is direct, it allows us to mature and we have the opportunity to take action.

This maturity occurs because Mercury is in Capricorn and the mental plane is ruled by Mercury. So, we can think more calmly, without that desire to solve things quickly.

However, when Mercury is direct, we have thought enough and it’s time to make decisions: sign a document, buy a plane ticket, go in any direction, especially since this Mercury will already be directly in the astral chart of the new Moon starting 01/21 .

Here comes the New Moon of Changes

On Saturday (21st), we have the first New Moon of 2023, which will be in Aquarius, with Cancer Ascendant, Sun and Moon in the 7th House and Venus alongside Saturn in Aquarius in the 8th House.

I don’t know if you can get the tone from the forecast, but it’s like the year has really started now!

It will be a New Moon with the Sun just outside exact conjunction with Pluto, and it will change sign and enter Aquarius. New things are coming.

One of the peculiarities of this New Moon is the fact that it takes place in the 7th house of the birth chart of Brasilia. Which indicates new agreements, partnerships and relationships, including even new positions in relationships.

This New Moon, Venus will already be close to Saturn, an aspect that will become very strong next week, bringing a question of rules and limits, in a vibration of conscience with the pleasures and the financial part.

We will have Sun and Moon in good aspect with Jupiter in Aries, setting a creative and progressive tone. I would underline this courage to start again and to believe in this story, because Heaven has now gathered to have an inspired start.

There is an energy in the air to make changes. Don’t miss out on this month-long opportunity from Heaven. So don’t be afraid to do something different, something very Aquarian! Make the following reflection:

  • Where should I break free and/or innovate?

This urge to move forward and think ahead is very Aquarian, along with the offbeat ways of Jupiter in Aries. Take the opportunity to focus on new partnerships and projects.

Do we face the transformations?

Are you excited about the astrological predictions for the week of January 15-21, 2023? It could be a painful side, with stronger news on a collective level, but also the possibility of answering the following question yourself: what would you like to change in your life?

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