“Sobbing, Snot Flying from Nose”

Tadeu Schmidt spent New Years in his pajamas with his wife, Ana Cristina, and their daughters, Valentina, 20, and Laura, 18, in Miami. In the countdown to present “BBB 23”, which debuts this Monday 16 on Globo, the presenter tells of having been at the door of a party to celebrate the New Year, when Ana, who is celiac, fell ill. . United, the family returned to the hotel and began 2023 wearing sleepwear. “We’re all great partners,” says the reporter, who went through the experience of having his “glass house” premiere “BBB” last year. As the reality show was shown in the midst of an outbreak of the Ômicron variant, Tadeu was isolated in part of the house with his wife. The couple and their daughters could only be seen from the balcony window: even Valentina’s birthday, in February, was celebrated from a distance. It was there, on that same glass, that Tadeu has now posed for EXTRA.

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Before starting his second year at the helm of the country’s most successful and impactful reality show — already led by Pedro Bial and Tiago Leifert — in earnest, Tadeu spoke with Canal Extra for more than an hour, via video call, about the experience in 2022 and the marathon he will face now. Seen on Globo’s programming since last week in flashes showing the movement of the official glass house reality show, the presenter then talks about his routine during the “BBB”, family life, and also the fear of cancellation. You can spy!

Tadeu Schmidt next to his wife Ana Cristina and daughters Valentina and Laura on New Year’s Eve Photo: Playback/Instagram

What is your feeling on the eve of the premiere of “BBB 23”?

I can’t wait to start the daily life of “BBB”. I miss living that routine of tests, bulletin board, voting… I also want to meet all the participants.

What will be the main change compared to the last edition?

Last year was chaos due to Covid cures. We debuted at the peak of the Omicron variant. It was difficult to work using the PFF2 type mask. I only took off my mask when I aired and there was no way I could catch Covid. I wanted zero risk. I only left home to go to Globo Studios. To be with me, my wife was isolated from everyone and she made a great sacrifice. It was the biggest confinement. My daughters, who had already been trapped for two years in the pandemic, were getting out to live their lives. We have a veranda around the house, which is connected to our rooms. The girls all ate there and didn’t use the rest of the apartment. When we finally got to hug again, it was emotional as hell.

Thaddeus Schmidt
Tadeu Schmidt Photo: Fabio Rocha/Rede Globo

Why did you spend New Year’s Eve in your pajamas with your family now?

Ana is celiac (gluten intolerant) and started feeling sick at the door of the party we were going to. The girls are very cooperative, disciplined, understanding. We all went back to the hotel and stayed together.

What would a reality show starring the Schmidt family look like?

That wouldn’t be much fun. We have a lot of harmony. There’s no big deal. Of course we have problems like everyone else, it’s normal.

Tadeu Schmidt next to his wife Ana Cristina and daughters Valentina and Laura
Tadeu Schmidt next to his wife, Ana Cristina, and their daughters, Valentina and Laura Photo: Playback/Instagram

So it wouldn’t be possible to play a game of contention with you?

We have our disagreements, but it’s not much (laughs).

It is you? Would you participate in the “BBB”?

I love competition. Even more in a program that depends on you showing yourself as you really are. My biggest difficulty would be sharing a bathroom with so many people.

Thaddeus Schmidt
Tadeu Schmidt Photo: Fabio Rocha/Rede Globo

Would you reality check by letter?

I try every rehearsal that airs and it’s the best. I’m good at discipline. I have willpower. I will never miss a mission for lack of maximum effort. But the resistance is not me. I once went to a Paul McCartney concert in São Paulo with Ana and our daughters. We had a special ticket and stood at the front. When the rest of the audience arrived, we were pressed against the railing. I am not diagnosed, but I am claustrophobic. I left the girls there and went after everyone else to see the show.

How is your routine during the “BBB”?

It’s an immersion. I sleep when participants go to sleep and wake up before them. I wake up and turn on the TV to Globoplay to hear what’s going on. How and how I listen to the participants. Last year I trained on the porch. Now I can be a little more relaxed. I bought new headphones that attach to my ears so I could use the gym in the building and still hear the audio from “BBB”.

Thaddeus Schmidt
Tadeu Schmidt Photo: Fabio Rocha/Rede Globo

You sleep very little…

I sleep very little. The maximum is six hours. But I don’t miss it. I’m so pissed that it takes me a while to feel the physical tiredness.

At least this year your routine will be a little more flexible…

I intend to eat better. Last year, due to the mask, I had lunch before going to the Globo and only ate again when I got home after the program. I wasn’t hungry. I went on an involuntary diet. I lost five kilos. I am 1.92 m tall and already slim. But as soon as the program was over, I went to work out with a personal trainer and put the weight back on.

Thaddeus Schmidt
Tadeu Schmidt Photo: Fabio Rocha/Rede Globo

Does physical training help release stress during the marathon with the “BBB”?

I love working out. If I don’t exercise, I start to feel pain. When I arrived in Rio de Janeiro to be a sports journalist (in 2000), I played tennis. I gave up my hobby to focus on work. It was the worst year of my career. It is also necessary to rest to improve our productivity.

Is golf your current hobby?

It’s a passion I’ve been practicing for eight years. During “BBB 23”, he will be staying in an apartment in Barra to be closer to Globo. I had already put some grass on the porch to play in my spare time.

Do you do therapy?

I think everyone should. The modern world is full of questions. Life has evolved rapidly and perhaps the human brain has not kept up with all the changes. I started therapy 20 years ago. Stopped for a while, came back four years ago. Today I do it regularly.

In June, her daughter Valentina came out as queer (referring to people whose sexual orientation and emotional attraction do not meet the standards of heteronormativity) during the LGBTQIAP+ Pride Day celebration. And you gave an example of welcome by publicly commenting on this fact…

I can’t say I welcomed it because nothing happened. She said. OK! Absolutely nothing has changed. A person’s sexuality is not a matter to impress anyone. Society still treats sexuality outside of heteronormativity standards as something else.

Do you have an open dialogue with your daughters?

They are from a much better generation than ours, they are activists, they champion causes, they cannot conceive of things that we have normalized in the past. Me, my wife and they have a WhatsApp group called “Núcleo do subject” and I ask the girls if I think I’ve seen or read anything sexist, for example. We have to handle things right. It is no longer possible to make humor with certain themes. I’m a white, straight, privileged male. I’m not the one to say whether it’s right or not in many cases.

Gender issues were discussed at ‘BBB 22’. And you asked Linn da Quebrada to reinforce the use of the correct pronoun to talk about her… How do you prepare to address these guidelines in the program?

These contemporary guidelines are very much in line with my way of seeing life. Having already been part of “Fantástico”, I learned a lot about acceptance, about living life without prejudice. Society evolved and I went through this process of reviewing and fighting discrimination. Regarding Lina’s pronoun, I could have given the message without interfering too much in the game, but I thought it best to give her space to speak.

Are you afraid of cancellation?

I didn’t join the “BBB” with that fear, but I know, deep down, that it could happen.

What is it like for you to write “BBB” elimination speeches?

I write the speech and go over it with the directors, who suggest things. When it’s ready, I try it and usually cry from sobs, from snot flying from my nose. A horrible thing. But in the live broadcast, last year, I only cried in the final. It was the most emotional moment.

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