HAS THE PRICE OF GAS DECREASED? Check the value at the pumps this week

Petrol prices dropped and from then on motorists were able to fill up for less! That’s right: during the last week, motorists in the region have been surprised by the price of fuel, which has undergone a significant reduction. The news, as expected, has many people excited about future progressions. But will this decline continue? And more importantly: what is the current price of petrol?

It is important to remember that, in addition to the federal government’s pricing policy, several aspects – both national and international – influence fuel prices, both in high and low situations. As levels vary rapidly and significantly, drivers should keep an eye on the levels for surprises when refueling vehicles. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about the current gas price!

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Brazilians spend a lot on petrol!

Did you know that Brazil is one of the countries where citizens commit larger portions of the budget monthly with fuel?

According to a report by a technology company, Brazilian spending on gasoline, for example, exceeds that of those living in countries such as the United States, Mexico and India.

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The price of petrol has decreased – Understand the reduction

According to a survey conducted by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the average price of a liter of petrol sold at service stations in the region it fell from R $ 5.19 to R $ 5.17 in the second week of January.

At first glance, the decrease seems very small, but when it’s time to refuel, motorists really feel the difference. The change of 2 cents, therefore, represents a discount of 0.38% for drivers of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

It should be remembered that this average value is calculated on the basis of the price of petrol both in the capital and in the municipalities in the interior of the region. This is: depending on the city, the decrease in the price of petrol can vary more or less.

Also according to the ANP report, ethanol also guaranteed a decline in the same period. Currently, a liter of fuel costs around R$ 4.66.

Diesel, on the other hand, continues to rise. For the second week in a row, the benefit has become even more expensive, going from R$ 7.02 to R$ 7.11 (on average). Fuel therefore had a readjustment of 1.28%.

It should be remembered that this analysis evaluates the price of fuel between the first and second week of January (from 1 to 16).

Gasoline prices have fallen with the measure of President Lula

On 2 January 2023, the first working day of the new government, President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva signed an interim measure guaranteeing the exemption from federal fuel taxes – such as gasoline, alcohol, aviation kerosene and natural gas for vehicles.

With the deputy’s signature, the exemption for fuel remains until 28 February. Former President Jair Bolsonaro, it is important to remember, ended this exemption on December 31, 2022.

Thus, by the end of February, the federal government reduces federal tax rates to zerosuch as PIS/Pasep and Cofins, which are normally levied on fuel.

One purpose of this exemption is to decrease the price of petrol at gas stationsa change that has already been felt by countless Brazilians.

Understand Petrobras pricing policy

It is important to remember that the final value of fuels, as seen by consumers at the pumps, it does not only depend on the amounts charged by the refineries or on the taxes collected by the state.

In distributor’s profit margins, dealers and service stations also change (and a lot!) the final value of fuels. Therefore, even in situations where the government aims to reduce the price of petrol, the changes are not felt by consumers.

After all, gas stations are free to set the prices they charge, and to ensure the profit of businessmen, they usually do not include discounts in the final value.

Because of this tug of war between Petrobras and the gas stations, government-confirmed discounts may take some time to reach all regions of the country.

Currently the price police adopted by Petrobras is the International Price Parity (IPP)model which determines the sale of fuel at prices correlated to those practiced (in dollars) on the international market.

With this, an analysis by the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom) also informs that the the average gap in the price of petrol and diesel already reaches 1%.

Will Lula change the fuel pricing policy?

Even before being elected, President Lula had already expressed his intention to change Petrobras’ pricing policy. PPI, it is worth mentioning, was implemented in Brazil in 2016, during the government of Michel Temer.

“I intend to change Petrobras’ pricing policy. I intend to make Petrobras price based on national costs, because we produce in reais, we pay wages in reais. This story of PPI, internationalizing price, is to please the shareholders at the expense of the Brazilians. We can reduce the price yes. The president (Bolsonaro) did not have the courage” commented Lula in an interview with the UOL website.

If effectively implemented, the change in Petrobras pricing policy should result significant reductions in the value of gasoline and other fuels.

This was also stated by Jean-Paul Prates, the new president of Petrobras the state’s pricing policy will change.

“The price of fuel in the country will not be based only on the small imported margin. The government will defend the fuel price stabilization bill. Petrobras must stop acting like the rich heir,” commented the expert.

Further news on Petrobras pricing policy is expected to be released in the coming months. Keep an eye on!

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In which state did the price of petrol fall?

The state in which the price of gasoline decreased, with the change of 2 cents that we explained above, is Rondonia.

In other words: now motorists in the region can refuel by making a certain economy when filling the tank.

It remains to be seen whether the variation will continue this week, since the new ANP report has not yet been released.

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