10 Biggest Plot Holes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Celebrating 15 years in 2023, the Marvel cinematic universe has become one of the major references when it comes to shared franchises and multimedia. From Iron man, each film has sought to make connections and bridges to an even greater story. The result was one of Hollywood’s best plans in years.

However, the franchise occasionally slips up due to the sheer volume of movies and series, as well as recently released specials from the disney+. A little thing established here doesn’t quite add up there, and the result is little plot holes that take away from the shared experience. Therefore, here we list the 10 biggest plot holes in the world Marvel cinematic universe!

Thor’s first time

Launched in 2011, Thor it was the first film mcu to explore the whole idea of ​​divine mythologies in the franchise, through Asgard and the Nordic pantheon. However, the film has a very glaring hole in the way Thor tell to Jane Foster that this is his first time on Earth and that he had never been to the planet before.

This doesn’t even make sense in the very logic of the film, since the inhabitants of Asgard are said to have come to Earth in ancient times, which is how they were worshiped by vikings like gods. If Thor only ended up on Earth in the mid-21st century, how could he be known to so many faithful among the Norse peoples?

Thanos’ flawed plan

Thanos was the first “major” threat of the Marvel cinematic universebeing the main antagonist of the whole infinity saga. However, the first appearance of him was in 2012, in a post-credits scene of The Avengerswhere we find out that he was behind all plans of Loki and the invasion of guitars.

What doesn’t make sense in this whole equation is that, from the beginning, Thanos was interested in the Infinity Stonesso much so that his plan involved saving the space gem, trapped in the Tesseract. Knowing that Loki was a liar and a traitor, why the hell would he give Mind Gem into the hands of the God of Evil, even if it were to win another jewel?

Stephen Strange: What are these threats?

In the Captain America: The Winter Soldierwe found that the HYDRA was infiltrated SHIELD for decades. The terrorist organization had devised a plan to eliminate all threats to his regime, and this would be done through the complete extermination of his enemies through several missiles launched from three aircraft carriers.

However, when Jasper Sitwell talks about HYDRA “threats”, names them Stephen Strange. Given that the film is set in 2014 and, at that time, Strange was a mere surgeon and not the Master of the Mystic Arts as we have come to know him, what threat could he pose to HYDRA until annihilation?

The comfortable literalness of Drax

You Guardians of the Galaxy Of Marvel cinematic universe they were responsible for revitalizing the team and transforming it into a comic group, very different from their comic book counterparts. In some cases, like the root, which worked fine, but others, not so much. this is where it comes into play Drax the Destroyerwho has become a mere idiot next to other heroes.

the mood of Drax it is based on the fact that he is always too literal and never understands irony or sarcasm. However, this “literality” only emerges when it’s convenient, as Drax sometimes uses some linguistic expressions, such as when he says the team should care about him (“give a fuck”which in a literal translation means “give a fuck”).

FS: Infinity Gloves

THE infinity glove it is an important part of the plan Thanos – an artifact capable of channeling the power of Infinity Stones without causing harm to its user. And from what we got into Avengers: Infinity Warthe Mad Titan allegedly forced the dwarves of Nidavellir to build a prototype of the gauntlet shortly before the film’s events.

However, there’s a hole there. In the Thor (2011), we can see a gauntlet in Odin’s trophy room, with all six jewels inlaid. The difference of this plot hole is that the wonder he was able to correct that with a short quip Thor: Ragnarok (2017), in which hi says the item in Odin’s room is a fake replica, not the real gauntlet.

A strange celestial…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Two was responsible for presenting to the world Ego, the living planet – the father of Peter Quillthat she has macabre plans for her son, as she intends to steal his life energy and use it to “germinate” her own seeds, which she has left behind on planets she has visited for many years, where she has had several children.

The big problem is that Ego defines itself as a Heavenlyone of the cosmic gods of wonder. However, as we have already seen in eternal, Celestials are very different from Ego, with gigantic bodies. Additionally, they need to “nurture” and protect the planets they pass through, so they can serve as incubators for a new Celestial to be born.

The infamous eight-year leap

Perhaps the most glaring plot hole in the whole Marvel cinematic universe be inside Spider-Man: Homecomingwhere after a flashback set in 2012, during the events of The Avengerswe have one paper showing that the film takes place 8 years later in 2020. However, this has no logic in the chronology of the saga.

The first contradiction occurs when we think it Homecoming occurs six months later Captain America Civil Warset in 2016. Also, 2020 is already part of the period when half the population of the universe was wiped out by Thanos – which includes itself Spiderman.

Lie or plot hole?

THE red guardian is one of the most intriguing characters introduced in independent film. Black Widow, as he is the Soviet Union’s equivalent of Captain America. However, the hero has serious memory problems, or he is a born liar, see one of his jokes about him in the film, where he says he faced Steve Rogers in the 80s.

Rogers was stuck in ice from his 40s until 2011, so there’s no way he could have dealt with Alexi Shostakov at that time. However, in the film itself this is disputed by Great Bear, which is attacked by the Guardian. There is also the possibility that Alexei found Steve when the Sentinel of Freedom traveled to the past and returned him Infinity Stones.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (who are always absent)

When the avengers they first came together in 2012, the team came with a promise to come together to deal with “threats they can’t deal with alone”. And since then, they’ve broken that oath well more than once, as on multiple occasions they could have all banded together to fight off dangers that endangered each other’s lives.

It’s okay that everyone has to have their own franchise and you can’t make one for every movie to exhibit of special participations, but it is rather curious to note works such as Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Eternals and countless others, where we have isolated heroes facing too dangerous threats.

And to make matters worse, if we carefully analyze the history of the mcu, it is possible to note that not all the heroes were busy during the events of these films – and many others. This, by the way, is one of the problems with having a shared saga: you have to find reasonable explanations for the absence of the heroes, otherwise they don’t seem to care much about anything.

The blessing of time travel

Time travel is one of the most complex and delicate concepts in science fiction, especially since each story invents its own rules on the subject. however, the Marvel cinematic universe he faced a big problem by not following the rules set out in his canon.

In the Avengers: Finaleit is said that the avengers they end up creating parallel timelines when they steal the Infinity Stones, and when they bring them back to their respective time periods, these lines close. However, there is still at least one Lost Universe in which Thanos and his disciples simply “went for a walk” and never returned.

This would not be a problem if, in 2021, Loki had not presented the Time Variation Agencyorganization responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the “Sacred Time Line”, a single universe which, if divided into different variants, would start the multiverse. So be the AV extension just don’t worry about the actions of the avengers or we have a hole here.

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